Would you support the move to bigger ice?

Whats up everyone? Maybe a bit of an odd topic but Im curious to know people’s thoughts.

Been watching a lot of playoffs and a bunch of the world championships. Obviously they are a bit different. The worlds teams are essentially “all star” teams while regular teams are just that.

The biggest difference is obviously .. the ice size. There is a lot more open room and it lets the players do more as they have more time and space. I believe it would also cut down on the injuries. People are always saying “oh the players are bigger and faster than they have ever been.” Fair enough. But the bigger ice might mitigate those things a bit. They may be faster but it will take them longer to get places if the ice is larger. Guys may be bigger but if you give them more room to cover, their size becomes less of a factor .. they must focus more on positioning.

So I ask a few questions:

1) Would you, as a fan, support the NHL changing its rink size to Olympic or another size that is just bigger than what they currently have?

2) Do you think the owners and players would support that change?

3) Would it even be possible in the current rinks? Could they be modified?

For the record .. Im not saying I am pro or con. Im just curious to know what people think.

Thanks for reading!!!!