Would you support the move to bigger ice?

Whats up everyone? Maybe a bit of an odd topic but Im curious to know people’s thoughts.

Been watching a lot of playoffs and a bunch of the world championships. Obviously they are a bit different. The worlds teams are essentially “all star” teams while regular teams are just that.

The biggest difference is obviously .. the ice size. There is a lot more open room and it lets the players do more as they have more time and space. I believe it would also cut down on the injuries. People are always saying “oh the players are bigger and faster than they have ever been.” Fair enough. But the bigger ice might mitigate those things a bit. They may be faster but it will take them longer to get places if the ice is larger. Guys may be bigger but if you give them more room to cover, their size becomes less of a factor .. they must focus more on positioning.

So I ask a few questions:

1) Would you, as a fan, support the NHL changing its rink size to Olympic or another size that is just bigger than what they currently have?

2) Do you think the owners and players would support that change?

3) Would it even be possible in the current rinks? Could they be modified?

For the record .. Im not saying I am pro or con. Im just curious to know what people think.

Thanks for reading!!!!

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  1. reinjosh says:

    It would definitely cut down on injuries. Bigger ice surfaces mean more room to move right? At least I think it would. It would also focus more on the skill aspect of the game. I do think it would effect the speed of the game however. That's one of the biggest differences between teh NHL and other leagues and that is in large part because of the speed. Would losing that speed make the sport more or less interesting to watch?

    1) Probably yes. I don't think it would be one of the worse changes in the league.
    2) Probably not. For owners it would represent a cost in changing the size of the arena. Players might be ambivalent but I think a lot of guys from NA would be against it as they've grown up playing on normal size rinks and that sort of change does fundamentally shift the game played. 
    3) My thought is no. It could be done but I'm not sure it would be easy and it would likely cut into profits for teams. Cutting out a row of the most expensive seats in the arena could harm them. 
  2. FlamingHomer says:

    It's not an easy transition for 30 teams to turn their arenas into Olympic size venues over the course of a summer. Cutting to the chase, an easier solution to many of the recent problems the league is facing would be to reduce the number of skaters to 4 like they do in overtime.

    That's a drastic change but what it will do is this:

    – it removes the bottom 4 players from the roster saving wages and increasing the average skill level.
    – quite often it's the bottom level players that cause the severe violations of the rules so that should improve
    – more room on the ice reduces chances for incidental and intentional career ending collisions
    – more goal scoring
    – more emphasis on using skilled, faster players. Older players will have to leave the game sooner.

    There are other advantages as well but I'm at work so I have to cut it short.

  3. SabresFan220 says:

    I would support a move to Olympic size ice in the NHL, however I don't think it will happen. There would have to be an extended time period for teams to change their ice surfaces to the new specifications, which includes taking out the 1st few rows of seating in every arena. The league considered the idea decades ago before teams started building new arenas, and every team would've had to comply with it in any new arena, but they decided not to do it.

    I think the only players who would complain about the change are the bigger, slower players who wouldn't be able to keep up. However, the NHL likes physical play too, and I would miss seeing some of the big, clean, open ice hits.

  4. mojo19 says:

    So why do all 30 teams have to switch to Olympic size? What if just 6 or 7 teams (or whatever) change the dimensions of their ice?

    Crazy, right? But why not? In major league baseball all the fields have different sizes, different shapes, and leads to different vibes. I think it adds character. 
    Wouldn't it be kind of cool if the NHL did something like that?
  5. mojo19 says:

    See my comment above. I don't feel that "every team would have to comply". Why? What's the difference, hockey is hockey. Baseball is baseball. It doesn't matter where you play it. I wish NHL arenas really did all have their own unique feel. I mean, they  do to an extent, but it could be so much more.

  6. Steven_Leafs says:

    not the best idea, baseball may have different distances to the back walls but the game is still the same in each field. Same distances from base to base, from pitcher to home plate, etc. Even if the distance for a home run is an extra 20 yards the game is still exactly the same, with the Olympic sized rinks the game will be played completely different. More space to get open, better one-timers, less open ice collisions, these changes affect the game big time.

    To me, having only a few arenas go with the Olympic sized rinks is like having only some arenas make the nets bigger or move the blue lines up or down 10 feet. It makes hockey inconsistent and depending on your view, more fair or less fair to some teams who get 41 home games in the new rinks.

  7. blaze says:

    Terrible idea I don't understand this inferiority complex with the NHL. Leave the game alone it doesn't need drastic changes constantly.

  8. SabresFan220 says:

    The league cannot allow for any teams to have an ice surface that doesn't comply with whatever the regulation size is. Unlike baseball, the size of the ice surface in hockey impacts the entire game, not just one aspect of it. Hockey and baseball are very different sports.

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