Would YOU trade Lecavalier???

I’m getting sick of hearing people say how Bob Gainey should move to get Vinny Lecavalier.Same old song and dance:”Gainey should trade Ryder,Huet and Streit for Vinny!”.Guys,Lecavalier is the best player in the NHL right now and Peter Pocklington ins’t in hockey anymore.So Lecavalier ain’t going anywhere until,at least,the end of his contract.Why?Picture yourself in Jay Feaster’s seat.Some GM,in your own conference calls you:
-“Hi Jay,how you doin’?”
-“Not too bad,who’s this?”
-“Bob Gainey,ya know,the GM of a team you’re playing four times a year.”
-“Hey,what’s up?”
-“Well,I was wondering,you still looking for a goalie?”
-“Yeah,my goalies suck”
-“Well how’s that?I got a goalie,UFA at the end of the season who’s most games played in a season is 42 and has groin problems.I got a goal-scorer who doesn’t score goals,UFA as well,and a 6th d-man,UFA as well.”
-“OK,what do you want in return?”
-“The best player in the NHL”

So,what do you say if you’re Jay Feaster?Personnally,I’d tell Gainey to get lost.

So please,guys,before you suggest a trade,ask yourself that question:”What would I do if I was the other GM?”If everybody did that,we wouldn’t see that many ridiculously stupid trade proposals.