Would YOU trade Lecavalier???

I’m getting sick of hearing people say how Bob Gainey should move to get Vinny Lecavalier.Same old song and dance:”Gainey should trade Ryder,Huet and Streit for Vinny!”.Guys,Lecavalier is the best player in the NHL right now and Peter Pocklington ins’t in hockey anymore.So Lecavalier ain’t going anywhere until,at least,the end of his contract.Why?Picture yourself in Jay Feaster’s seat.Some GM,in your own conference calls you:
-“Hi Jay,how you doin’?”
-“Not too bad,who’s this?”
-“Bob Gainey,ya know,the GM of a team you’re playing four times a year.”
-“Hey,what’s up?”
-“Well,I was wondering,you still looking for a goalie?”
-“Yeah,my goalies suck”
-“Well how’s that?I got a goalie,UFA at the end of the season who’s most games played in a season is 42 and has groin problems.I got a goal-scorer who doesn’t score goals,UFA as well,and a 6th d-man,UFA as well.”
-“OK,what do you want in return?”
-“The best player in the NHL”

So,what do you say if you’re Jay Feaster?Personnally,I’d tell Gainey to get lost.

So please,guys,before you suggest a trade,ask yourself that question:”What would I do if I was the other GM?”If everybody did that,we wouldn’t see that many ridiculously stupid trade proposals.

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  1. billypilgrim says:

    You're actually Bob Gainey, aren't you! hi Bob
    Did that really happen? Keep trying!

  2. ferron says:

      How about Vinny and ROY to MTL for Koivu, Ryder, Huet,Brisebois, Streit,  Kostopoulos, Grabovski and Smolinski and a 1st rounder this year and a second rounder next year. would that be fair enough for you?

  3. habsoverserver says:

    Habs fans are so used to being ripped off that they figure it is about time they got a break and stole a star for nothing.

    Just last year Montreal gave Dallas their leading scorer in return for a defenseman who didn't even dress and left the NHL at the end of the season. 

  4. ferron says:

      If Gretzky, Roy, Bourque, Jarg, Thorton ect. why couldn't trade Vinny? Anything is possible and every team out there will want Vinny not St-Louis, not Richard, LeCavalier will go and at a high price cause nobody will pay a 75pts man 7.8mil/year and St-Louis 6.5mil/year for a guy who depends on Lecavalier. If a team would to offer two or three 1st rounders and a couple of first liners and it would be off you go Vinny! Oh yeah and I almost forgot "A GOALIE"

    Huet, Koivu, Ryder, Streit ,1st pick rd 2008,2nd rd pick 2008, 1st rd pick 2009 for

    Lecavalier, Roy, Denis,4th rd pick 2008, 3rd pick in 2009

  5. kilter says:

    everyone says it can,nt be done a deal for Vinny,but i do not see why it ca,nt be done nobodies talking about trading Price you would think he was the second coming of Christ,i would make an offer including him in it and i garantee you they will make Vinny avalible and that would cut down on the number 1 picks you would have to give up andit may even swing the power the other way and we could end up getting something else along with Vinny,but in the end what do you end up with…maybe the best player in the world and you have given up an unproven maybe superstar goalie everyone should remeber that other goalie Jim Carey everyone thought was going to be amazing had one great season won the vezina and then vanished,theres great goaltending in Montreal put Price up and get Vinny you will not regret it. 

  6. Habs_pm says:

    Tampa Bay is looking to shed salary! In other words they are saying: "anyone want Brad Richards at 7.8 Million a season"

    They won't give up the only player and the only reason people buy tickets in Tampa. Vinny isn't going anywhere until his contract is done…and if he does hit free-agency with his numbers don't you think any other organization will dramatically over pay him like 11 million a season…

    Vinny = free agent 2009

    Koivu, Kovalev, Boullion, Dandenault, Begin, Kosopulous, Higgins, Komisarek are all UFA's in 2009 and thats about 15+Million$ of cap room montreal can use to rebuild/retool the team.

    Yah i know what your all thinking….i wish it would happen, but until i see it i won't believe it!!

  7. MtlHabs09 says:

    "Huet, Koivu, Ryder, Streit ,1st pick rd 2008,2nd rd pick 2008, 1st rd pick 2009 for

    Lecavalier, Roy, Denis,4th rd pick 2008, 3rd pick in 2009"

    NO! JUST NO!

    Tampa brings in 11.175 Million dollars in salary.
    Montreal brings in 10.242 Million dollars in salary.

    The Real Tampa Bay Lightning
    So here is what's happening. We're looking to dump salary. Brad Richards makes 7.8 million dollars this year. Seems like a good idea to dump Richards on a team for prospects/goalie.

    The Habs Fan's Wetdream Tampa Bay Lightning
    You know what, screw dumping 7.8 million, let's trade the best player in the NHL, who makes LESS than Richards (6.875), for a 32 year old center, a 31 year old goalie who's never played more than 42 games in a season, and a 6th defenseman. Hey, look at those draft picks, they look mighty fine! You know what, never mind the fact that we can't afford to pay players, let's bring in a bunch of underachievers and pay them more money than the best guy in the NHL, just so we can have 3 high draft picks for our franchise which will be forced to re-locate after losing excessive amounts of money.

    The ONLY way Lecavalier comes to Montreal is if it is from the UFA market. SHUT UP with the deals, they've been going on for 4 years +.

  8. Zamphyr says:

    Markov & Price & 2nd Round for Lecavalier

    or Higgins, Price and 1st round for Lecavalier

    I would take that if I was the Tampa GM

  9. habsgod says:

    we did we raped the rangers for kovalev we gave up nothing!!(jozef balej)that's nothing!!and we got our star!!

  10. habsgod says:

    we did we raped the rangers for kovalev!!!we gave up nothing(jozef balej)and we got our star!!

  11. sercote says:

    I'm gonna answer your question.Why were these guys traded and Lecavalier couldn't?

    Gretzky:Peter Pocklington was broke and needed cash for his other businesses.

    Bourque:The Bruins traded him only so he could get a chance to win the Cup.

    Jagr:He's a pain in the ass for a coach and he asked for a trade.
    Roy:You know why…

    If Thornton:Nobody knows,but Lecavalier is definitely better than him. 

    And your trade idea is ridiculous.If Tampa trades Lecavalier,it's to get rid of his salary.So they ain't gonna take Koivu(4,75),Ryder(3),Huet (2,75) and Streit (1),which makes a total of 11,5M$.

  12. sercote says:

    This whole comment was irony,you douchebag.Of course it didn't really happen,cause Gainey ain't stupid enough to think it would work.Keep tryin'.

  13. hemsky79 says:

    i wouldnt if i was tampa GM id want koivu ryder price and 1st rounder for vinny

  14. damien1169 says:

    higgins and price r u *****ing retarded thats y ur not gm
    vincent = free agent
    time to rebuild but u idiots keep saying no we have a very good future
    but u assholes just dont let bob bring them up u guys want amazing talent
    but amazing talent dont wonna come because u have to be french and the media and it all sucks so sign vincent and let the young guys come up

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