Would You Trade Luongo?

With Luongo’s hot and cold play, and Cory Schneider’s consistently solid play, the Vancouver Canucks are fortunate to have 2 solid goalies, with Eddie Lack posting great numbers on the farm.

We know that Luongo can be the one of the world’s best goalies, but he has failed to play consistently good as of the past year. With around a $10 million dollar cap hit, Luongo would be hard to trade away with his long-term deal. However, with goaltenders being a rare commodity, Canucks could get a high-priced package in return.

With Schneider coming into the scene as a solid goalie, I would start giving him more starts. He seems to be positionally sound, and has always impressed me as a goalie,
Here’s my challenge for HTR: If you would trade Luongo, what team would be the best suitors, and what would be your proposed trade?
Mine: Luongo to the LA Kings
To L.A.:
Roberto Luongo
Kevin Bieksa
LA bolsters their defence, get a world class goalie
To Vancouver:
Wayne Simmonds
1st Round Draft Pick 2011
Canucks get a gritting forward, and a first round pick

5 Responses to Would You Trade Luongo?

  1. palindrom says:

    Goaltenders are far than being a rare commodity, their value have never been this low.

    Nabokov was UFA this Summer and no team offered him a worthy contract, many good goalie signed for less than 2 million (Less than 1 million for some)
    Brizgalov is rumored to be available this summer, Phoenix are not willing to give him more than 3.5 million per season.

    in fact i think nobody would claim luongo off the waiver, so forget your high-priced package.

    You are stuck with luongo, trade Schneider instead.

  2. dumbassdoorman says:

    Who would have thought an elite goalie would have a low to zero value in the eyes of fans for trade purposes? I mean it is kinda odd, really 2nd and 3rd line players have more value trade wise sometimes it seems.

  3. DannyLeafs says:

    That's the effect that cap has. It really turns things on it's ear, and can really tarnish a players reputation if they have a long bloated contract. I mean, a guy like Lecavalier would have fetched a high price, and fans of any team would be excited to get him, just in the hopes he could resurrect his career. Now, most GM's wouldn't even make a pitch, and most fans would cringe if they heard their team was in trade negotiations with Tampa.

  4. albertateams says:

    Vancouver is stuck with Luongo, I just can't see anyone taking on that contract. It runs to 2022. These long term contracts are coming back to bite teams big time. They make good players worthless on the trade market and virtually impossible to move. 

  5. Canucklehead83 says:

    This trade is the most hysterically stupid proposal I've ever seen. I literally signed up for this site to publicly shame you.

    Firstly, what you're proposing is that the Canucks trade Luongo and Bieksa (a combined $8.58 million cap hit) to LA, for Wayne Simmonds and a 1st Rounder (combined $0.82 million cap hit). The Kings have around $5.6 million in cap space, so you've failed on the money aspect alone. 
    Secondly, why in the hell would the Kings trade for a goalie with a 12 year, $5.33 million contract? They have one of the best goalies in the league in Jonathan Quick, signed at $1.8 million through 2012-13. Not to mention having Jonathan Bernier as a solid backup, also signed dirt cheap through 2012-13.
    Thirdly, Drew Doughty is an RFA at the end of this season and will DEFINITELY be getting a raise to somewhere in the neighbourhood of $7 million a year, eating up an additional $3-3.5 million of that $5.6 they have to work with (not counting the cap space from the contracts of Handzus, Ponikarovsky and Williams ending). Couple that with Jack Johnson also coming up for renewal, and there goes another $2-3 million in cap space.
    Trading a world class goalie and a defenseman to a team in need of neither is hilarious. Especially when teams like Washington and Montreal are desperate for a big, rugged defenseman.
    You might as well have suggested trading Luongo and Bieksa to the Capitals for Ovechkin and Semin, because it makes about as much sense.

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