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I know we all miss hockey but I think by now we all know we won’t be see any NHL this year or maybe not even next. But if you’re like me you watch more then one sport, which brings me to the reason I’m doing this article. As you may or may not know the new MLB season is getting close. I’m an admin on Wow Baseball and we are looking at/hoping to do a HTR style season preview. Now it’s still in the early stages and I’m not sure I’m going to be able to get enough on site support to complete the tack. That’s why I have came here, would anyone be interested in doing an article on a team or two? We have five teams that have been picked by members of the site. The Braves, the A’s, the Red Sox, Jays and the Cards. I know more teams will be picked by members of Wow but I’m also hoping to find help here.

Here is the article format:

Off-season review:

What did the team do in the off-season? Who are the new faces, how will these moves affect the team performance.


How does the teams bullpen look like, was it improved, how did it do last season, how does it match up compared to the rest of the league. Who does the team have in the pen?

Rotation: Done like the Bullpen

Everyday lineup:


Talk about the batting order, how much power does the team have, what style of play will the team play, Run and Gun, all power ect.


Does the team have a good group on the field? Will they commit errors? Will they need to make changes ect.

Team Strengths/ Weaknesses

Season Outlook:

How do you think the team will do, will they makes the playoffs, will they be fun to watch ect.


Post a comment or drop my the site if your interested.



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57 Responses to Wow Baseball Season Preview

  1. JaYs says:

    Come on guy there has to be a few more baseball fans on a huge site like this.

    Also the Giants and Pirates now have writers.

    Some of the teams left are the Reds, Royals, Twins, Indians, Brewers, White Sox, Rockies, Rays, And the D-backs. If anyone wants to do a preview on either one of those teams or one of the other remaining teams just post a comment.

  2. nordiques100 says:

    i’ll tackle the twinkies too to go with my phillies preview.

  3. JaYs says:

    Ok thanks, I’m happy that a proven writer like yourself is getting involed.

  4. Rico420 says:

    I’d tackle either the Indians or Brewers if you want.

  5. JaYs says:

    Ok thanks you can have the Indians. And you can also have the Brewers if you like.

  6. JaYs says:

    The Reds are also gone.

  7. JaYs says:

    8 teams remain without writes. They are the Brewers, Devil Rays, Diamondbacks, Padres, Rangers, Rockies, Royals and White Sox.

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