Wow, Mats Sundin

You guys remember when you would be kids playing in the street.

“Ok it’s over-time, game 7 of the Stanley Cup and I’m about to score the winning goal in over time!”

Well Mats Sundin had one of those nights. He scored a hat trick, in OT, shorthanded, oh, and it was only the 500th goal of his career.

Us Leaf fans haven’t had very much to cheer about in a while but what Mats did is something I’ll never forget. In my 20 years as a born and breed Leafs fan that may have been the greatest Leafs moment I’ve yet to experience.

Say what you want about Mats not winning any cups, but what he did tonight was out of hockey storybook and I can’t think of another player that deserves it more then Mats.

So thank you Mat’s for giving me a story to tell me kids 20 years from now