Wow – What a day at HTR and thanks guys

Wow!!!! What a day it has been and many moves have been made. Some of the highlights of the action includes Bertuzzi to the Red Wings (as predicted by HTR) Guerin to the Sharks and who saw the Ryan Smith trade coming. We also can not forget the Flyers got them selves a goalie. Biron will get a chance to be a number one and it is our guess that he will not disappoint.

Other big deals in the past week or so have included Peter Forsberg and Keith Tkachuk. Each of these players are huge names that should help their clubs drive for the playoffs and make a possible run.

One other note on trade deadline day is that this was the first time in years that HTR stayed alive. HTR was pounded today with over 7000 people on line at any given second. Thanks to our fantastic webhost … and the Low-Fi version HTR stayed quite responsive and did not crap out like some of the other sites did today.

Now that trade deadline day is over … here are some questions for thought.

1. What do you think was the best trade of the past week?
2. Which team improved the most?
3. Which selling team did the best?
4. Which team got hosed?

Finally a special thanks goes out to both Micki and Lint. Both of these guys did a kick ass job today and providing updates. Many updates were posted on HTR before Awesome job guys.

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4 Responses to Wow – What a day at HTR and thanks guys

  1. TheDugg1er says:

    1. I think the best trade of the best week was Detroit picking up Bertuzzi for a bare minimum. The way GM's were throwing around draft pcisk makes this trade look like a steal.
    2. I'm gonna have to be a homer and say the Canucks. We needed a strong center and a a good defenceman and I didn't think we'd get them. Well we did, Thank you Nonis.
    3. St Louis by far. This team is going to be a power house again soon, all the picks they've picked up are sure to pay off, and picking up Brad Boyes was a very nice aquisition.
    4. Though the Oilers got ample return for Smyth, they could have gotten way more on an open market. Look at how much people were paying for tkachuk and guerin. Maybe Lowe didn't want it out in the open because he didn't want to be pressured, I know if I was an Oilers fan and I heard about this I'd be going to wherever Lowe was to scream my lungs out. But I'm a canucks fan so I'm happy he's gone far far away.

  2. puckhead94 says:

    1. What do you think was the best trade of the past week?
    – I think the best trade of the past week was the Forsberg deal (Not sure if it was technically during this past week, but you get it.) I think Nashville solidified themselves with this trade, and I think they didn't give up all that much to get Forsberg in the yellow and blue. Scottie Upshall may or may not become good, he was drafted in 2002 and hasn't made an impact yet, so he may fall into the bust category. Ryan Parent may be good, but he's no Marc Staal (Rangers plug :)). The 1st round pick could be in the bottom 4, and the 3rd round pick is a 3rd round pick. Based on that, Forsberg to Nashville was the best trade.

    2. Which team improved the most?
    – The team that improved the most would clearly be the San Jose Sharks. They brought in the best guy they could in Bill Guerin, and only gave up someone else's 1st Round Pick. A great deal for them because not only did they get him, they kept him out of Anaheim and out of Detroit, and to a lesser extent, out of Dallas. Both an offensive and a defensive trade. Great deal.

    3. Which selling team did the best?
    The Edmonton Oilers got 2 1st Rounders and a 1st Round Pick for someone who, while they will miss in the short term, may find themselves resigning this summer for the long-term. It was obvious that the Oilers weren't going to go very far in the playoffs if by the grace of God they made it in, so it's not this disaster that it is being made out to be. Ryan Smyth will want to be back in Edmonton, and he'll do just that in the off season.

    4. Which team got hosed?
    – Glen Sather turned Dominic Moore into Alex Bourret (Clarification: Moore to Nashville for Hall, Hall to Minnesota for Dupuis, Dupuis to Atlanta for Bourrett). Well, I like it! From what I read about Bourret, he was the top rated prospect in the Atlanta system (after Coburn was traded to the Flyers) and to get that kind of potential power-forward type player (since Hugh Jessiman is going to be as much an impact player in the NHL as I am) for someone who really wasn't needed, it's a good deal. I didn't like trading Moore in the 1st place, but seeing him get moved again yesterday shows me there may be something under the surface with him. Who got hosed? The Atlanta Thrashers.

    5. Dumbest trade of the day? (My addition)
    Yanic Perrault to the Maple Leafs. To quote Ricky Watters, "For who? For what?" If Yanic Perrault is the answer, I'd rather not know the question. The bounty wasn't much, from my understanding, but Yanic Perrault isn't exactly the impact player that I think Toronto could have used at this deadline.

    Just my thoughts.

  3. Pensfan33 says:

    1. What do you think was the best trade of the past week?
    i am going to suprise alot of people with my pick but i see this trade working out for every team the best trade this year was the three way deal between Detroit, Chicago and Philly

    Chi gets Jason Williams who will make an immediate impact for themon their top 2 lines

    Deti Gets Kyle Calder who can only get better on their team

    Phi gets Lasse Kukkonen and a 3rd pick 
     i honestly think this is one of the most underated trades in the league Kukkonen is really gonna flourish in Philly as will Calder in Detriot and i think williams is gonna be one of Chi best forwards so all three teams make out here

    2. Which team improved the most? I think its a toss up between NYI PHI and PIT  ya know atlanta got alot but they gave up a heck of alot the reason why i say pittsburgh is because Gary Roberts is gonna add ALOT to the penguins as is Laraque  they both are PERFECT fits for the Pens style
    Laroque isnt just a fighter from what i seen of his he is REALLY good at battleing for the puck and being a presence in front of the net as well as PGH got a potential GREAT back up goalie in the future and a solid 6-7th defenseman   Phi also did really well but id haft to say the Islanders did the best with Zednik and Smyth 2 really good fitting players as long as Zednik doesnt go into his well known slumps

    3. Which selling team did the best?  between PGH and DETROIT and
    4. Which team got hosed? Atlanta

  4. Pensfan33 says:

    id also haft to say the dumbest trade was Atlants trade for Tkchuk they gave up WAY to much of their future

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