Yashin deal nears completion

According to reports out of the TSN newsroom, the deal that could see Yashin sign the richest deal in NHL history could be done very soon.

A couple of things are still in the way right now, such as insurance and bonuses. The sticky thing for the insurance is the length of the contract and as for the bonuses, one can only speculate but I’m sure goals,assists,points and playoff performance would be obvious.

With this deals completion I can say something I never thought i’d say, and that is: “Milbury you’ve done your team right!” I won’t predict a playoff spot right now but it wouldn’t surprise me to see this team approach the.450-.500 mark this season. Dipeitro will(I feel)be a big time performer in this league and with Peca as thier captain(if he is voted in) this team will come together. They have a decent “D” as well, Aucoin,Cairns,Haller and Hamrlik are as good a core as any to have on a blue line. Czerkawski has just been waiting to play on a line that didn’t generate all the attention from opposing teams, so he should break out this year as well. Kenny Jonnson and Isbister will add to last years performances and have a lot to say where this team ends up come playoff time.

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