Yashin in, Raycroft out?

According to hockeybuzz.com, Eklund said that the Leafs are trying really hard to trade Raycroft to make more cap space to sign Yashin. If Raycroft does leave the Leafs, it will be most likely to Phoenix.

more to come later.

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  1. TimmyHoHo says:

    The Yashin talk is total crap.  That couldn't give a shite about the team he plays for.  He has no heart, he is a floater and he won't play defense.  Why would you want a player like that on your team? 

    We also don't need to move Razor unless we can package him in a trade that gets us something good.  I would rather keep him and hope he plays 20 or 30 good or decent games next year and could then be worthwhile tradebait.
    I think Peca would be a better signing then anyone right now because the Leafs were a better team before he got hurt.  We need penalty killers and people who are comitted to a two way game.  We just replaced Jeff O'Neil with Jason Blake.  That is a good upgrade and should provide an extra 20-40 points.  We really need to get rid of a forward and a defender.  
    I say keep Belak and use him to smash someone's face in (like Janssens) when you need to send a message and make him a scratch other nights.  Let a young guy or two come up (like Williams).  
    On defense, Woz is likely the odd man out, although the Leafs might move Gill due to salary.  Losing Gill would be bad.  Yes, he is a 5-on-5 pylon and does give up some goals to fast rushing players, but he takes up a lot of space and blocks a ton of shots on the PK.
    Maybe Woz and Kilger for a pick in next year's draft or an energy player like Matt Cooke.  Trade Razor though if we can rape somebody for a high end prospect or pick, otherwise I say keep him around.
  2. LEAFS877 says:

    If there's a chance that he's going to Phoenix you think there's a possiblity we'll get Cujo in return. Think about it.

    Something like:

    Kubina Raycroft 2nd rounder
    Cujo Prospects

    NOW that would be a stellar trade. *for us
    And it would free up wnough space for Peca and Yahin

    If Phoenix wants to do this trade then why not?
    I doubt their that stupid though.

  3. LEAFS877 says:

    Here's an idea, put belak on defence and get rid of Gill.

  4. DJTOKid says:

    Cujo's a free agent bud, no your trade would be kubina, raycroft, and 2nd rounder for prospects. Good one, i'm sure that will happen.

  5. DJTOKid says:

    Great idea, get rid of a bad defencemen and replace him with the worst defencemen. Atleast Gill can play well on the PK, and he can block alot of shots. Belak can fight nd the last time I checkd fighting has NEVER won a game.

  6. GoLeafs13 says:

    are you dumb. raycroft and a player that get over 5 million for just prospects.  Phoenix would have to open up some space for kubina and copmbined with raycroft takes up over 7 million of cap space.  i would love to see:

    to Phoenix: razor, kubina, 2009 3rd round pick

    to Toronto: reinprecht, a prospect, and if healthy jovanovski

  7. JuicemaN says:

    Gill isn't a bad defenseman, someone please explain how for 2.5 million Gill is a bad defenseman?

    Gill is worth more to the Leafs than Raycroft is.

  8. leafs_fan18 says:

    leafs should trade mc cabe 4 bergeron and picks for cap space
    then sign peca
    then try for shanahan
     or just get yashin but hes shit

    and if they trade raycroft it better be 4 cujo and some prospects/picks

  9. Hockey75 says:

    People, relax thats just a rumour I heard and I think this is what the Leafs are going to do:

    To Toronto: Draft Picks

    To Phoenix: Raycroft, Kubina and Antropov

    And then, I think the Leafs will sign:

    Mike Peca (re-sign)
    Alexi Yashin
    Curtis Joseph
    Brian Berard (to replace Kubina)

    These would be my lines:

    Line 1: Yashin-Sundin-Blake
    Line 2: Wellwood-Peca-Tucker
    Line 3: Bell-Kilger-Poni
    Line 4: Steen-Stajan-Battaglia  Incase of injuries:Belak, Pohl, Newbury and Devereaux.

    D-man 1: Kaberle-McCabe
    D-man 2: Berard-Colaiacovo
    D-man 3: Gill-White  Incase of injuries:Harrison, Kronwall, Belak and Wozniewski.

    Goalies: 1:Toskala 2:Joseph  Incase of injuries: Clemmensen and Pogge.

  10. Hockey75 says:

    Yashin isn't crappy, he's REALLY good if the Leafs get him, they would dominate if it was Blake, Sundin and Yashin on Line 1!!

  11. SensAndHabsSuck says:

    how the *uck are the leafs going to pay for peca yashin and joseph and brian berard for 10 million ok cujo will want at least 2 million yashin will want 2 or 3 at the lowestthat probably going to be 5 million with those two berard will want 3 or 4 then peca will want 2 or 3 they will have to do some major bargaining to get that.

  12. Afg_Pimp says:

    I dont noe why everybody  wants raycroft out juss give him on more year he was adjusting to the whole maple leafs atmosphere give him one more year see how he does if he is bad then trade him.Plus Raycroft will be sharp if he play less games so it will be good for Toronto because. we got toskala  winning games and we have raycroft hopefully winning games but its a fifty percent chance raycroft being good or raycroft sucking.

  13. MogilnyFan1990 says:

    regarding the 2nd or 3rd comment i think,   IMO i think Cujo is a UFA, no?

  14. Hoondog2 says:

    McCabe to Islanders for Trent Hunter (who was among the top 10 hitters in the league), and try to get some picks from NYI as well. Keep Raycroft until you see how the goaltending pans out.

    Blake Sundin Wellwood
    Antro Bell Poni
    Steen Stajan Tucker
    Kilger Pohl/Devereaux Hunter

    Kaberle Kubina
    Colaiacovo White
    Gill Kronvall


    This team would suck to play against!!!

  15. Hoondog2 says:

    McCabe to Islanders for Trent Hunter (who was among the top 10 hitters in the league), and try to get some picks from NYI as well. Keep Raycroft until you see how the goaltending pans out.

    Blake        Sundin       Wellwood
    Antro          Bell          Poni
    Steen        Stajan        Tucker
    Kilger  Pohl/Devereaux Hunter

    Kaberle       Kubina
    Colaiacovo  White
    Gill             Kronvall


    This team would suck to play against!!!

  16. Hockey75 says:

    u must be dumb! Cujo is only worth 800,000 for 1 year!!! Berard is worth 2.5 million for 1 year. peca is like worth 1.2 for a year.  And Yashin is worth 8 million for 2 years.

    Salary= Raycroft-1.8 million        
               Kubina-5 million
               Antropov-1.07 million

    That's about 10 million to spend(including with the other 2.2 million they have now)

    Cujo=800,000 for 1 year                  
    Peca=1.2 million for 1 year
    Berard=2.5 million for 1 year
    Yashin=8 million for 2 years

    That's about 8.5 million spent in the 2007-08 season and 12 million in 2 years and also, they could pay off the money next season because this probably is Sundin's last season.

  17. DJTOKid says:

    Totally agree, they may not even need to get Hunter in return, but I would take him along with picks. The freeing up of cap space would be really nice. Then the leafs could wait until a team is desperate to move a big name.

  18. Glucker says:

    do you actually know… anything?

    Peca is worth 2mill+
    Raycroft makes 2
    Antropov makes ~2
    leafs have about 1.2 to spend next year, not 2.2
    salary cap hits are an average of the total contract length, not what they guys get paid… and how do the leafs have 8.5 to spend next year?
    wtf is wrong w/ you?
  19. Glucker says:

    y not use the aditional cap space to get Peca back? or try to go for forsberg?

    Blake Sundin Forsberg… come on, that's scary
    Steen Wellwood Tucker
    Antro Bell Poni
    Kilger Stajan Hunter
    Kaberle Kubina
    Colaiacovo Kronwall
    Gill White
  20. TimmyHoHo says:

    Gill and Raycroft are kind of similar in value. Gill is god on the PK, but a pylon 5-on-5.  Raycroft is overpriced, but he would be one of the better backups in the league (top 10?  At least top 15) if Toskala gets hurt.  Pogge isn't ready.

    Both make a bit too much.
  21. jpmac says:

    HAHAHA McCabe for Bergeron…is this a joke?

  22. bleedingblueandwhite says:

    I think Yashin Would be a good fit in Toronto as long as he is not captain or any pressure is put on him to be the number 1 guy. If he could play along everyone else then he will be fine. Don't forget he is a point a game player through out his career. He might have a bad attitude, Guys like Sundin, Tucker will keep him in line. Almost forgot PECA would be a great re-signing aswell.

  23. Hockey75 says:

    I sort of get what your saying but, why get Forsberg? He's not returning until December or January! And also, they should of course trade Raycrap, sorry Raycroft.

  24. mojo19 says:

    Juicemans right, and it gets better, he only makes 2.1 not 2.5.

  25. mojo19 says:

    I assume he means M-A not Patrice. Since the Islanders are the rumoured team. Which would be a pretty realistic trade. I assume that you assumed he meant Patrice?

    And yeah, Yashin is talent. I’m a big fan. I have an Isle’s Yashin jersey with the ‘C’

  26. sikboy21 says:

    Peca's gone and Yashin is a liability.

  27. Cleets says:

    Let me get this straight….

    In your lineup, you would rather have Belak than Yashin?

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