Yashin on Broadway?

Spectors hockey carried a report from Bucky Gleason of the Buffalo news suggesting that the Rangers could provide a new home for underachiever Alexei Yashin. There was no mention of what the Isles wanted in return

The story is that Peca does not get along with Yashin. The Rangers reduced salary late last season and since the Rangers (sadly) do not play in the post season, Yashin’s recent addiction to the post season Heimlich maneuver would be irrelevant.

I do not know if this has been mentioned here before, but Isles management has admitted that they never really wanted Yashin but in 2001 they were unable to get their first choice holdout Jason Allison.

Yashin’s career stats: 291 goals, 665 points in 710 games and 11 goals, 27 points in 43 playoff games. Yashin was a non-factor in the Isles five game loss to the Bolts, scoring just one point, an assist in game five.

Yashin’s stat’s have steadily declined from 44 goals and 94 points five years ago to 26 goals and 65 points in his last full season and 15 goals 34 points in 47 games in 2003-04. His long term $8.4 million per year contract, for a player who has won one playoff series in 10 years, ago is a reflection of much of what is wrong with the NHL. Unless Isles eat $5 million or more, I don’t see how the Rangers bite.

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