Yashin to be a hab?

Alexei Yashin’s agent has said to rds.ca that his client would like to come to Montreal. The 6 foot 3 225lbs center is apparently looking to join his good friends Markov, Kovalev and even Koivu (whom wich he has trained with during the summer in Finland). Sources even say that he would be looking to relaunch Samsonov career.

If Yashin would be asking a salary of in the range of 2,5 million, why not?
The market does not look very promissing for Bob Gainey this summer, as Briere has said that he would accept less money to stay with the Sabres. For once the Habs would not have to over pay a player that isn’t issued from their farm school. The only conditions that would make this acquisition interesting would be that his salary would have to be under 3 million and it would have to be a 1 year deal. Wich would mean, he would want to use the Habs to rebuild his reputation through out the league. And therefore the Habs would use him also.. could be a good match indeed

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  1. HiggyMan89 says:

    OLD!!!!!! We need to sign someone that does something every once and a while. if we sign 'em, I hope he can still put those dentures back in!

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