Yashin unhappy with offers

According to TSN.ca, yashin is not happy with the offers he has been recieving. His agent claims that he will go to Russia if no offers are to his standards.

more information on http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=213273&hubname=

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  1. Hockey11 says:

    Does he need help packing??

  2. Milohabs says:

    boo freakin' hoo.

    The first few words explain it all "Yashin not happy"

    How about that! This guy has milked the system for more money than he was ever worth, and he's still not happy.

    Anyone who thretens to "go back to Russia" should do just that.

    Most of these Euro players just want to come here for the money and then go back home with it asap. Loser!

  3. erkey3 says:

    Good riddance!

  4. Nystyle says:

    gentleman i am a russian translator. what yashin means by their not to his standards means "why has nobody called me?"

  5. wingerxxx says:

    I absolutely cannot understand this love affair that some Maple Leafs fans have developed for Alexei Yashin.  Other fans for that matter, especially in Montreal.  There seemed to be this league-wide delusion that he would play somewhere for a discount, based on his play the last few years.

    But guys like Yashin do not play for discounts, or a fraction of their perceived value.  Look at his track record.  The guy sat out an entire year because he was unhappy with a contract that he signed in good faith.  Yashin plays for the bucks.  And I can easily see him going to Russia to play there, if he is offered a little more money. 

    Yashin is a pretty good offensive center…when he is on.  Which isn't often enough.  He plays with ice water in his veins, which is both a good thing, and an extremely bad thing.  He never has had the ability to step up his game when it counts.  Can you imagine what the Toronto media would do to him, if they got a load of one of his ice-cold spells, where he is basically loafing around at mid ice and waiting for a play to develop?  Or the Montreal media??  You thought that the Vladimir Malakhov incident there was bad, wait til they get a load of Yashin.  Islanders fans have put up with it for years, and as a Rangers fan, I loved it. 

    The only teams that should be even remotely interested in Yashin are teams that are just absolutely desperate for any center ice depth, and that don't have too much pressure on them to go deep into this coming year's playoffs.  Because I don't see any team icing Yashin as a top 2 center, winning the Stanley Cup.  There are a couple of teams that might fall into that category.  But I would think that any GM that is faced with the possibility of paying Yashin what he wants (which is the only way he will suit up to play), will steer clear.

  6. loco42 says:

    Hahahahaha, that made my day right there.

  7. loco42 says:

    And this little piggy cried all the way home…

    Damn, I’m a Habs fan, and I didn’t want him, not even to stuff our hotdogs at the Bell Center at minimum wage. Whoever gets him, my sincere condolences…

  8. NHLman says:

    The guy is clearly an NHL caliber player and should be picked up by someone. Honestly though the stigmatism of being boughtout is what has probably hurt his next contract the most. Plus, teams know this guy is making money for nothing as a result of being bought out and don't want to simply give him more on top of that, it isn't being fair. Also, Yashin has probably mistaken his value based on his previous ridiculous contract.

    You cannot sign this guy to a long term deal though. He's the type of guy that will retire before he loses his talent and would do it in the middle of a season without provocation. Give him a one year deal at $3.75 mill with bonuses totaling $1.25 mill for games played (72), points (75), and goals (30). That should be fair for both sides.

  9. thegoalie1976 says:

    He can go play with Roman Chechmanek…LOL

    And next year be joined by Samsonov, Fedorov, and Kovalev.

  10. papichulo71 says:

    I can understand some of the bashing but Yashin is still a good hockey player.  I would sign him for $2.5M, take all pressure off him, give him his own corner in the dressing room, and watch him put up 80 points.

    His only drawback is his playoff production but it's not like he's ever played on a powerhouse.

  11. wingerxxx says:

    That would be fantastic, if he would actually sign for 2.5 mil.  Which he would never do.

  12. mojo19 says:

    Yashin is a very talented NHL player. People don't like him because he was over paid. But he would be an asset to many teams.

    Now I don't know what kind of offers he's been getting, but I read in the Toronto sun that his agent said he wouldn't sign for less than $3 million. Which he is totally worth.

    As for his playoff production:
    Year -Games played – Points
    With the Sens:
    '97 – 7 – 6 
    '98 – 11 – 8
    '99 – 4 – 0
    '01 – 4 – 1   Now these last two years weren't good and that's partly why he was traded to NYI after that offseason. Of course no one will give Shayne Corson and Dimitry Yushkevich the credit here for shadowing Yash and keeping him at bay, we'll just call Yash a heartless russian. Even though his first two post season appearances indicate otherwise.
    With The Isle's:
    '02 – 7 – 7 *3 G and 4 A in a tough 7 game series again shadowed by SC
    '03 – 5 – 4
    '04 – 5 – 1
    '07 – 5 – 0
    Again in NY the last two seasons were bad. Even though he wasn't given the proper ice time and PP time to produce during his last season.

    But in his career Yashin has had 4 good playoff's and 4 bad statistically. So I wouldn't say he's a complete waste in the playoffs.

  13. wingsfan13 says:

    every russian that has ever threatened to go back should be sent back on the red october in a nazi uniform.

  14. wingerxxx says:

    I don't see much of an excuse for Yashin.  The reason he didn't get much ice time in the playoffs was because his play was atrocious.  Half the time, he was just floating around at mid ice waiting for something to happen.

    He can be much better in a supporting role, as he does get a lot of checking attention, when he's the focal point of an attack.  The great players can still play well despite guys like Corson and Yushkevich shadowing them.  Yashin could not.  In the Buffalo series, he wasn't drawing Buffalo's top checkers.  And he still could not produce. 

    He is also not getting any better, and I'm not convinced at all that he is going to sign for $3 million, if he can get a better offer in Russia.

  15. habsalicious says:

    Yashin's playoffs numbers:

    Games: 48   Goals: 11   Assists: 16  Points: 27

    Joe Thornton's playoffs numbers:

    Games: 57   Goals: 9    Assists: 29  Points: 38

    Yet most people here say Thornton is the second best player in the league. He's good, but he also lets down his team when needed.

    I'm not saying Yashin deserves Thornton money (and there's no way I would want Yahsin on my team), but what I'm saying is that some other playoffs underachievers get big contracts and that what goes for Russians should go for good old Canadian boys also when it comes to evaluating playoff input. Not to mention Thornton played on better teams…

  16. jarcpitre says:

    I can't believe this guy, he got is buyout, which is free money and the offers aren't to his standards. I'd say go to Russia and get your 750,000 per year there, get a bottle of vodka and cry yourself to sleep.

  17. habsalicious says:

    I'm sure you keep some of those uniforms in your closet…

  18. mojo19 says:

    So Yash has 27 pts in 48 games. A little better than a point every other game. Keeping in mind he was hot 4 times and cold 4 times so its possible to get very good production out of him.

    To compare:

    Canadian/American players:
    Mike Ribeiro – 24 games, 8 points –Half the games, 1/3 the points
    Jason Arnott – 96 games, 63 points — double the games, a little better than double the points
    Scott Gomez – 97 games, 65 poitns — Again, same as Arnott, not much better than Yash
    Ryan Smyth – 73 games, 47 points — Almost identical point production!
    Steve Sullivan – 29 games, 11 points — over half the games, under half the pts
    Todd Bertuzzi – 40 games, 21 points — Not as good as Yash
    Simon Gagne – 65 games – 31 points — Yashin much better
    Bill Guerin – 105 games, 50 points — I'll take Yashin as my captain, thanks
    Vinny Lecavalier – 45 games, 33 points — Better than Yash but not significantly, plus he got most of them on a cup winning powerhouse with St.Louis and Richards on his PP unit
    Mike Fisher – 69 games, 23 points — That's just brutal

    European players:
    Marty Straka – 96 games, 60 points — Double the games, just over double the points
    Joseph Stumpel – 55 games, 30 points — similar, not as good as Yash

    Okay I think that's enough to prove my point.

    I think its safe to say Yashin's point production in the playoffs is at least comparible to all of these guys', and in some cases much better. And taking into account how much his defensive game has turned around in the last 2 seasons since the lockout its safe to say Yashin would be a valuable assett to most teams.

    So we can stop the "Yashin folds in the playoffs" now please.

  19. mojo19 says:

    You're right. Check out my comparison's a little higher up. Especially my comparison to everyone's hero Ryan Smyth. Do it on a calculator, they're the same point production in the playoffs pretty much. Yet Smyth is the greatest thing since sliced bread and Yashin doesn't belong in the league.

    I know Smyth brings a lot more to the table because of his in-your-face phyical play, but still Yashin's game has turned around defensively and he is a really good player.

    Everyone stop being Yashin haters

  20. mojo19 says:

    And to Wingerxxx – They should have played him more and got him in the games and maybe they would have had more offense. Playing him 4th line was stupid. How'd that work out for them again?

    By the way the game Yashin got played the most in the series was game 4, a 4-2 loss to Buffalo, Yashin played 15:00 and was +1.

  21. wingerxxx says:

    I've got to ask, did you actually watch that series?  He was awful!

    Ted Nolan is not a stupid coach.  He's not going to give 18-20 minutes to a forward who is playing like he does not care.  Which is basically how Yashin played in that series.  Other than a couple of plays he tried to make down low, he did absolutely nothing in that series. 

    It was apparent that Nolan figured his best chance to win, was to pile minutes onto Mike Sillinger, Jason Blake and Smyth, because they were actually showing a pulse.

    Nolan did just about everything he could to jumpstart Yashin's production during the season, so it's not like he left him out to dry.  He put Yashin on the 4th line, because that is what Yashin's overall play dictated.  And that's probably the biggest reason he is no longer an Islander.

  22. habsalicious says:

    People dont like to face facts ; )

  23. habsalicious says:

    Finally, a sensible post. You could had Thornton to that list a few assists better than Yashin, not more. (even less goals).

    Yet's he's considered one of the best Canadian players. Not to mention how he sucked in the Olympics also.

  24. wingerxxx says:

    This is the bottom line as it stands.  You can judge Yashin based on what he accomplished then, and what he has accomplished recently.  One point in his last 10 playoff games.  And unlike a lot of guys on that list, when he's not scoring…he's not doing much else.  Guys like Mike Fisher and Steve Sullivan can kill penalties and play some defense.  Fisher is used in a defensive role all the time in the playoffs.  Even Gagne and Stumpel can backcheck competently.  Arnott at least has a Stanley Cup winning goal. 

    Not to mention that he shrinks like a violet when checking attention is ratcheted up on him in the playoffs.  The great players rise to the occasion.  Yashin has had tons of chances, and failed miserably.  Its happening more and more in recent years.  This is something of a pattern with the guy.  Heck, I can remember when Leafs fans used to laugh deliriously as how much Yashin couldn't deliver when it counted. 

  25. hatterson says:

    Smyth isn't a point scorer.  Sure he'll put up 60-70 a season but that's not his main job.  His main job is leadership something Yashin doesn't know anything about.

    Once again it's not just about point production, it's about being there when your team needs you and scoring clutch goals

  26. mojo19 says:

    They should have just played him more anyway's to get him in the games. I can see why Nolan did it. Yashin wasn't playing that well, but playing him less didn't seem smart to me. They should have played him more so he could get into the game. The worst thing that could have happened was they lose in 4 or 5 which they did anyway's but at least they wouldn't have done it with their best player on the bench.

    Let's just agree to disagree on this matter.

  27. mojo19 says:

    To hatterson: I'm not saying Yashin is better than any of those guys (even though I think he is better than some). The point is that he's considered useless, meanwhile his numbers are nothing less than respectable. People say there's no way they'd want this guy, why not?

    You talk about leadership qualities and without question Smyth is a great leader, but on the top line he should be filling the net too, which he does – just as well as Yashin. Which is why if some team wanted to sign him NOT TO BE THE TEAM LEADER but as an additional forward who can score goals, I think he'd be a great signing.

    Sorry Yashin haters but its the truth. Don't put an A on his sweater, just let him put the puck in the net a little bit and work it down low. Also stop saying he's bad defensively Wingerxxx, he's as good defensively as Stumpel, in his past 2 seasons he's really turned that part of his game around.

  28. wingerxxx says:

    Yeah, I think we're going to have to.

    I can't think of a single NHL coach that is going to play a guy more minutes when he is clearly not playing well, in favor of other players who are clearly not only playing more effectively, but are giving a much better effort. 

  29. Komic-J says:

    This saddens me to a point where I don't even know if I'll be able to watch hockey this year. Seriously (sorry to his fans) pack up and leave for Russia already. If you can't get offers to your standards, maybe your standards are too high Alexei…

  30. papichulo71 says:

    Yashin is fully capable of pulling a Selanne and jump starting his career again.
    I think the play out West may suit him more.

    Since Dallas can't seam to attract anyone sign there for $2.8M with $1.1M in point bonuses.

  31. mojo19 says:

    Dallas actually seems like a pretty good fit. They're already loaded with 2-way and defensive players with Modanno, Morrow, Lehtinen, Halpern and Barnes. So picking up an 'offense first' guy like Yashin wouldn't hurt them at all. Even though I still say he isn't bad at backchecking at all and he picks up his guy, he isn't tough on anyone in his own end.

  32. woohoo19 says:

    wow! he isn't very smart if he does this and anyways who cares.if i were him i would just take a little mone for a shot at the stanley cup

  33. woohoo19 says:

    wow! he isn't very smart if he does this and anyways who cares.if i were him i would just take a little mone for a shot at the stanley cup

  34. XOXOHTH says:

    Are you crazy dude? Yashin would be a fool not to head back to Russia. He would get paid at least 1.5 times what he would make here plus his income is untaxed in Russia. Add to that figure the several Million he gets in the contract buyout and you have a 7 Million dollar Yashin again. If he were to stay here for anything less than 3 Million I would ask him politely to get his head checked.

  35. JuicemaN says:

    The leafs have a love affair with Yashin?

    Are you sure or did you read two leaf fans saying they'd take him for cheap and now you're doing the typical anti-leaf fan thing and blowing it out of proportion as if every Toronto fan wants him.

    Cause I sure don't.

  36. the_word says:

    You've got the title wrong.  It should be 'GMs unimpressed with Yashin'

  37. ace5135 says:

    You're break my heart, Yashin. 

    I hate the Senators, but holding out on them when you had a contract you agreed to and signed your name to makes you slime.

    You half arsed effort when your on the ice is pathetic.  Your work ethic is awful and you are a dressing room cancer. 

  38. woohoo19 says:

    True but seriously i don't care cause he may be talented but he's also really greedy.

  39. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    hahaha funny stuff right there

  40. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    I think he's just saying that he's seen so many leafs fans posting on here that we need Yashin, but if he pays attention, a lot of these guys are the ones who think we can get everyone in the league for a discount, or come up with dillusionial trades and lineups that will never happen, AKA the unrealistic fans, they drag us realistic fans down with them into the generalization that all of us are like that

  41. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    you forgot to mention what the other players bring to the table. Let's face it Yashin is an all offense type player. Now some guys in there makes sense. But Arnott brings more than just points, he brings size and he brings the body a lot more than Yashin. Ryan Smyth, identical points, 10 times the heart and intensity. Lecavalier don't even start on me here 6 more points in 3 less games, plus Vinny is a real team guy, unlike Yashin. How can you say that Yashin would be your captain just because of points. Guerin brings the body, brings grit, and most important, LEADERSHIP. I don't care how many points he gets, even JFJ wouldn't name a heartless point getter in Yashin captain over a guy like Guerin, only a team with Crazy Charles Wang as the owner would do that.

  42. wingsfan13 says:

    howd u no!! lol jk nope but erhoff does

  43. mojo19 says:

    I'm not saying Yashin is as good or better than all of those guys (althoug I do believe he's better than some) and your point is very valid that other players like Arnott bring that intensity, but my overall point is that Yashin is known as a player who does nothing in the playoffs, I'm just saying its not as bad as everyone else thinks.

  44. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    hes worth some sort of money
    did gm's forget about his quick start?
    he lost his step when he got injured

  45. lookche says:

    He isn’t so much of an underachiever, it’s just the fact nobody wants to pay over 3 million dollars for an idiot.

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