YEA…I'm BACK!!!…So The Buds Lost,, But They'll Be Back For Next Year!

So The Leafs lost….But us fans and the Leafs will have to suck it up, see ya’s next year with our next run at ending 1967…..A great series with the Philadelphia Flyers has earned respect from me(and should from us other Leaf fans), and they will also have a great deal of me rooting for them in the playoffs…Kick some Sen butt!!!

The Leafs lost, but they didn’t lose a single bit of faith, respect, and beLeaf from me…

I am proud of the Leaf team and organization for doing they’re best to improve and prepare the team for the playoffs. Even though they lost in the first round, I believe it will better them for next year…

In the end, I am proud of the Leafs, I have great hopes for the offseason and season…And look forward to saying, “Leafs in 2004!”

Go Leafs GO!

(Its good to be back)….