Upset, version 2.0

I am speechless…Who would’ve thought that we could upset the higher seed Bruins for a second consecutive time, and add to that, who would’ve thought that we could upset them after they took a 3-1 series lead and go on to win 2 games at the Fleet Center???

Nay-sayers can whine all they want about the so-called fake injuries and so-called diving while we could say that Boston tried to cheap-shot us from the start til the end, but at the end of the day nobody can argue that:


The likes of Martin Lapointe, Joe Thornton & Travis Green for the Bruins should take a look at themselves in the mirror as they all took at least one bad penalty in the final 5 minutes of the 3rd when their team was down on the scoreboard. Apparently Boston medias are already asking for the B’s to remove Thornton’s captaincy from him. Could any Bruins fan tell us more about it?? Thornton has been absolutely neutralized (and the word is weak) by the Habs in the 13 games he played against us, having only 1 assist… injury or not.


José Théodore finally stole a game, the Bruins came out strong and dominated us physically in the first two periods but Théo kept us in the game all night long.

Alex Kovalev redeemed himself after what happened in game 4, and boy did he redeemed himself!!! We saw him stand in front of a slap shot without a helmet on in game 5(very ”Kovalev unlikely” in the past) and he’s been a warrior for us all series long. As for tonight, not only did he prepared the game-winning goal for Richard Zednik but he also saved the game with less than a minute to go by working along the boards and getting the puck out of the zone which led to the second and final goal of the game.

The PK units kept the strong Boston PP 0 for 28 (if I’m not mistaken) after Boston scored two PP goals in the first game. These players were too often forgotten in the series.

The Kovalev/Koivu/Zednik downright outplayed the Murray/Thornton/Knuble line as they were matched against them all series long. Result? 24 points for our 1st line in the 7-game matchup against 5 points for Boston 1st line… look no further than that for your series breaker.

Now not only do we have the chance to see our team continue their playoff road, but the Habs also get to play 2 more home games which means between 1M$ and 2M$ more in revenue per game which also means more than enough money to resign Kovie to a contract at the end of the season.

Now bring on Tampa Bay as they were the team I wanted to play against in the first round because of their similar style of play, you will see no cheap-shotting there this time and it should be end to end rushes all series long. I think that this will be a beautiful matchup

My prediction: Montréal in 7 as Théodore has now become a factor in these playoffs.

Thank you to the Bruins for this awesome matchup, thank you to Andrew Raycroft that made this series extremely tight from start to finish, and more importantly thank you to the Habs players for playing with so much character.

I am so proud and thrilled about my team right now… WOW!

Could they be the cinderella team this year??? We’ll see…

Let me leave you with in my opinion the best quote of the series:

”There is no way the Montréal Canadiens can beat us in a best-of-seven series with the team we have” -Brian Rolston



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