York to Nashville, Injuries, Rumours, etc…

Mid-week of a rather dull, average week ….everyone is tired and exhausted… not many big stories happening so here is some minor news and speculation.

Various sources report that on Wednesday the 23rd, The Anaheim Mighty Ducks traded veteran defenceman Jason York to the Nashville Predators for future considerations.

Injury Report:

G Sean Burke, Coyotes – out 1 month

RW Bill Muckalt, Wild – out 2 – 3 weeks

LW Oleg Kvasha, Islanders – out 2 weeks

Trade Rumours:

-The good old “McLaren” rumour that has put him on almost every team for a 4th line player has now spread to the Tama Bay Lightning. Word has it that Tampa would be offering “a defenceman of equal value in return”. Personally, I don’t quite know where McLaren will be dealt (if he is dealt).

How about to Toronto for Jonas Hoglund?!? lol just kidding.

-Calgary may be trying to deal washout winger Oleg Saprykin. Apparently he hasn’t reported to the AHL affiliate and has no intention of coming back.

Work with me people. This week and i’m sure many other weeks to come will be sort of dry and i’m positve this article is pretty dry but hey…what else is there to do?

Any comments? Ideas? Rumours? ANYTHING?!?

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  1. Glen says:

    The Coyotes might as well put Burke on the trading block now. Boucher just got the break he needed. Can’t wait to see how this situation will turn out.

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