You can go Home again!

According to a report, Luc Robitaille is supposed to sign a one year contract with the LA kings by the end of the week.

Luc Robitaille began his career with the Kings 18 years ago, and will end it there as well it appears. This will be his 3rd stint with the Kings, but has always had his best years there.

Is this a good move by the Kings once its done? Will Fedorov join Luc on the west coast? What do you guys think?

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  1. Freeze says:

    Good move for Luc. He was snake bit in Detroit this past year – not sure why he slumped so badly. He still has 20-25 goals a year left in him if he gets some power play time.

    I would not be surprised if Sergie went to LA. The Wings offered him a ton and he turned it down. My take on this is that Fedorov wants out of Detroit. He loves fast cars and fast women, so LA would fit the bill.

  2. jon95616 says:

    We all know Federov would love to be in LA if he doesnt sign with Detroit…but does LA have 10 million bucks for Sergei?…thats the real question!

  3. jon95616 says:

    Assuming the Kings dont get Federov, they will need someone to score besides the Palffy-Allison-Deadmarsh line…If the price is right, Robitailles 20 goals(fair assumption?) and his leadership would be welcome additions…and he is a fan favorite!

  4. U_of_M_Comets says:

    The Kings can’t afford Fedorov, they were dumping guys at the end of last year, the blueline is hurt without Schneider, especially on the powerplay unless Allsion can come back and be healthy to quarterback it (there isn’t a better passer in the leauge than Allsion) and with Smolinski gone you don’t have a second line center, so even if you get lucky luc who’s he gonna play with?

  5. jon95616 says:

    yeah i agree about them not being able to afford Federov…

    I guess the second line would be:

    Robitaille,Eric Belanger,Alex Frolov

    (yeah i know that sounds pretty weak compared to most teams 2nd lines)

    Im not sure about Mike Cammalleri or Jared Aulin being ready for the 2nd line…???

  6. U_of_M_Comets says:

    I love Belanger, but I think he is more suited to the third line, Frolov killed Canada a couple of years ago in the world juniors but I don’t see him meshing with Robataile. Who Knows? I’d like to see either of the young guys get a chance.

  7. defenestrate says:

    I just wanted to thank you for writing a Kings article. They are one of the more under-represented teams on here.

    GET THE HINT, Nashville, Calgary, et al?

  8. matteo says:

    I think I will head right out and fire off an article about Columbus… will go something like this….

    They suck, the end.

    Matteo et al. New England Journal of Medicine. 2002. 12(4): 231-235

    SCTP – where have you gone Joe Dimaggio…..SCTP turns their lonely eyes to you.

  9. JeffBurnz09 says:

    If LA stays healthy next year, with Luc back, Ceckmanek and possible Federov, they could be a strong team in the West. Ceckmanek is a good goalie during the season. I think his problem is that when he faces a team in a series, they play enough games against him to figure him out. In the regular season, you fly into Philly, player the Flyers, and if Ceckmanek shuts you out, your not really worried about it because you have another game to prepare for. Playoffs your thinking nothing but solving Ceckmanek.

    I’d love for them to get Federov. He’d be great in LA. He’s won his cups, maybe all he wants now is a fast city to enjoy his cars and rich life style?

  10. defenestrate says:

    At least it would be a “hockey” article…you “ilk”.

    BTW, those pages in the New England Journal Of Medicine are devoted to menopause….

    SCTP – “How’s Them Hot Flashes, Ma?”

  11. matteo says:

    Your wife was acting funny last night in bed so I thought I would do a little research……

    SCTP – If you can’t beat em….cheat like hell and bang their sister.

  12. boy1der says:

    well I guess the answer is not Federov (thank God) but Stumpy. That makes the new second line (Ziggy, Stumpy, LUUUUUUUUUUUKE) the very same 1st line of a couple of years ago. That line got them to the playoffs back then…

    I would much rather have Bill Guerin instead of Federov. Dallas needs to cut payroll…but we don’t have it. Oh well, wishful thinking.

    Anson Carter…that’s more our budget I think, and would be a great addition here. There are rumors you know…

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