Young Guns Game

The NHL released the 2004 NHL YoungStars Rosters today for the East and the West, each team consisting of 11 players.Eastern YoungStars:


Michael Ryder – Montreal Canadiens – 36 Points

Trent Hunter – New York Islanders – 32 Points

Patrice Bergeron – Boston Bruins – 28 Points

Eric Staal – Carolina Hurricanes – 23 Points

Ryan Malone – Pittsburgh Penguins – 22 Points

Derek Roy – Buffalo Sabres – 5 Points


Joni Pitkanen – Philadelhpia Flyers – 17 Points

Paul Martin – New Jersey Devils – 9 Points

Garnet Exelby – Atlanta Thrashers – 7 Points

Brooks Orpik – Pittsburgh Penguins – 4 Points


Andrew Raycroft – Boston Bruins – 2.00 GAA .928 SV%

Apparently being a goon makes you an All-Star, Exelby and Orpik are no hockey players.

Western Conference:


Raffi Torres – Edmonton Oilers – 24 Points

Jonathan Cheechoo – San Jose Sharks – 24 Points

Matthew Lombardi – Calgary Flames – 21 Points

Joffrey Lupul – Anaheim Mighty Ducks – 20 Points

Pierre-Marc Bouchard – Minnesota Wild – 14 Points

Tuomo Ruutu – Chicago Blackhawks – 13 Points

Nikolai Zherdev – Columbus Blue Jackets – 12 Points


Dam Hamhuis – Nashville Predators – 14 Points

Christian Ehrhoff – San Jose Sharks – 7 Points

Alexei Semenov – Edmonton Oilers – 2 Points


Philippe Sauve – Colorado Avalanche – 2.60 GAA .904 SV%

So what on your thoughts on this year’s YoungStars?

Who deserves to be there and who doesnt?

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  1. bleedsblueandwhite says:

    So Spezza sucks too then by your logic.

  2. TheCoach says:

    This is an absolute joke. Jason Spezza deserves to be on that team. He has 36 points and who would be more exciting to watch in a 3 on 3 format.

    Its funny how a lot of the players who made it, come from teams that don’t have anyone in the big game. Even though it is not “mandatory” to have a player from each team there, its obvious that the NHL still tries to represent each team. I don’t see how they expect people to watch the game, when all the best players aren’t there. No one can honestly say that Nick Boynton deserves to be there more than Chara, McCabe or Gonchar.

    Its a joke.

  3. habs_punk says:

    stajan’s only got 15 points in 46 games, but ya, i guess thats 10 more than roy has…. roy’s played 18 games…. i dont know, koltsov could be there too with 18 points in 50 games

  4. habs_punk says:

    roy’s only played 18 games, so its misleading to say he ONLY has 5 points, but still that in itself should make it questionable for him to be there…. koltzov or stajan should be there, but if buffalo needs a player there, then, i guess its roy

  5. habs_punk says:

    it isnt necessarily a rookie game

  6. habs_punk says:

    i always heard that it was just players under 25, if that is the case both ribeiro and spezza should be there. having those two on the ice at the same time on the same team in a wideopen style game of hockey….. that would be some good hockey

  7. Topshelf says:
























    GOALIE——P.Sauve or C.Anderson(no one else)

  8. shady_records says:

    Spezza is too old for that game, he’s an All-Star type player and has played a lot of games and is no longer a rookie.

  9. Lanche says:

    Im a Huge avs fan and i agree hes been very valuable to us we no longer need to rely on the ‘big 3’ that we usually ride in the playoffs i wish hed get more attention nationally w/him and skrastins, we’ve got an awesome top 5

  10. miller250 says:

    Jason King`s gotta deserve a spot on this team, no one ever talks about him, he`s super under rated.

  11. habs_punk says:

    but many points does an all star make, or it should anyways

    people go to the all star game to see nice plays, by the most skilled players, they dont wanna see shoving in front of the net, the dirty goals, and really primeau hasnt got many goals in any manner so far this year

  12. Spektor says:

    Well apparently your the only one who does understand. Everyone else must be the problem hey Gretz?

  13. Lanche says:

    i agree that he should be there or atleast get more recognition the games i have watched him he played very well, but maybe im just biased cause hes a fellow nebraskan

  14. defenestrate says:

    Then why is he 6-0-1 in his last 7 games?

  15. defenestrate says:

    Thank you – I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought this was a criminal oversight.

  16. LondonK says:

    Yeah I noticed that after I posted. There really should be a delete option.

  17. LondonK says:

    Roy doesn’t deserve to be there over Stajan because Stajan has been working his tail off in the NHL since Day 1. Roy has been around for less than 20 games and his stats are on average at most equal to Stajan’s (averaging). Stajan deserves to be there because he has been doing it longer. Roy is a great talent, but he hasn’t earned the right to be there.

  18. rbrejak says:

    I agree that at the start of the year it looked like King was a runaway for the calder, but they cant let him play on the youngstars team……he was sent to the minors this week!!

  19. TheShack says:

    Spezza is 20 years old and hasn’t played enough games to make up a whole season. Word has it that they wanted to make sure all teams were represented and that’s why Spezza is missing. That’s BS!

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