Young to Dallas

(Jul. 4th) — TFP has learned that the Dallas Stars have signed right-wing Scott Young to a 2-year, $7 million contract.

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  1. Chandlerisback says:

    Maybe he and turgeon can make magic again on the ice

    Dallas is starting to look pretty good real fast.

  2. Forsberg21 says:

    This is a good fit for Young. He will probably play with his former linemate Turgeon. However, this move doesn’t look good for Arnott. He played RW at the end of last season because there was congestion at the centre ice position. Now he has to beat out Modano and Turgeon again for the pivot spot, and now Guerin and Young, who they won’t want to break up from Turgeon, if he wants to play RW. On the Left it’s Lehtnon, and Morrow. Looks like Jason will get traded cause I don’t think they will put him on the third line or they would have done that last year. That line of Lehtnon Modano and Guerin looks fast and dangerous with all the key elemants includint Guerin’s grit. Good thing Colorado hasn’t done anything yet to get stronger. Come on Pierre swing a good trade. Just don’t give up anybody we need.

  3. mikster says:

    Well, then where the hell is Amonte going now? I guess San Jose.

    Good addition by Armstrong. Young will and should come in handy. The rookie head coach should do a pretty good job on the offense with this team.

  4. NYR says:

    Well now that the Islanders have pretty much showed Amonte that they are not going to open up the check book to get him, and there back up plan of signing Young has pretty much gone down the drain, there screwed. I knew Yound would stay in the WEST.

    Now Amonte has only two choices…..

    1. Rejoin the New York Rangers: I’d love that one

    2. Or go to the Leafs

    The leafs are probably going to do all they can to get him away from the Blueshirts because we signed Holik and Kaspar right out from under them.

    NYR 2002…….

    Happy Italian in Brooklyn,


    Hey Micki, what do you think about all this?

    Amonte to the Rangers?

    And if we dont get Amonte why not resign Fleury to 3.5 Mil a year?

  5. aaron says:

    Stars look stacked…again. Let’ see if it does them any good this year (I can’t imagine the combination of Lehtinen Modano Guerin failing though).

  6. Modano_Fan says:

    Why would the Stars trade Arnott already?

    They gave up Newendyke to get him, and with the free agent signing of McKay to Montreal,losing Arnott would mean they gave away Joe for nothing. I don’t think Arnott is above playing on the 3rd line,and unless they can work out a great deal for him,they should keep him. I don’t see having too many scorers on your team as a problem.

  7. titans says:


  8. NYRfan78 says:

    Calm down you are going to catch a stroke or somthing!!!Yeah the stars got him on the cheap. But didn’t clarke said he was not going to be active in the market this year?I guess he was honest this time.

  9. AGoss says:

    What is Arnott’s true position? I have hear wing, I have heard center.

    I would love to see Dallas roll four lines centered by Modano, Turgeon, Arnott and finally Malhotra.

    Your right about the top line being fast and now very dangerous.

    The second line would appear to be Turgeon, Young and Morrow. Morrow is a scrapped and would fit well with the other two.

    I have heard that Mike said he’d be willing to play LW which might be a good fight for him since he is a Left shot. It would also help because that appears to be the one are where the Stars seem the thinest at (LW). Could you see a line of Guerin, Arnott and Mo? What about using Malhotra as a LW since he too is a Left shot?

    I don’t know… I guess that is for Tippett to determine and man what a problem to have 🙂

    Man, it is gonna be fun around here this Fall.

  10. AGoss says:

    It isn’t Clarke…

    They won’t even talk to Philly because of Hitch. I love the man but look at what happend to Dallas last year. All the top free agents and those who came here just bashed his system. It will be interesting to see what type of system he runs in Philly. I have heard several interviews with him before he signed with Philly and he said he learned a lot scouting and watching other teams (Maybe that offense is a good thing).

    Good luck to your Flyers and I hope he doesn’t shot their wheels off.

  11. 24boarding says:

    Sweet deal for the Stars. Still gives you about 3$ million under the 2002 budget to fill out the third line. No doubt, Arnott is gone because you don’t pay $4 mil for a third line center. Talk is Ottawa, Florida and Tampa Bay. Look for young, fast talent for Arnott. Even if you keep him, I am not sure he would be happy playing on the third line getting 14 minutes a game. So far, Armstrong is showing he can be a pretty good GM at the ripe old age of 37.

  12. Slats says:

    Ya its not like Hitch***** is one of the most respected coaches. Its not like hes won a cup before, or Presidents trophey, or division title even. Man Flyers hired a disgrace, he had great personalitys to work with. Guys like Belfour, Hull. Man


  13. titans says:

    What backwater, third world, hellhole are you from to speak such unintelligable english? France?

  14. Rushing says:

    I agree. The thing is, if Arnott does play the third line…..think about it. Arnott playing against the average third lineman? Wow! Just imagine what he could perhaps be scoring. This would be a First line caliber player against a third line? Geeeee, just imagine this night after night. The other teams wouldn’t be able to just shift their fist line over to be against Arnott ’cause this would free up Mo/Guerin or Turgeon/Young. What a mistake this would be.

  15. Rushing says:

    I think what hurt the Stars last year is when seeing night after night that your main support(Belfour) couldn’t hold up. When he had his worst year and flat out “stunk,” they were letting this get to them. His record clearly shows it. Knowing that you really didn’t have a strong or strong acting goalie…….perhaps they weren’t putting forth a strong effort.

    Hitch had them set up as a “defensive” team and this was carried over with their replacement coach as well. Now, with the new coach things will be totlaly different. Watch for a complete different layout this year.

  16. omnipotence says:

    Before I go merrily on my trip tomorrow morning to Cancun, The Yucatan, Guatemala, and Belize, I want to say how damn excited I am to be a Stars fan right now. Since I moved to Austin, I can no longer enjoy the season tickets I’ve had for the past three years, but there’s cable! I think it would be wise if Dallas kept Arnott for a while. He’s young, quick, and big and physical. That is Armstrong’s kind of guy. Speaking of Armstrong, what a remarkable job he has done this off-season. He signed the best free-agent, got a skilled defenseman, and a wing who has experience with a center already. Tippett has his work cut out for him, though. There is now a lot of talent, but where does all of it go? Mo should not be a left wing. He is one of the best centers in the game. Give him as much room as he wants. Arnott should center the second line. Let Young and Turgeon man the third. Get another left wing or right, and we are set.

  17. Habs4ever says:

    I think that Belfour levaing Dallas was a major setback for the team. Belfour was a winner and although his numbers declined last year, he could still have helped the Stars. Now the Stars have a young unproven goalie and a goalie who is nowhere near as good as Belfour and has no desire to win. I hope for the Stars’ sake that Turco can really show up otherwise theyll do worse than last year. And to all Belfour’s detractors, Belfour’s GAA is 2l65 which is superior to Tugnutt’s 2.85 and Tugnuutt’s Save% was only .900 and Belfour’s was .895. The future isn’t bright in Dallas, this is team is exactly like the Rangers.


  18. aaron says:

    The difference being Tugnutt was playing for Columbus…

  19. Forsberg21 says:

    I think I heard one time that he started of in the league as a RW in EDM, but then switched to the pivot spot. I think he fits better at centre, because of his size, he can match up better against smaller centres.

  20. Rushing says:

    Declined last year? They (GAA) declined every year in Dallas but one. They (SA%) declined every year in Dallas! Hello. Belfour got worse each year pretty much. Last year was pathetic with a record of 21-27-11(ranked #60 in losses!!!!!!).

    A young unproven goalie? I have put this up here several times now. Here we go again.

    Turco in his first year in Dallas as our back up had a record of 13-6-1 with a GAA of 1.90(ranked #1 in the NHL) and a SA% of .925 (ranked #2 in the NHL). In his second year or 2001-02 his record was 15-6-2 while his GAA was 2.09(ranked #6 in the NHL) while his SA% was .921(ranked #7 in NHL). This goalie is much better than you are giving him credit of being. He did play against good teams last year as well. Such teams as Detroit, Avs, San Jose, etc……he didn’t lose to them each time either….he did pretty good.

  21. rrudd says:

    look dude, i’m the biggest belfour fan on the planet. i hope the stars get to play against him for the Cup. but marty was clearly the better goalie last year, and probably the year before that.

    what kind of an idiot are you to post that turco “has no desire to win.”

    are you retarded?

    i want some sort of reasoned argument stating factually why it makes sense that turco doesn’t want to win games.

    grow a brain.

  22. big_booty says:

    What, you didn’t see this in your little crystal ball?

    I’m so dissapointed in you.

  23. Rushing says:

    Thank you. Until last year or perhaps about half way through the year before I was storngly behind Belfour. I have a few Programs I bought with his autographs and framed. But as you said, last year he was pretty much just pathetic. Turco’s stats have just been outstanding. Last year he should have been the starter from midseason on yet the coaches didn’t see it that way. Turco did well against top teams too. I hope it carries over and I think it will since he even has more support in front of him now.

    I was wondering the same as you on where Habs was getting his “Turco doesn’t want to win games” ordeal. Turco “WANTED” that starting position bad!!!

  24. habs_88_4life says:

    Thier is no way Fleury will sign with NYR for 3.5 million because Pheonix offered him 6 million a year.

  25. Pelle_Lindbergh says:

    IMO Mr. Young is nothing more than a minor league hockey all-star.

    Thank god the Rangers didn’t sign this clown !!!

    hs-let’s go rangers

  26. aaron says:

    He scored 40 goals two years ago playing w/ Turgeon. Not bad for a “minor league hockey all-star”.

  27. biggiec56 says:

    Typical NY fan. If you don’t get a free agent that you want or like you dog him. You guys seem to think that if he doesn’t play for the almighty City of New York that he doesn’t deserve to be in the league. Ex: Juan Gonzalez: You were all set for him to come to NY, all you did was praise him. Then he turned you down then you dogged him. Scott Young has scored at least 20 goals 7 times and he scored 40. He’s a player that earned respect so give it to him.

  28. Modano_Fan says:

    I think the Stars really should keep Arnott for awhile. If they don’t keep him,then they gave up Joe Newendyke for two players that they only used for a month. They should keep Arnott at least to see if they can make that trade be worth while.

    Plus,as someone else said,Arnott is a 1st like player that they would be using on their 3rd line. To me,if you have a 1st line player and have no where else to put him but the third line,then you’re offense is in good shape.Plus you have someone to move up to the 1st or 2nd lines incase of injury or just to shake things up,and a star player to throw out on the power play. Having someone like Arnott to use like that is deffinately a plus in my book.

  29. Rushing says:

    You beat me to it aaron. I don’t know what this guy was thinking but evidently Young and Turgeon click when they are together. I’ll be “dang” happy to take this so called “minor leaguer.” And at least 20 goals in several past seasons……..another thing this guy must have missed.

    His points:2001 =41, 2000= 73, 1999=39, 1998=52, 1997=33, 1996=37, 1995=60….1994 he only played 48 games yet had 39 points. If he did this in the NHL…..I would hate to see what he would do in the “MINORS!!!”

  30. Modano_Fan says:

    I think that the Belfour thing hurt the Stars alot,but it wasnt their biggest problem.

    Letting Brett Hull go was a mistake,which i think was obviously from the day they did it.Him and Modano worked well together,and they didnt get anyone who could truely replace him. Their free agent signings seemed weak from the start and were even weaker when they hit the ice.

    I never figured Dallas to be the first of the

    “Big 4” in the west to fall,but they deffinately did that last year.

  31. Modano_Fan says:

    Ok i have a question about the Stars pay roll.

    I know that they got the OK to spend 15 Million more this year than last year. So with the signings they made so far,they are either at that,or close to it.

    But,what about the money that they save by not signing Belfour,McKay and others? Doesnt that leave more cash free to sign Amonte if they wanted? I mean if they got someone like Amonte then they could have 3 strong lines and would seem almost unstoppable.

  32. biggiec56 says:

    i totally agree. You left out the fact that we got rid of niewendyke and lanngenbruners contracts. I think the stars put that “limit” so people think that they are done. I think that they will land amonte and have him at the press conference alongside guerin, boucher, and young. If we land amonte we’ll have a north american all- star team. I’m excited about the next 24-36 hours and 2 months from now.

  33. Modano_Fan says:

    Exactly,the Starts can spend 15 million more than last season. So thats 15 mil plus the money they saved by letting some people go. If they don’t get Amonte its not going to be because they can’t afford it.

    But if they do get him,they have to be considered a top contender this year. You add Amonte to the line up they have now and you have a LOADED first and second line plus Arnott to throw on the third and move a round if you need to.

    What do you think about the goal tending situation? I’m feeling good about it,Tugnutt is under rated.

  34. Pelle_Lindbergh says:

    When you look at the Rangers top 2 RW slots, you have the names Bure and Dvorak….why would the Rangers go out and sign Young to play RW on the #3 line.

    I’m not ripping the Stars team at all

    (Guerin-Boucher-and Tugnutt , those are some nice adds)…..this is strictly about Mr. Young.

  35. Modano_Fan says:

    I think that the Stars needed Young more than the Rangers. The Rangers are the type to get a big player for the hell of it and see if it works out if they can get him,but they didnt need Young. I think Dallas needed him in hopes of trying to get something out of Turgeon. Putting him and Young together is really they’re last chance at getting something out of him.

  36. Modano_Fan says:

    Modano has to center the first line. Dallas has to remember who has carried them and been loyal to them all this time. I’d put Modano and Jere on the first line,and put Guerin in Hull’s old spot as Modano’s RW and hope that works out.

    Turgeon and Young will go together on the 2nd line and hope they recapture what they had in St.Louis.

    And then you have Arnott floating around on the 3rd line and can be moved around. A player with the talent and skill or Arnott can’t be traded away without seeing how valuable he can be right now. A player like him that can play your 3rd line make Dallas a very deep team.

  37. Rushing says:

    I have to disagree with ya there. Belfour had his “worst” season ever. He had a losing record and was nowhere near the top rankings. He was ranked # 60 in losses.

    As for Hull, it wasn’t so much that Dallas dropped him. They offered to resign him another year yet his agent wanted a two year deal. Second, he scored “LESS” in Detroit than he did in Dallas and he played more games while it was 79 pts. in Dallas while only 63 in Detroit. While in the playoffs in Dallas, he constanly shot “low’ and the goalies figured him out. While he took about 40-45 shots, he had 2 goals. Modano took about half the shots yet had more goals. To be on a more “offensive’ team(Detroit) he should have had “more” points IHO.

    Losing Hull was not the reason of Dallas’ fall last year.

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