Younger team, new approach

As a Leaf fan I am excited to see what could happen in tonight’s game against Ottawa. Its great to see that the Leafs are committed to playing younger players and how Head Coach Paul Maurice will handle this new Leafs team. With Paul Maurice behind the bench, the team will work hard and be more accountable for their actions unlike last year’s team.
I hope the Leafs make the playoffs but I more relieved that Quinn is gone as Head Coach. Quinn was a huge reason why the Leafs underachieved. I am ready to go, bring on the 82 game schedule.

Go Leafs Go

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  1. wingedim says:

    Don’t kid yourself about the underachieving just yet. While I agree that it is nice that Maurice will hold each player more accountable for their actions, the season is only 2 games old for the team.

    O’Neill looked better last night, but, he was pretty much invisible in game 1. Belak took some very dumb penalties in Game 1. McCabe was horrible defensively in game 1. Granted, there did seem to be improvement last night, but, it’s a long road yet to the end of the year, and with the Sens getting thumped last night, you can bet they’ll want ‘blood’ in games 3 and 4 in a couple of weeks.

  2. the_word says:

    The Leafs offense looked great both games, Gerber stood on his head in the season opener. Wellwood looks to be a suitable winger for Sundin at least for the time being, hopefully he can keep it up, but he was the best Maple Leaf in both games.

  3. mojo19 says:

    wellwood was great both nights, no question. Raycroft looks solid too.

  4. wingedim says:

    Just a quick question, while looking over the TSN site, I noticed that Carlo is on LTI status due to the post concussion/migrane symptoms he’s been having. Anyone else hear about that?

    He’s not eligible to return until after Oct 28th according to TSN, but does this mean that we’ve got a little more cap space so long as he’s out. Similar to Mogilny in NJ?

  5. leaflova says:

    ya i have to agree i was very impressed with both of them

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