Your canidate for the Awards

Well with all teams at or above 41 games I think it is time for us to look at the year end trophies and predict who will win them.

Presidents Trophy- Top NHL team

I’m picking the Avs. Despite being 3 points away from the Wings, they have 3 games in hand
Prince of Wales Trophy- Best Eastern Conference Team

Toronto is first but I think that Ottawa will end up 1st yet again. They are doing very well and have a couple games in hand over the Leafs.

Clarence Campbell Trophy- Best Western Conference Team

I picked the Avs (refer to the Presidents)

Jack Adams Award- Best Coach

This is tough but I am leaning toward Darryl Sutter. I picked Calgary to be around 25th in the league in the Preseason.

Calder Trophy- Best Rookie

Well I like Joni Pitkanen, but Michael Ryder of Montreal to me has looked most impressive, with Trent Hunter a close second with Joni

King Clancy- Leadership and Humanitarian

Well I am not too sure on this one. As far as leadership is concerned I think Steve Yzerman but I don’t follow community contributions, so help me out on this one.

The Hart Trophy- NHL MVP

I always think that a goalie is by far the MVP on any team which would make me think Brodeur… but Ilya Kovalchuk is playing on a surprising Atlanta team, and should they make it I think he should get it.

Jennings Trophy- Goalie with fewest GA

I think that Brodeur will get it, even though he will play more games than the rest. 1.82 GAA, #1 in the league.

Lady Byng-Displays Gentlemanly Conduct

Steve Reinprecht has no PIMS in 20 games…not too shabby.

Norris Trophy- Top defenseman

I always which that they would give it to a defensive defenseman, but that won’t happen. Gonchar is #1 in points, but is a minus well lets say a lot. I like Souray, but Mathieu Schneider is doing superb.

Masterton Trophy- Perseverance, Sportsmanship, and Dedication

Once again, I am not too good at these, but Cujo has been through hell and back this year, and I am surprised that hasn’t done anything too bad PR wise.

Lester Patrick- Outstanding Service to hockey in US

I don’t have the slightest clue. How about Marc Andre Fleury…sorry

Lester B. Pearson Award- same thing as the Hart, except the NHLPA chooses

They usually go with a proven player, so not Ilya. Naslund looks like a good choice.

Rocket Richard Trophy- Most Goals

Hey Rick Nash is leading the pack. I don’t know how, but he is. With 25 I think he has just as good a chance as any.

Art Ross- Top Point Scorer

I think Sakic will do it once again. 48 so far, and strong play by the Avs makes me think he will win it

Selke- Top defensive forward-

Bobby Holik has looked most impressive this year, still not $9,000,000.00 impressive.

Vezina- I think Brodeur has it yet again, unless he stumbles and Boucher keeps getting 5 game shutout streaks. I like Aebischer too.

And Conne Smythe- Tell you when the Stanley Cup Finals come along.

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  1. kovalev says:

    buddy there all haters,

    they are jealous that they have probably never seen there team ever hoist a cup

  2. mattf says:

    so many stupid habs fans its starting to make me sick. souray (who is a garbage player having a fluke year) for norris? hm. blake/pronger/lidstrom, don’t bullshit yourself

    theodore for vezina? (because without neidermyer and stevens brodeur is shit?) dumbest thing i’ve ever heard.

  3. AfroCon says:

    What the hell are you talking about?

    They don’t have the guts? What is that supposed to mean?

    Lidstrom has won it the last 3 years because he was the best d-man in the league.

    Up to now this year, he’s been doing good but some other guys have been getting more exposure and playing better.

    Contenders that are over Lidstrom at mid-season point.

    Souray: on pace for 57pts and +7

    Pronger: on pace for 65pts and +6

    Rob Blake: on pace for 63pts +13

    Mathieu Schneider: on pace for 51pts +30


    Niklas Lidstrom: on pace for 41pts +16

    I personnally would go for Pronger or Souray.

    Pronger because he’s picking up the slack for two of the best d-man in the league who are gone for the season.

    Souray because of an amazing surprise and also the fact that he plays for an average team.

  4. AfroCon says:

    I think Theodore has a legitimate shot at the Vezina. He’s racking up good numbers this year just like the year he won it.

    Now, I am from Montreal and I like the team’s performances this year but am not stupid enough to say that without the Devils defensive corp, Brodeur would be shit. He’s been the most consistent goalie in the last 8 years and he deserves to be threated with much respect.

    About Souray, saying that he’s garbage and he’s having a fluke year is telling me that you might be a sour NJ fan who would like to have a d-man like that on his team. It might be a fluke, but at least wait until next season, if a next season there is before saying that.

    Theodore and Brodeur have an equal shot at the Vezina and Souray, Pronger, Blake and Schneider have an equal shot at the Norris.

    Lidstrom is very good but these other guys I just named are playing a little better than he is.

  5. AfroCon says:

    If we look at the last couple of seasons, Messier will probably start slowing down very soon.

    In the last 3 years or so, he had a very good first half and then disappeared…

  6. Zesty_Taquito says:

    Wow… It really looks as though this is an anti-Toronto Maple Leaf board.

    I’m not saying that they should win every (any?) award, but to not even be mentioned as winning an award in any email…? A little odd.

    * Exception being the Bryan McCabe mention, but that writer was subsequently lambasted.

    Anyway, given their record, and the fact they’ve been able to MAINTAIN their position among the elite of the league (ie: If they win against the Flyers tonight, they’re 1st overall again), I would be remiss if I didn’t include at least CONSIDERATION for them in some categories…

    Prince of Wales: Toronto. Outside shot, Ottawa

    Clarence Cambell: Coin Toss. Vanc/Det/Col

    Jack Adams: Pat Quinn

    Calder: Ryder… But Stajan deserves a look.

    Clancy: No idea… Messier… Stevie Y…

    Hart: Kovalchuk is a good vote. Again, bleeding Blue and White, I’d say Sundin has an outside shot.

    Jennings: Yeah… Brodeur is probably a lock.

    Lady Bing: Reinprect… Lidstrom… Kaberle

    Norris: Lidstrom

    Masterton: Stevie Y… A feel-good story would be Dany Heatly if he has a good second half.

    Rocket Richard: Naslund looks good… I wouldn’t rule out Hossa or Hejduk

    Art Ross: I’m sticking with Naslund

    Selke: I like Draper… But Adrian Aucoin is a good darkhorse.

    Vezina.. Again with the Blue & White, I’d have to say Belfour has a shot. It’s hard to compete with Brodeur though.

    Anyway… My attempt to show a bit of representation for one of the best teams in the league…

    Go Leafs.

  7. kovalev says:

    Put Broduer on any other team and he will not have the success he has in a boring style trap game like New Jersey and oh yeah Broduer is winless in four games, I think because Stevens is out.

    Theodore carries Montreal every game, no all star players in front of him, and Souray scoring almost every game is not a fluke you moron, it is called talent, so go back to your and pray that you will see your team win a cup in your lifetime, I seen my team twice

  8. LondonK says:

    Ummmm Aucoin can’t be the best defensive FORWARD.

    A word of advice though, don’t bleed overly blue and white on this board. It’s fine to say that you are a leaf fan (I am too and I bleed the colours with the best of them) but to put a bias on the leafs (pro) here is not going to benefit anything.

    But I shouldn’t criticize without making my own predictions:

    POW: New Jersey – I have yet to see a team that can dominate them and it will basically take that to beat them as long as Brodeur is healthy.

    CC: Detroit – They are the best in the West and the only way I see them losing is if something happens between Cujo and Hasek that puts them both in a mood.

    JA: Barry Trotz. Earlier I would have said Hartley but the Thrashers have fallen back to Earth hard. Nashville has a worse roster than Atlanta IMO, and they are doing a great job of hanging on. (Honourable mention to Sutter in Calgary)

    Calder: Ryder. He seems to get stronger the more he plays.

    Hart: I really think this will come down to where teams finish. If the leafs could hold onto the top spot then Sundin has a shot, but if they don’t he doesn’t. Sakic would probably get my vote right now as he has held together a team that has continually lost its star players and like it or not, Sacik and Sundin having an identical year, Sacik would most likely come out on top.

    Jennings: This category should be abolished until the trap is gone…Brodeur obviously.

    Lady Byng: Have to agree with Mogilny last year, this category is a joke, obviously it was part of Mogli’s humour but there really is no need for this category. Reinprecht has 0PIM but he has only played like 20+ games. I guess I’ll give it to him just because I don’t care enough about this award.

    Norris: Souray is too much of a flash in the pan IMO. It’s a safe bet if you go with Pronger because of his strong play on both ends of the ice. Schneider has great numbers and a great +/- but I still think that he is too soft defensively compared to Pronger. Pronger gets my vote.

    Masterton: Souray. He had a major injury and has come back solid.

    Rocket Richard: Kovalchuk

    Art Ross: Naslund

    Selke: Draper

    Vezina: Brodeur has numbers that are too ridiculous to overlook, they are inflated because of the trap, but that is how it has been for years. He is still the best goalie in the league.

  9. kovalev says:

    no he won’t

    and you know that

  10. kovalev says:

    You could put Schwab in net and the Devils will still win

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