Your say: who's the worst player in the league

Now I know what you are thinking, not another rant.. but this time, everyone would like to hear your opinion!!

The NHL is filled with lots of superstars, and they get recognized. But isn’t it time that the worst players get recognized too??

In my opinion, being a leaf fan, the worst player is without a doubt………………. Wade Belak

This guy has played six games, and is a -5. He is without a doubt the slowest leaf (which makes me wonder why Quinn brought him from the wing onto defense), and is the only guy on the team that doesn’t have a point… i know.. even Berg is doing much better…

Anyways.. tell us who you think is the worst and most importantly, explain why.

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  1. habs79 says:

    Maybe Tucker played soccer alot as a kid. Either way I was only joking around. I agree neither should be mentioned for worst player.

  2. Montrealsdogg says:

    based on what??? he’s a stable solid stay at home D and a pretty good +3

    you wanna see something useless?? how about those wallpaper and the million customer thing at every second click practically… that itself is slowly driving me off this site.

  3. archemedes says:

    because he’s a true goon, he can barely skate, and seems to want to just hurt people

  4. infoengine says:

    woah…all of you who think he is a marginal player much less a bad player really know absolutely nothing about him. You shouldn’t judge a players skills by their mouth. Yea he can’t be a jackass but the kid is really good. He messess around with the best of them and he has a really good sense for the ice. If you ever actually watch the guy play then you can make comments on his skills.

  5. habs79 says:

    Nah, the Bulin Wall is clearly the most overrated goalie.

  6. WestcoastbiasJason says:

    I agree….to a certain respect but he has improved his game over the last couple of years. He’s not the most amazing player but he knows his job and does it well ;}

  7. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    I say a salad, and a salad dressing to be named later.

  8. JScottLeRoi says:

    Definitely Boulton. Roll up all the negatives of everyone named so far into one. Cheap shots, no offensive talent, useless enforcer, waste of a spot….

    Who cares how long he’s suspended? The guy shouldn’t have a job in the first place.

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