Your teams best prospects 2003

Okay, its been awhile since weve been able to list our favourite prospects, so here you go!I’ll start with the Canucks….

1. Kirill Koltsov: fantastic 2-way defenseman, a talented stickhandler and puck mover who should slide perfectly into Crawfords physical, mobile defense unit.

NHL ready: 2-3 years

Rating: 4.5/5

Future: top 2 defenseman

Talent Comparison: Andrei Markov

2. Alex Auld: Outshined Cloutier (not that hard) in his short stint as back up, posting some incredible numbers.

NHL ready: 1-2 years

Future: starting goaltender

Talent Comparison: Sean Burke

3. Brandon Reid: Awesome skater and creative offensively, Reid but his talent on display and looked the Canucks best player in his few games with them, even nailing Brian Sutherby of the Caps with a beauty hipcheck.

NHL ready: 1-2 years

Future: top 6 scorer

Talent Comparison: Daniel Briere

4. RJ Umberger: The closest thing the Canucks have to a Bertuzzi replacement. A big college kid who can score, but with suspect defensive play and inconsistency.

NHL ready: 1-2 years

Future: 2nd line center, future captain

Talent Comparison: Brian Smolinski

5. Bryan Allen: Played well last year with a healthy +/- and a surprising offensive upside.

NHL ready: now

Future: Crease-clearing defenseman

Talent comparison: a young Murray Baron

6. Ryan Kesler: Our 03 1st rounder and Umbergers college linemate, my guess is that if he didn’t compliment Umberger we would have selected Tambellini instead. Either way a great 2-way player with absolutely no offensive upside.

NHL ready: 3-4 years

Future: Umbergers 2nd line caddy

Talent Comparison: Trevor Linden 2 (as in the disappointing but watchable sequel to the Iron Man)

Honourable Mentions:

Tomas Mojzis- a CHL 1st team all-star, great young offensive Dman

Rene Vydareny-another great young offensive defenseman who skates like the wind apparently

Pat “call up” Kavanagh

Jason King

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  1. Lint07 says:

    Mike Komisarek is the future captain of the HABS… Mark my words.

  2. calflyers says:

    it actually comes from Florida : )

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