Yzerman Done?

Tsn.ca is reporting that Red Wings Captain Steve Yzerman might not be back, if the pain from his knee injury does not subside.

This in my opinion would really take a toll on the Wings. Stevie Y proved to be the inspiration and one of the MAIN reasons for the Red Wings success.

How do you think the loss of Stevie will affect the Red Wings?

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  1. GloveSide says:

    Man this is a sad thing to hear….i have never met a person who dosn’t like stevie wonder….if he can’t return cause of his kneww at least mid season then the wings are in some deep water…..i hope yzerman can still play…he’s one of the best

  2. SecretAgentAiwa says:

    i think if wings does lose yzerman for the year, they will lose 5 wins because that’s how good a leader he was even with all those vets on the team! He is ranked 3rd in my hall of flame!

  3. ProngerBlues44 says:

    As you all know I am a Blues fan, and I absolutely hate it when Stevie Y pounds us to the wall. But he is a true inspiration to the Wings, and if he goes down the Wings will go with him. That man lead the team in the playoffs last year and if he is considering retirement, the Wings will be in trouble.

    And this isn’t a sham on tsn.ca because it is on NHL.com too.

    ~Jeff P.

    JFB DK57

  4. Habfan1234 says:

    He is a player that is shoe-in for the hall of fame and one of the most underappreciated players in the history of the NHL. The loss will most definatly affect the Wings. He was and still is the heart and soul of the franchise. When you talk about the Detroit Red Wings of the past 20 to 30 years the first name that pops in your mind is that of Steve Yzerman. The Wings may in fact lose 10-20 points with Yzerman injured. I just hope he has a speedy recovery so he could end his NHL career on his own terms.

  5. Kariya-09 says:

    This would be a very big loss for the wings. Yzerman was the heart and soul of this team for many years. He is truly in the top 10 players of all time.

  6. OutsideFriendlyWaters says:

    No doubt about it, the loss of someone like Yzerman would affect any team in the NHL, fortunately the Wings are deep enough of a team that they will still be competative without him.

    Even in spit of the fact that it would help the wings (ugh…) I hope Steve has a good recovery and returns to play again in the NHL


  7. chewy says:

    I don’t like the Wings but Steve is the man, and he is a total class act. I put him above Bourque and Lemieux as best Leaders in the game. Hope he does not go silently, atleast get the tour he deserves like Gretzky and Lemieux(the first time) got. Add To it he is one of only four players the break 150 points in a season, this guy is great. Good luck Steve

  8. Stevieforpresident says:

    He’s already said that he will be coming back this year and he will see what happens then, he also said thathe would like to play at least 2 more years

  9. Forsberg21 says:

    Huge loss if Stevie Y retires. He’s the heart and soul. But don’t worry Wings fans, Chelios is capable of lifting a team on to his backs and providing the needed leadership. Yzerman chose a realignment procedure rather than reconstruction of the knee this time. The doctor sawed one of the two long bones in Yzerman’s lower right leg, the tibia, nearly in half. The doctor then realigned the joint by wedging in donor bone. Considering this was the third knee surgery in the last 2 years for Yzerman, I think you can see why he might be pondering retiring.

  10. Freezer says:

    Let’s cross that bridge if we get to it. Yzerman has 5 or 6 months to heal. He’s coming off a long season that included 52 regular season games (48 points) 6 games in the Olympics in which Stevie finished tied for second with 6 points, and then played 23 playoff games (23 points). I count 81 games that Yzerman played last year and 77 points scored in total. That’s damn good production for a guy with a bum knee!!! Add to that his incredible leadership and you are looking at one of the greatest in NHL history.

    Knowing Yzerman, he’ll be back for the stretch drive and playoffs next year and will make a decision after that. While Yzerman is healing, it will be interesting to see how Henrik Zetterberg, Jason Williams, and Sean Avery perform in Stevie’s absence.

  11. ManillaKilla says:

    You start half your posts with, “I don’t like the Wings but…” You might be a closet wings fan. Come on over to the darkside. Chewy, I am your father (in best darth vader voice).

  12. UltimateB says:

    I think we should start an article of Wings cliches.

    “Old and slow.”

    “Steve is the heart and soul of the Wings.”

    “Datsyuk deked them out of their jockstraps” AKA “Datsyuk left their jockstraps hanging from the rafters.”

    “Lidstrom is an iron man.”

    “Chelios is a real warrior.”

    Geeze. I know they sound great, but let’s find something new to say. Can’t Steve be the body and soul, or the heart and mind or something? Maybe just one body part would be good, like the hand or something.

    Sorry about that.

    Hey, if Steve retires, I think that it will be a huge loss, and that the wings will win the Stanley Cup.

    Follow me.

    Federov plays best when he is number one, i.e. when Yzerman is injured. If Yzerman is gone, Federov explodes.

    Furthermore, a new young player steps up. Avery, Williams, etc. are pretty good to go. Wings lose experience, leadership, get youth, enthusiasm, energy. (Which do they have a lot of? Which could they use more of?)

    Biggest of all, the team might want to win a cup for Steve, akin to the “Win a cup for Vladdie” when they last repeated.

    If Yzerman goes down, the Wings center depth looks like this:

    Federov – 1st

    Larionov – 3rd

    Datsyuk – 2nd

    Draper – 4th

    Williams – Depth

    Avery – Depth

    The numbers don’t mean much, other than Sergei is number one. 2, 3 and 4 could be interchangable, depending on play level. Heck, Draper might be back at right wing for all we know.

    In summary, Steve’s loss would inspire the wings, infuse Federov with energy and open up space for the young. It would be a sad, sad day in Detroit (and my house) but I don’t think it would kill the Wings. What it might do is usher in the restructuring period a lot faster, like next summer instead of two or three years from now.

  13. CaptainSteve says:

    I think it is getting a little bit blown out of perportion. All he said was that he wouldnt play another season like the last (ie in constant pain). The surgery was a complete success, he has a TON of time to rehab, and they will take it slow. If he does come back with no pain, expect to see a jump in his step that really hasnt been there since 96.

    Great to hear all these nice comments, even from people who dont like the wings. I really want to see him get that fourth cup!


  14. Overtime says:

    I agree. Zetterberg and Williams can fill in for Steve during the regular season. We also get to see Wallin and Kuznetsov on defense now that Duchesne, Krupp, Olausson and Slegr are no longer with the Wings. Hey, it’s nice to see some new blood in the aging Red Wing lineup.

  15. Overtime says:

    I agree. However, what Yzerman does do is make all players on the team better. It’s hard to quantify what Yzerman means when he has that kind of effect. It goes beyond goals and assists.

    But you’re right about getting see the young stars get a chance. Eventually, the Wings will need to retool anyway. Let’s get a look at the kids. If they’re anything like Datsyuk and Fischer, the Wings will be in great shape.

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