Yzerman scores two for Team Russia

Monday night hockey from Moscow had NHL talent from Russia and around the world competing in a friendly all star atmosphere honoring Igor Larionov. Larionov retired from the NHL last season and this game would be his last before hanging up the skates for good.

Red Wings and Boston Bruins shined in this entertaining game won by the Russian hockey club 6-5. Sergei Samsonov had a great game along with Marty Lapointe, Darren McCarty, Luc Robitalle and Larionov himself.

The highlight of the evening came in the third period when world team captain Steve Yzerman was swapped for Larionov. Both skaters finished the game playing for the opposite team. Ironically it was Yzerman who powered the Russians to victory scoring two beautiful goals.

Other stars competing were Ilya Kovalchuk, Martin Broduer, Yevgeny Nabokov, Slava Fetisov, Nick Lidstrom and Sergei Federov. Scotty Bowman coached and Red Army star Vlad Krutov was also on board for the farewell celebration.

Hats off to Comcast 8 for broadcasting the hockey game. With the lockout still in doubt, and it looks like the owners will reject the new offer, it is nice to see some hockey on TV. Hopefully, with a european tour occuring, we will see some more hockey games.

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  1. Aetherial says:

    Heh, cool.

    One of only a handful of players who truly are hockey heroes. I imagine we won’t see that headline again for quite some time.

    Sadly, we may never see Yzerman play in the NHL again. Him, Mogilny, Sakic and Curtis Joseph are the only players I really want to see play again anyway.

  2. hockeyhead says:

    yzerman should be back. he looked great

    the season looks really bad and what makes me angry is players like forsberg and morozov tanking the season before talks started. it is like they said fine…screw the NHL….even tho the league has helped out in their future security. how bout given back to the fans?

  3. 19Yzerman says:


    I truely don’t care if the NHLPA folds or if replacement players are brought in to play. I just like a good debate.

    However seeing Yzerman being escorted off the ice last spring is not what I would ever have envisioned as how he would leave the NHL.

    I would like to see a last NHL home game at the JOE for Stevie Y or better yet a game of this nature as the beginning of a new farewell to our stars tradition .

    The Farewell to Larianov game was something they do for their players as a tradition in Russia.

    They had banners from ALL the teams Igor played on over his 27 year 4 decade career.

    The ice surface was very big and provided lots of room for the play makers to stick handle.

    The outlet passing was incredible.

    I don’t think ESPN would like the NHL game to look like this one did because 60 min of play only took 1hr and 45min to run out the clock and they would miss a lot of commercial breaks.

    It was a fun game to watch for me mostly because seeing all the Wings and former Wings that Igor played with over the years was to much. Igor developed a nick name around here in Detroit he was know as THE PROFESSOR. Not only did his glasses make him look one. His on ice performances were a display of an ability that were a lesson in its self.

    In its day the Russian 5 were a spectacle to watch and at times they looked like to Harlem globe trotters of hockey.

    I am going to miss watching Igor with his NO PANIC method of play which is the sign of a great player when they don’t treat the puck as a hot potato.

    Thank you Igor and the Russian 5 for the wonderful memories here in HOCKEYTOWN.

    AND thank you COMCAST for bringing this into my home. The fans are waiting for the return of hockey.

  4. Aetherial says:

    Yup, Larionov is a class act and forgot more about the game than most players will ever know.

    I would also like to see Stevie Y, play again. Sadly, this mess may mean him, and a few others won’t suit up for the NHL. He is one of the very VERY few class acts in the NHL.

  5. Habfan1234 says:

    When Larionov played here in Vancouver he epitomized what a professional hockey player should be. He was a class act on and of the ice and really endeared me to the game of hockey. Unfortunately, players like Yzerman and Larionov who are true professionals are sorely lacking in today’s NHL. The statesmen and impeccable ambassadors of the NHL of yore are being replaced by self-centered and egotistical individuals who disregard the future well-being of the game and the NHL. How shameful.

  6. hockeyhead says:

    well said,

    very interesting, a hab fan in vancouver….but then again i am an angel fan in red sox nation so i guess i can relate.

  7. 19Yzerman says:

    Both Igor and Yzerman have scored a 3rd period of OT post season goals. But these guys weren’t about that. What you are speaking of exsists in all sports. We have seen guys like Barry Sanders who upon scoring a TD would give the ball to the ref and head back to the bench being replaced by guys like Terrel Owens who does something different with every trip to the end zone.

    The NHL needs an ambassador.

  8. Habfan1234 says:

    I remember back in in 99-00 when, I think, Steve Yzerman scored his 600th goal against the St Louis Blues he did not make a big deal about it when he was on the ice. He even appeared to be disgusted at the goal he scored, which was from the goal line, and did not celebrate much because Detroit was winning 6-1. As I stated before he is the consumate professional and is not, in anyway, a pompous and arrogant jerk.

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