Zhamnov closer to Vancouver??

According to ”The Team 1040” the Vancouver Canucks and the San Jose Sharks would be the front-runners in the Alexei Zhamnov derby. Vancouver would have offered couple of players for the Chicago Blackhawks center…(Sportsnet.ca)

Apparently, the Nucks would’ve offered this pakage to the Hawks for Zhamnov:

Jason King-RW

Fedor Fedorov-C

Alex Auld-G

The Hawks however would like to reunite their young prospect Tuomo Ruutu with his brother Jarkko presently playing in Vancouver but apparently the Canucks wouldn’t be willing to part with their agitating winger for the moment.

Alexei Zhamnov recently came back from an injury and in 16 games so far, he scored 4 goals and had 6 assists for 10 points.

My take on this: Zhamnov would look very good in a Nucks jersey and this could be a good deal for both teams considering the Hawks are going nowhere fast and that Zhamnov becomes a UFA next year.

Fedorov has no future in Vancouver: ”We already have 1 Fedorov too many” were the exact words of Brian Burke when asked if he was interested in Sergei. Jason King has been a great surprise to start the season but has cooled off since and I wouldn’t expect great numbers from him has he’s more a worker than a talented goal scorer. More often than not, he scores garbage goals by working around the other team goalie.

As for Auld he’s the one that could really develop into a great goalie eventually and is the best prospect of the three player mentionned. But you know how it is, you gotta give something to receive something back.

Good for Vancouver cause they’ll never win the cup with only one dangerous scoring line so they absolutely need a guy like Zhamnov.

Good for the Hawks cause King and Fedorov could develop into decent players and Auld could very well be the answer for their goalie problems. He has great size and will have all the time needed to develop behind Jocelyn Thibault.



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  1. JustCallMeGod says:

    Don’t believe the hype my friend. You know as well as everyone else in the hockey-world does……..Alexei Zhamnov is gonna be wearing the red and white for the remainder of the 2003-2004 season. He may very well win his first cup. I can’t tell you who will go in exchange but Ken Holland still has several highly regarded european prospects who could be very good trade bait to a young rebuilding Chicago team. “LET’S – GO – RED- WINGS.”

  2. bignorth says:

    ummmm…..i heard zhamnov to detroit; way more than vancouver and san jose.

  3. CanuckXpert says:

    This is the most bogus trade rumor I have ever seen posted on this site. I can give you a few reasons why this would NEVER happen.

    1. Brian Burke does not make huge deadline deals to “run” for the cup. He has seen many teams make stupid decisions like this which sacrifice the future. If he were looking to accquire Zhamnov, he might include Fedorov, Umberger, and one of his 3rd or 4th liners, but NEVER Auld or King.

    2. Alex Auld is the Canuck’s future starting goaltender (as soon as next year). He is in the minors so that he can get as many starts as possible, and don’t be surprised if he never plays in the NHL as a backup. I predict an Auld-Hedberg tandem next year. Once again, Brian Burke would NEVER trade someone with this much promise for a centre who will leave at the end of the year. NEVER. I can promise you that this deal was never on the table. This isn’t the Leafs we’re talking about here.

    3. Jason King was the leading rookie scorer for the first couple months of the season. He doesn’t show as much promise as Auld, but he has shown great chemistry with the Sedins at times this year. You think Burke would trade a rookie who has shown a great scoring touch for an old player who will leave within months? This goes directly against everything he does as a GM. King has looked like a young Luc Robataille at times this year.

    4. This isn’t to dispute the rumor in general, but the way you presented it. This trade for Zhamnov would be DEVESTATING for the Canucks organization. For you to claim that it would be “good for both teams” shows that you have basically no knowledge of the Canucks prospects involved, and are biased towards the Hawks.

    Zhamnov could be a Canuck by the end of the season, maybe. But Burke is not stupid enough to attempt to “out-bid” the Wings by trading away our future. He is aware that to build a successful team in Vancouver, you have to look for other ways to outmatch the big budget teams. I seriously doubt Burke would trade Auld for anything less than an elite starting goalie. He’s not going anywhere.

  4. wingerxx says:

    It is very hard to believe that Burke offered that for Zhamnov, considering that he really hasn’t been in the playoff rental business over the last few years. If I were the Chicago GM, I’d jump all over that deal in a heartbeat, although I might want someone or a pick substituted for Fedorov.

  5. kidhenry1 says:

    I personally believe that the Canucks will end up with Alexei Zhamnov. But they will not make this trade.

    Dan Cloutier is not the future of this franchise. If he is, then they might as well throw Naslund and Bertuzzi into the deal as well, because he just isn’t a long term solution.

    Also, you call King a “more of a worker than a talented goal scorer.” I can’t stress this enough, so listen up Glen Sather: You need workers to win games! Nobody works on the ranger$, everybody’s a talented scorer, they never win. Also, here are some some worker bees who have developed into talented scorers:

    Jason Blake

    Robert Lang

    Scott Gomez

    The list goes on and on…

  6. Lint07 says:

    You’re right, living in Quebec city I unfortunately can’t watch many Canucks games.

    With that being said, you know as much as i do that if needed, Brian Burke will not hesitate to sacrifice Fedorov AND King as trade baits.

    Like I said, Fedorov has no future with the Nucks and King is nothing more than a good, hard-worker, 3rd line player (which is alright, don’t get me wrong but not essential to your team).

    What bugs me in the rumor is Alex Auld. Like I pointed it out, he has great size and will eventually become a very good goaltender in this league BUT I’ve seen weirder deals than this.

    I am not biased over the Hawks (duh! who would?) and Vancouver aren’t the only bidder in the Zhamnov derby, but to say that I have no knowledge about the players involved is way far-fetched as I said the same thing than you on them… The only thing different is our opinion on Jason King but I’d ask you: Where has Jason King been for the last 2 months?

    If anything I wish for the Canucks to make it to the Stanley Cup finals.

    Oh and by the way, the rumor has been reported by ”The Team” which is, if I’m not mistaken, based in Vancouver.

  7. Lint07 says:

    you are absolutely right about the ”worker” thing. But the fact that the guy isn’t the most talented of the bunch makes him expendable.

    you can find ”workers” available by the dozen all around the league if you need one… that’s what I meant.

  8. movingfire says:

    In support of this article, I did read where Brian Burke said he would not dismiss adding a player at the deadline to increase his cup chances (cannot find article now unfortunately). I could see this trade, but I would think Chicago would have to throw in a 2nd to 4th rounder to even it up a bit.

  9. OldNord says:

    I think is too much for a rental player. King is a promising young guy, Fedorov doesn’t seem to have a hard work ethic, but could become a good player in the NHL with the time (maturity); still “tradeable”, Auld is a goalie among many others.

    Chicago would have the best of the deal hand down, Zhamnow will not sign with them.

  10. CanuckXpert says:

    OK sorry for insulting you, just that your “good for both teams” comment seemed biased, and it sounded like you gave this rumor too much respect.

    I’ll tell you what: if the Blackhawks offered Zhamnov for King, straight up (which would be stupid for the Hawks obviously) I still say Brian Burke refuses this trade. King is a hard-working rookie, and has proven this season that he has a terrific scoring touch (seeing his goals is proof, he’s got great hands in close). He’s more than just a “role player”, which is why they send him down to the minors when he isn’t scoring (like, right now). He’s not a “grinder” to play on the 3rd line, he doesn’t play well in that role whatsoever. He’s more skilled than you give him credit for, and his attitude and work ethic is everything Burke looks for in a player.

    All my King hyping notwithstanding, Zhamnov for King would not happen because Burke would never trade away a promising rookie for someone he can only use for a few months (especially Zhamnov who hasn’t been able to elevate his game for the post season). If it weren’t for Burke’s distatse for Fedorov (who has been benched by the Manitoba Moose despite being their leading scorer, because of his terrible attitude) and RJ Umberger (who has been holding out for a better minor-league contract), I wouldn’t bet on Burke doing ANYTHING this deadline.

    Obviously, there is a lot of public pressure in Vancouver for Burke to make a move soon. However, there was just as much pressure last year, and all Burke did was trade a late-round pick for Brad May. I believe the only reason Burke has kept Umberger and Fedorov within the organization is to trade them at the deadline, but I do not think he will trade King and there’s no way he’s going to trade Auld.

    By the way, I also believe there’s a much bigger chance that Ruutu would be traded than King, although both are pretty unlikely. Chubarov is more likely.

  11. TRaPT1307 says:

    Good…That keeps that washed up has-been out of motown. Go after Lang.

  12. TRaPT1307 says:

    Found this on Spectors…

    DETROIT FREE PRESS: Nicholas J. Cotsonika reports Chicago Blackhawks centre Alexei Zhamnov expects to be dealt to the Red Wings, although it seems no deal is imminent. GM Ken Holland refused to comment, and Cotsonika suggests Zhamnov may not be the Wings only choice if the club opts to swing a deadline deal.

    Spector’s Note: My thanks to “Gats” for the Free Press story. Right now the Wings are in no hurry to swing a deal. And with Derian Hatcher, Steve Thomas and Darren McCarty due back soon from injury, they may not need to make any major deals by the deadline.

  13. wheresthesoda says:

    are you serious about no1 working on the rangers??

    rookie jed ortmeyer shows heart every second of every shift, lindros has worked as hard as anybody in the league, jussi markannen there backup has worked real hard this year also.

    and you think jason blake is a “talented” goal scorer? please,he has 14 goals this year, he has shown tons of improvememnt, but he’ll never become a 30 goal scorer in his career.

    and scott gomez? ha, thats even funnier. gomez has only 5 goals this year, he does have 22 assists but 27 points is not alot.

    what you said was completly wrong.

  14. wheresthesoda says:

    your right about lang

  15. wingsfan13 says:

    dude ur a horrible writer and the only reason u get published is cuz ur an admin besides ur info on well the nucks or sharks is bs because neither of them have pick up big name players like zhamnov

    arvedson was the only FA pick up for Can. and SJ combined in the last few years

  16. kidhenry1 says:

    Wait–so the ranger$ work harder than Jason Blake? If you really believe that Jed Ortmeyer’s hard work is gonna guide the blueshirts to the playoffs then you’re as hopeless as Sather himelf.

    And Blake has 14 goals. The ranger$ leader (not counting Jagr, because he got them all with Washington) is Messier with–guess how many: 14!!! So if Blake isn’t a talented goal scorer, and somebody like Kovalev is, then why does Blake have 2 more goals then him?

    And as for Gomez, he would be 5th place on the ranger$ for points, with more than their lone all-star Mark Messier.

    Anything else I said was wrong?

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