Zherdev Awarded $3.9M

According to Steve Zipay from Newsday, Rangers forward has been awarded $3.9M by the arbitrator. This increases the possibility that Zherdev may remain with the Rangers as he sought a $4.5M per season contract.

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  1. trueblue says:

    This was anticipated… dont expect the Rangers to let him walk and get nothing back in return… expect them to match and retain him and then either deal someone like Kotalik who was either Zherdev's insurance policy or replacement to either be dealt or Zherdev himself…

    I think they should look to deal the young Mr. Zherdev and part ways with him now while they could get the most for him….next year he will be a UFA cause he went to arbitration this year and the chances of the Rangers signing him at that point are slim and none…

    Look for a major blockbuster trade involving another player as well where the Rangers upgrade since they have sufficient depth due there strategy of building from within…. but if this is not possible due to the right deal not unsurfacing, then look for them to obtain a 1st round draft selection and a another high-end prospect.

    We realy could use a stud center in place of Drury or a stud blueliner in place of Rozsival… another viable option is to use this situation to get rid of Redden and his long and lofty contract as Rozsival and Drury will be easier to move next year as they are both there salaries are front loaded…
    But Reddens salary is just horrendous…lets see what happens…

    Im happy with any four of those outcomes…anything else i cant imagine being a good move…

  2. trueblue says:

    One other thing….

    Mr. Sather please do not trade for Dany Heatley…please…it will be a big mistake and dont give up any young high end talent

  3. trueblue says:

    Mr. Sather i realize that it is easy to just make a deal for Heatley and you could rape Murray by not giving him a first now and only offering Zherdev and Rozsival but i realy hope that you explore other possible deals first…

  4. pezzz123 says:

    To TO : Redden, Zherdev, Del Zotto, Gratchev, 1rst rounder, 2nd rounder

    To NYR : Kaberle, Ponikarovsky

  5. pezzz123 says:

    add Ian White going to NYR.

  6. quick_stick says:

    Hmmm…that seems to be overpaying for a guy Sather isn't too keen on, and a horrible contract (Reddin).   Sather would have to at least throw in a dinner and some drinks before he screws Burke.

  7. trueblue says:

    There is no way the rangers would trade Grachev or Del Zotto or the picks…
    they could find another way out of the Redden deal without giving up all that…besides i think they want a 1st line foward more…

    Im thinking forget Toronto and San Jose…
    Drury and Zherdev and Potter and for Marleau and Blake

  8. honestabe says:

    Ha ha ha.  You kill me. 
    So let me get this straight.  You think trading:
    – Redden (32 year old top pairing defenceman but likely on the downside of his career, 26 pts last year)
    – Zherdev ( 24 year old forward, good for 25 goals, highly skilled when he wants to play)
    – 2 high end prospects
    – 1st and 2nd round picks

    – Kaberle (31 year old top pairing defenceman but likely on the downside of his career, 31 pts last year)
    – Ponikarovsky ( 29 year old forward, good for 20+ goals,+ rating on a bad team)

    that must be something really good you're smoking….

  9. mojo19 says:

    I think if you put it to a vote, most people would agree Redden's contract is one of the worst, if not the worst in the NHL.

    He would clear waivers, if you gave up Del Zotto to a team they might take on Redden if they could afford it.

    Zherdev is a headache and earns twice the money Poni earns. Zherdev was difficult in Colombus and is now being difficult in New York. Poni is the Leafs top +/- player every year for the last 5 or 6 seasons (or at least top 3 on the team, usually #1) and is coming off a 61 pt season (more points than Zherdev).

    Tomas Kaberle is worth at least a 1st rounder and a high end prospect.

    Therefore, this trade is a loss for the Leafs, but fairly even. Wouldn't do it though.

  10. paulieplatypus says:

    Why would the Rangers want one single player currently on the Leafs roster, except maybe Schenn???  No slight to Toronto, its just that New York has much better players at each and every position.  I don't believe Slats will trade Del Zotto, Gratchev, ETC, ETC, ETC, nor a 1st or 2nd for pretty much anyone, especially not for two stiffs like Kaberle & Ponikarovsky!  I can assure you that if Redden does not play up to par next year (in Torts eyes) he'll most likely finish the rest of his career in the minors, with his contract having no effect on the $$$ cap from there on out.

  11. paulieplatypus says:

    Actually it's slightly possible that I might feel a little differently come next years trade deadline.  I seriously doubt the Rangers will need to pick up a D-men or a forward like they had too last year, but if the young talent is struggling by seasons end???  Maybe Slats will toss a 2nd rounder to Toronto for Ponikarovski or Kaberle like they did for that other big soft player Antropov they got from the Leafs last year?  But more likely (if he has too???) Sather would go for a player with much more toughness than these two (with his 2nd pick) right before the start of the playoff grind.

  12. trueblue says:

    BINGO…. you hit the nail on the head…. both of of Toronto's player are older and dont have the JAM that the Rangers would be looking for…

    Honestbabe i laughed with you as well…

    Rangers dont have to give up any of that to get out of Redden deal…
    Either one will present itself or they will be forced to send him down either next year or the year after that depending on the youth's ability to play consistantly at the NHL level…

    I can see Redden having a very good year this year coming in to camp in excellent shape…

  13. mojo19 says:

    Paulieplatypus, clearly you have a little understanding of the cap, but not much.

    You're right, you can send a player to the minors and take his salary off the cap. But only for 1 year. So to say that Redden could go down for the rest of his career is wrong because he still has multiple years left on his contract. The Rangers would only receive cap relief for the first year they send him down, at which point they can either try to move, bring him back up, or keep him down but have to deal with his cap number regardless.

    And for the record, Antropov was your top scorer last year, and Ponikarovsky had 61 points, more than any Rangers player.

  14. quick_stick says:

    A 2nd rounder for Kaberle?  You're dreaming, big guy.   I wouldn't trade Kabs for Zherdev straight up.  NY would have to sweeten the pot significantly for us to take a career underachiever who's going to make close to 4mil this year.   

    And Ponikarovski had more points than Zherdev did last year, and has way lower of a cap hit.   He's improved every year as a Leaf, uses his size well to protect the puck and is solid defensively.   

    Hey mabye the Rangers could throw in their 2nd and 4th pick to get Joe Thorton.

  15. honestabe says:

    I can easily think of several contracts that are worse than Redden's:
    Richards, Gaborik, Gomez, Vanek, Drury, Stastny, Briere, etc.  (That's odd, Sather signed 4 of them.  Hmmmm)

  16. trueblue says:

    OK… once again lets go thru this with you…

    1st Zherdev is much younger than Ponikarovsky and had only 2 or 3 points less than him… Zherdev's potential to hit 75-90 points a year is realistic…. Ponikarovsky is in the twilight of his peak…

    As for Redden… they expect him to play this year and to play well…
    Next year due to many high quality prospects coming of age, Redden may find himself in the AHL if he cant be traded… If it comes to that, he may be so humiliated that he either resigns… Lets say he doesnt… then he will only have 3 years left at which point the Rangers would probably buy him out… So worse case scenario we eat about 12 million spread over 4 years which is roughly 3 million a year and much easier to live with… Slats doesnt do this again and were back in business without giving up a single prospect or high-end player or pick to a retard deal like you suggested…

    So go smoke some more crack… your team will be tough this year without any scoring unless you do something soon… Kaberle and Ponikarovsky… give me a break!

  17. trueblue says:

    Thats right…. You would never trade Kaberle for Zherdev straight up cause we would laugh at you if you requested that…

    Man these Leaf fans are too much…out of there freakin minds!

  18. mojo19 says:

    There's a chance that New York will let Zherdev go to free agency for nothing, but they would laugh at trading him for Kaberle….. ya that makes sense.

    It's funny that you say that our team will have trouble scoring when last year Blake and Poni both had more points than any Rangers, and your top scorer scored most of his points for us.

    All I can say is you better hope Gaborik is healthy.

  19. quick_stick says:

    don't confuse them with facts, dude…it drastically messes with their fabricated reality. 

  20. quick_stick says:

    Firstly, Kabs on the Rangers would be their best dman by far.
    2nd, I don't think Ponikarovsky is great.  He's at best a bit better than average.  He's used as a comparison to give you Rangers fans some perspective on your own group of mid level forwards.   Don't worry though, yours is a pretty common attitude for fans who don't really follow any other team but their own and lack some fundamental hockey knowledge.

    Zherdev is an under acheiving forward who wants to be paid like an elite guy.   A team might reasonably take a chance on him, hoping that he lives up to his potential…however, he could merely be another Satan, Afinogenov or whatever other skilled underachieving forward who failed to live up to his potential.  

    You are over valuing your asset big time. 

  21. trueblue says:

    you just dont get the big picture…

    poni is at his peak…after next season he will start winding down….
    Zherdev hasnt even gotten close to his peak yet

    Its like apples and oranges

    btw poni needs a better agent…

    anyway the rangers are not going to deal with toronto so this is pointless
    the rangers are looking to aquire a big time player involving a trade with Zherdev

    But maybe Toronto should look to make that big time deal for a big player if poni could land them the deal…lol

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