Zherdev Close to Signing?

According to the Columbus Dispatch, negotiations between Zherdev and the Jackets have resumed, and a new deal could be signed within the next 24-48 hours assuming no ‘hiccups’ arise. It’s expected to be close to the 3 year contract the Jackets last offered.

…”We’ve got real progress, which is good,” MacLean said. “We have not agreed to terms. I wouldn’t say we’re close, necessarily, in a lot of respects.

“But I would say the foundation is in place where we could get something done if we keep having productive talks.” …

While I don’t like the fact that Zherdev has been holding out, I’m glad to see this situation could be resolved soon. With all the injuries that the Jackets have sustained the past few games, adding Zherdev back in the line up will be a definate plus.

There are a couple of hurdles that need to be crossed after an agreement is made as well.

First of which is obtaining the visa. MacLean indicated all the paperwork is ready for submission on their end assuming a deal can be reached, and he’s assuming Zherdev’s camp has done the same. Even if they file, it could be a few weeks before the visa is approved and Zherdev will likely miss some games.

The second one could be a sticky one. IF Zherdev plays a game in Russia on or after October 6th, he will have to clear waivers to be brought back into the NHL. I’m sure there would be teams willing to pounce on him (assuming cap room and a reasonable contract) if that were the case.

Hopefully this drama ends soon so that the team can move forward and take this out of the back of their minds.

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  1. tancred says:

    The official team site, nhl.com, and espn.com all have Zherdev as signed to a three year deal, terms undisclosed.

  2. gg_idiot says:

    TSN says its official. 3 years at more than 7 million dollars. Zherdev said he was happy to remain a Blue Jacket, yeah..I bet…

  3. kamullia says:

    3 years for $7.5M total. $1.74M this year, $2.5M next, and 3.25 in the third year. It sure looks like MacLean gave in to Zherdev, in the end. It makes no sense holding him off all this time, then signing him to this contract, and especially after having acquired Carter.

    The team is much better, but MacLean does not make much sense to me after caving in like he did.

  4. tancred says:


    A quick look at their site shows three wins and three losses so far in the pre-season.  Maybe things weren't looking as well as he had hoped in those games, and MacLean panicked?  The site also said that in addition to Federov being out, Svitov is, as well.  Could have factored in to MacLean's thinking.

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