Zherdev says Nyet?

Zherdev has reportedly turned down another contract offer from the Jackets, and now the Trade talks will begin…

Posted in the Toronto Star.

Doug Maclean offered Zherdev a 3 year 6.9 million dollar contract, citing Joffry Lupul’s recent signing as an example.

Zherdev’s agent, Hedges, continued on their course yet again stating that Lupul was not a good comparison. Despite the fact that Zherdev scored 27 goals and 54 points, second on the Blue Jackets, in his second year, compared to Lupul’s 28 goals and 53 pts with Anaheim last year.


Maclean stated “I’m looking at other options right now,” MacLean, hinting at a possible signing or trade. “He’s had a fair offer from us.”

Let the rumours fly as Maclean has until October 5 to sign or trade Zherdev before his contract in Russia locks him in for the year.

Yet again, the rumours shall circulate around Leafdom and you could bet, after the publicly stated rumour was rejected in past weeks, that they’ll be one of the first teams to correspond over Zherdev. However, I don’t think they’ll be the only ones.

Every team will have to tread lightly, as Zherdev is proving yet again (as I have often stated) to be a problem to sign, especially long-term. Mind you almost all problematic signings this summer have been disproved once hardball was played.

Luongo was a problem till traded.

Havlat was a problem till he signed.

And Gagne was a problem till he was told, you want more money than give us (the flyers) more term. Or Sit.

I think Zherdev will most likely be traded before training camp ends, so that he may gel with whatever team he lands. He will sign long-term promptly for 3.5 plus with whatever team he lands on.

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  1. pensfan29 says:

    no way the pens would give up Staal already, but i could see them trading malone, 1st rounder, and someone like goligoski

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