Zherdev says Nyet?

Zherdev has reportedly turned down another contract offer from the Jackets, and now the Trade talks will begin…

Posted in the Toronto Star.

Doug Maclean offered Zherdev a 3 year 6.9 million dollar contract, citing Joffry Lupul’s recent signing as an example.

Zherdev’s agent, Hedges, continued on their course yet again stating that Lupul was not a good comparison. Despite the fact that Zherdev scored 27 goals and 54 points, second on the Blue Jackets, in his second year, compared to Lupul’s 28 goals and 53 pts with Anaheim last year.


Maclean stated “I’m looking at other options right now,” MacLean, hinting at a possible signing or trade. “He’s had a fair offer from us.”

Let the rumours fly as Maclean has until October 5 to sign or trade Zherdev before his contract in Russia locks him in for the year.

Yet again, the rumours shall circulate around Leafdom and you could bet, after the publicly stated rumour was rejected in past weeks, that they’ll be one of the first teams to correspond over Zherdev. However, I don’t think they’ll be the only ones.

Every team will have to tread lightly, as Zherdev is proving yet again (as I have often stated) to be a problem to sign, especially long-term. Mind you almost all problematic signings this summer have been disproved once hardball was played.

Luongo was a problem till traded.

Havlat was a problem till he signed.

And Gagne was a problem till he was told, you want more money than give us (the flyers) more term. Or Sit.

I think Zherdev will most likely be traded before training camp ends, so that he may gel with whatever team he lands. He will sign long-term promptly for 3.5 plus with whatever team he lands on.

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  1. monley89 says:

    What’s a Nyet?

  2. Marky2Fresh says:

    I hope the Leafs don’t trade for him, I think he’s over-rated and has a big head from all these people telling him how great he’s going to be.

    If I was JFJ the most I would be willing to give up is:

    Antropov or Poni + Tellqvist and a 1st round pick.

    I know another team will offer more, but I wouldn’t give up too much for a trouble maker.

  3. Frenk_the_Tank says:

    Is russian for “No”, pronounced like “Knee-Yet”

  4. markjohnston says:

    bleh, let him play in russia.

  5. wingerxxx says:

    There are teams out there with a lot more to offer than the Leafs do. But the rumors are going to fly anyway. The Jackets would be unwilling to swallow any of the Leafs big contracts in return, and Toronto doesn’t exactly have a lot of cap room to re-sign Zherdev, even IF they managed to deal for him. No go, as far as the Leafs are concerned.

    With Carter signed, Zherdev is gone. It’s just a matter of whether it’s Russia or with another team in the NHL. Maclean is going to get a lot of offers for him, if he’s on the block.

  6. neilios says:

    Rumor going around Van today and the sportsshows like the Fan590 and shows like that.That the Canucks are contacting the Blue Jackets about making a blockbuster.

    To Columbus-Naslund,and some picks

    To Canucks-Zherdav,Klesla,and Fritche

    Thats just whats going around.

  7. goleafsgo16 says:

    I hope JFJ will trade for him, we really need a right winger for him, right now our first line would be something like, Steen – Sundin – Right Winger, I think Steen will do really good, and be the perfect LW for Sundin, but he needs two wingers, not just one. And with two young, skilled players on both his wings, the line would excel, and improve our scoring by a big amount. And Zherdev would be the perfect fit.

    Possible trades:

    Stajan,White,1st rounder

    Somebody like Antropov would have to be traded somewhere else, for a late pick, to free up cap space.


    Antropov,Stajan,Harrison,1st or 2nd rounder

    I don’t think columbus would like this trade quite as much, but it did say they would have to trade lightly for him, and I think we should ask them, first with the 2nd rounder, and if they reject ask with the first rounder.

  8. markjohnston says:

    it’s possible for the leafs to make a deal, but it would HAVE to involve columbus taking some garbage (ie: antropov!) contracts so the leafs can afford zherdev.

    so..the jackets would probably want an actually good young player (steen, stajan, cococococlolccolocvo, wellwood) and picks.

    ie: the leafs would have to trade too much.

    some team with cap space will pick him up for a young player with promise and a pick.

  9. CaptainInsano says:


    “Monday, September 11, 2006

    Islanders Interested in Zherdev

    Reports out of New York indicate that Islanders rookie GM Garth Snow has inquired about the services of Nikolai Zherdev, the Russian phenom who is a restricted free agent with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

    Snow is eager to leave his mark on the franchise, and is looking for a talented winger to jumpstart his star player, Alexei Yashin.

    Although, Blue Jackets GM Doug MacLean is hesitant to trade such a highly-touted young player, he would rather make a trade than watch Zherdev play in Russia this season with Khimik Voskresenk. He would also prefer to move Zherdev to an Eastern conference club, where he would not need to worry about him haunting his old club.

    The Islanders have a restricted free agent of their own that they have been unable to sign, Finnish youngster Sean Bergenheim. Bergenheim has signed with Lokomotiv Yaroslavl of the Russian League for the coming season. Reports are that any deal involving Zherdev would need to include Bergenheim. It is believed that both players have escape clauses in their Russian contracts if they sign with an NHL club before Oct. 6.

    Columbus has also shown interest in Islander forwards Robert Nilsson and Trent Hunter, along with defensemen Bruno Gervais and Chris Campoli. It is speculated that it would take at least Bergenheim plus one other player or prospect to acquire Zherdev.

    However, Snow is committed to first signing his number one goalie, Rick DiPietro, which may stall any trade talks.”

  10. jonnygf40 says:

    It’s Fritsche

  11. gg_idiot says:

    Fan590 is reporting that a deal will be finalized tommorow between Philadelphia and Columbus that would see R.J. Umberger and Derian Hatcher go to Columbus in exchange for Zherdev and a 3rd round pick.

  12. BlackSheepBoy says:

    That’s a terrible rumor. I would hope McLean would have more sense than to trade away most of Columbus’ future for an aging Naslund.

    Not going to happen.

  13. markjohnston says:

    too bad it’s snow and not wang.

  14. TheStryker says:

    Every one hold your horses. People are throwing around draft picks and big names like candy here. This guy hasen’t done anything to garner that much. Close to 30 goals and 60 points, those are good stats but nothing to throw 1st round picks and top line players at. G.M.’s aren’t stupid, they know that Mclean has to move this guy, or he will just go back to Russia and they won’t get squat for him. Maybe a young team like The Pens and the Caps could throw a 2nd rounder and a prospect to get this guy, but I wouldn’t break my back to get him.

  15. TheStryker says:

    Never… Zerdev is not a Hitch***** type guy. Umberger won’t be leaving Philly. Why would Columbus want Hatcher they already have Foote who is used as a pilon on their team

  16. ranger_fan says:

    You don’t want him, but you want to give up a shitty player, a decent 3rd string goalie and what will be a top 5 pick and a shot at Esposito?

    I know you want everyone to take your crap, but also throwing in a great pick might be too much even for the Leafs

  17. CrosbyMalkin66 says:

    The Penguins are the perfect team for him to get traded too… my reasonings

    1. They have the prospects in the organization that Columbus would feel confident trading Zherdev for. For Instance… Jordan Stall, Christopher Letang, Noah Welch, Colby Armstrong, Ryan Whitney. Not saying all of them but a combination of a few to pull off a deal would be not out of this realm.

    2. Columbus would not have to worry cause they dont play the Penguins very often and Zherdev will hardly get a chance to come back and bite them in the ass if he does really good.

    3. The Penguins are below the salary cap minumum and need to spend a little more cash… What better way then to bring in a guy and sign him for 3 years to a 9 million dollar contract or so…. and then they will be over the cap min. and everything will be good in that department.

    4. How better for malkin to get use to playing in the NHL then to have a Russian winger with him on his line. That would be a very powerful line and Malkin will not have to adjust to the language barrier as quickly.

    5. Both teams are in similar positions with young talent… why not swap a few players within the organizations and see if both teams can get winners. Its obvious Zherdev has already become the odd man out in Columbus and needs a new start. The trade will be good for both teams and I would like to see something of the sort happen

  18. perryb says:

    as i read this i thought maybe a gagne or zherdev type deal comin on but since gagne signed but hey who kno’s

  19. habs_win_cup_2007 says:

    Like i have said all along, if io was the bluejackets, i would want steen in the deal. Is has a very good chance at becoming a pretty good player, but leaf fans wont give him up, at least i dont think so

  20. habs_win_cup_2007 says:

    I think personally that the jackets are gonna want a first line player for zherdev. Prospects are good, but when you trade away one of your first line players and dont have much else to fill in those places, they are gonna need more than prospects, who could be good in a few years.

  21. kamullia says:

    I am intrigued by Zherdev, but weary of him also. If he is looking for a way out of Columbus, he simply shows signs of being a problematic character. If otherwise he actually is pushing because of greediness, then imagine what problem the Penguins would have if as expected Crosby or Malkin boost his performance, especially considering that in a few years they will have to deal with what is foreseen as a ballooning of their payroll. That would almost surely make Zherdev nothing more than a one-time contract Penguin, and unless it is a long-term one, he would be of no consequence to when the Penguins are expected to be Stanley Cup worthy. It would take some risk for Shero’s part on this one, but if the price is low, it is worth a try. Personally Malone and Armstrong (and a late pick too perhaps) for Zherdev would not be such a bad idea in my view, but any of the defensemen you mentioned and Staal I would frown upon.

    Just an fyi…the Penguins are nowhere near the cap minimum now. Cap wise they should be hovering around the $33M range just about on a 23 man roster with slight variance depending on the last people to round out the team. In actual salary they are paying much less, especially if players do not hit their bonuses and because of back-loaded contracts. If you are using hockeyanalysis (and I am just guessing at that notion but the information is still useful to anyone reading), beware that although quite useful for some teams, in the case of the Penguins they are anything but accurate.

  22. GoalJudge says:

    I’d let Colaiacovo go.

    He hasn’t developed rightly yet, and likely isn’t going to do it for us.

    Other teams have been able to get good output from D-men. CC can’t even stay healthy enough to stay in the lineup.

    Trade him and let someone else develop him.

    Get him back later, he’ll come ‘home’ again, if we want him.

  23. GoalJudge says:

    If I were the new PENS GM or the owners I would trade away Fleury.

    Yes, he is ‘suppose’ to be good, but he still hasn’t shown anything yet. The time it will take to develop him is too long for the team, if they want to make money and get a playoff spot.

    Could he be great, yeah sure, but its at least a 3-5 year battle with him, like Luongo and DiPietro. They could ship him out of town to Columbus and pick up Zherdev. Then afterwards pick up one of the abundance of available goaltenders around the league, cheap and easy, considering the prospect depth.

    Idealy then you’d have: (and I hate doing line-ups)

    Ekam-Crosby – Armstrong


    and the rest

    Add a proven NHL starter in net and you have quite the shot at a playoff birth.

    Crosby and Malkin alone are going to insure that they don’t get a top 5 pick this year so, why not add the goalie, and make a playoff run so the kids get good quick experience. Even if it is a first round knockout, it would be great for their character.

  24. cups_n_burgh says:

    Don’t forget about the Carter pick up. They have the first line winger there. I think Columbus would be wise to say ‘good bye’ – let the Islanders deal with him. They have a lot of experience getting steam rolled by players’ demands. Look for another 10 year contract out of the Island.

    Columbus is looking good this year and they may be content with a solid prospect and $3.5 million more in the bank.

  25. cups_n_burgh says:

    Forget giving up those great prospects for this nusaunce player. He would fit in great on a video game line with Malkin and Recci, but in reality an ego like that would deflate the locker room and be a horrible influence on the young guys (especially Malkin).

    Shero – if you are out there sign Morozov! He is a proven goal “closer” who can finish the plays from great centers. Sure Malkin was the second highest scorer in the Russian super league last year but don’t forget who was first – Mr. Morozov. Bring him back home – don’t bring in Yashin, I mean Zherdov!

  26. wingedim says:

    AND people ***** about Leafs Rumors???

  27. kamullia says:

    I understand your views, but to me that is giving up too early on Fleury.

    If there is something the Penguins have never had, was great goaltending. Plenty of flashes of brilliance here and there but certainly nothing worth putting in the hall, and I do recognize how things would be so different if they had a truly more than competent goaltender to depend on (those are dime a dozen and can still be acquired at any given year). It would actually help the offense in fact to finally have a remarkable goaltender, since they could risk a bit more knowing they can trust the goaltender behind to bail them out more often than now, and Fleury still has the promise of being much better than what he is now (having gotten there with next to no guidance).

    We have to keep track of the fact that most goaltenders become truly dependable and show what their worth is when they are close to their 30’s and typically do not show the kind of abilities Fleury has until later, therefore he is ahead of schedule as is. This will be his very first full NHL season where he does not get yanked around in all directions. Finally he gets some stability for once, let’s see how he responds to that. In fact, even if Thibault came back to #1 goaltender form, I would purposely leave Fleury as the starter because it serves the interest of the club.

    In the end there are plenty of other players that I would move before Fleury at this point, and for a question mark like Zherdev, I think that is too big of a gamble.

  28. wingedim says:

    As talented as Zherdev is, I don’t want to see him in Toronto. I’ve said this numerous times in various posts regarding Zherdev.

    He doesn’t play game in game out. He coasts through most games because he doesn’t recognize that playing hockey is his ‘job’. He still views hockey as a game. Perhaps with a different team that would change, but Toronto is not that team for him. It’s too much of a spotlight and ‘cut throat’ of a venue for the level he is at.

    He needs to play for a team similar to Columbus if he is to be traded. Somewhere he can develop in relative obscurity even though he potentially will be a ‘star’ player.

    I’ve also said that whoever does get him should sign him to a 2 way deal so that if he isn’t performing, he can be sent down to the minors until he shows he is ready to play consistantly every night. I know that will never happen since he’s asking the money he is and his agent would never let him.

  29. OldGoalie says:

    You’re overpaying in my opinion if you give up almost any of the specific players you mention.

    Staal hasn’t played a game yet…but has the potential to be (a) a better player than Zherdev and (b) far, far more valuable to the Pens’ long term plans, particularly if they get into the position of not being able to find a way to keep both Malkin and Crosby.

    Letang is almost untradeable in my eyes because he’s (a) shown some promise and (b) right handed…and finding a competent right handed defenseman in the Pens’ organization is like finding a winning season in the Pirates recent past.

    Welch and Whitney are the cornerstones of the team’s defensive future. If I’m Ray Shero, I absolutely positively am not giving up either of these two…both of whom could easily blossom into the bona fide #1/#2 defensemen that the team has lacked for, well, the better part of a decade…in exchange for a guy who will not be a Penguin for more than one contract (I agree with kamullia that if he wants more than Columbus is offering now, he’ll be ridiculous after a couple of years of finishing feeds from a real center who isn’t past his prime).

    Armstrong I have absolutely no personal attachment to, because I don’t think he’s as good as his partial season stats indicate. In short, I regard him as “The New Warren Young,” for those of you with memories that long…a player who is benefitting from playing next to a truly great set up man. But then, there’s value to that, as well (at least for the Pens). I mean…if he can score 30 or 35 goals next to Crosby for a full season, so be it. It saves you the need to go out and get a Carter or a Zherdev.

    Someone else mentioned Ryan Malone…but I see no point to that at all. He scored 22 last year, playing primarily 3rd line minutes. Had he been used like Zherdev was, he might very well have produced similar (or even better) numbers. Zherdev’s two seasons with Columbus have yielded a total of 130GP, 40G, 48A, 88Pts., while Malone’s two seasons have yielded 158GP, 44G, 43A, 87Pts. That’s a goal every 3.59 games for Malone, and a goal every 3.25 games for Zherdev. Why trade a guy that’s costing you $1.3 mil to get in essence a player who has produced at almost exactly the same level at over double the money?

    I do agree that Zherdev could serve a purpose in Pittsburgh…but the Pens should absolutely positively not overpay for him by giving up any player that potentially has a long term future with the team or that already brings you more or less what Zherdev would.

    I would do draft picks…probably not even a first rounder, though…or if Columbus is interested in either Moore or Talbot and Stephen Dixon…or possibly even a Ryan Stone or Jonathan Filewich…but no more than that.

    Bottom line…Zherdev isn’t the difference between the playoffs and April golf for the Pens, I don’t see him as a long term Pen anyway, I’m not convinced he’s not a problem child (which the Pens do NOT need), and I don’t see anything statistically that makes me say “the Pens absolutely need this guy.” If they can get him without giving much in the way of assets up, fine. If not, that’s fine too.

  30. OldGoalie says:

    I would only be interested in Morozov if he brings his asking price down. A lot.

    Last I heard, he was looking for $3 million-ish a year…that is a HUGE amount of money for a guy who, in 7 NHL seasons, posted totals of 13, 9, 12, 5, 20, 9 and 16 goals, respectively, who has only broken 35 points twice, and who has never posted more than 50 points in a season. He has 84 goals in 451 career NHL games…that’s not a proven finisher in any way, shape or form.

    I kind of like the kid…he seemed to show genuine enthusiasm for playing in Pittsburgh, particularly later in his career…but I don’t like him enough to spend anything even vaguely approaching $3 million a year on him.

  31. intelligentscorpio says:

    Shero should not trade any of the youngsters on the roster at all. If a deal can be done by giving up AHL players or other prospects or draft picks, so be it. Armstrong, Stall, Letang, Welch and Whitney are our future. But Zherdev is going to produce some decent numbers if he plays on a line with Malkin. So, if the Pens want him badly to shor up the min cap numbers, trade prospects/draft picks.

  32. pensfan29 says:

    Zherdev and Klesla to Pittsburgh


    Armstrong and Letang….

    KDKA Radio

  33. wingedim says:

    Carter is a one year fix at this point. If Columbus trades I agree in thinking they’ll want someone longer term for a first liner.

    Perhaps they’ll sign Carter long term, but, MacLean will likely hold off on negotiating that until he sees which Anson Carter shows up this year.

  34. wingedim says:

    In all honesty, I don’t want Zherdev in the Leafs locker room. Last year I’d have said, yeah, go for it, but the fact that he THINKS his POTENTIAL talent is enough to get him a huge paycheck is enough for me to dispell that thought.

    He needs to grow up and accept the fact that hockey is his job, and it’s no longer a game that he plays for fun. He has not been consistant at all since he’s been over. Granted he was on a tough team last year, however, instead of stepping up and leading the team while Nash was hurt, he seemingly vanished. Yes he was second in scoring on the team, and yes he has more talent than I can ever hope for, but, the fact remains he’s not worth what he’s asking AT THIS POINT IN TIME.

    Anything more than one of the 3rd or 4th liners and a late pick for Zherdev at this point is pointless as you still need to negotiate a contract with him when you get him. You won’t get a ‘good deal’ just because he’s no longer dealing with Columbus.

  35. cups_n_burgh says:

    I agree with you that $3mill is too much for Morozov. The rumor was that he was offered the low 2’s and turned it down. I wish he would sign for one year at a lower salary – run up some numbers – then ask for $3 mill.

    Its a moot point because it seems like he is enjoying being the star of the show in Russia. Still I get a bad feeling about Zherdev based on what I hear coming out of Columbus. He really could be another Yashin.

  36. cups_n_burgh says:

    That does seem wise – to see how or if he is able to flourish in Columbus.

    Unfortunately today Carter seems like he will only be remembered as a journeyman winger – always looking for the biggest money bag he can carry. I hope he works out in Columbus for longer than one year though.

  37. cups_n_burgh says:

    If so that would be Shero’s master-stroke. But for many reasons I have doubts – not the least of which is how lopsided this deal appears on the surface. It would be interesting for both teams though.

    Any ideas how much Klesla would be making?

  38. neilios says:

    Yeah I dont know what the hell I was thinking posting something I heard from the fan590 its just BS all the time.But did anyone else see Bob MacKenzie on the Insider today on TSN that there are 3 front runners for Zherdev the teams are Islanders,Pens,and the Canucks and should be dealt by weeks end at the GM meetings.These where the possible players mentioned.

    To Pens-Zherdev and Klesla

    To Columbus-Stall,Malone,and Orpik

    To Islanders-Zherdev

    To Columbus-Weinhendle and Hunter

    To Canucks-Zherdev and Klesla

    To Columbus-Morrison,Bieska,and 1st round pick

  39. OldGoalie says:

    Well, there’s a lot to wonder about with Zherdev. As I said in my other post in this thread, his production in his two year NHL career is almost identical to that of Ryan Malone in his 2 years. Not that Malone’s is that low by any means, but we all need to be clear that we’re not exactly talking about Brett Hull here. Then there’s the character issue…then there’s the money issue…then there’s the issue of giving up a kid who you may not really have a firm picture of yet just to get a guy who’ll be gone in a few years…it goes on. Which is why I said if you don’t give up many assets, fine…otherwise, he can be someone else’s problem.

    You highlight exactly why I don’t think you’re going to see Morozov back in the NHL anytime soon…or ever. He and his agent have got to realize that his NHL performance has been, um, marginal over an extended period of time. He’s not a great skater…he doesn’t have great size…he doesn’t have an overpowering or insanely accurate shot…he’s not willing to play a physical game…he’s one of those players that is OK at a lot of things, but not really good an anything (at least by NHL standards).

    In the Super League, however…defenders are smaller and slower…goalies aren’t as quick…there’s more ice to use for a perimeter player…in short, it’s a league in which a player like Morozov can thrive. And, to his credit, he has…he has earned being one of the highest paid players in the RSL. But because all of his achievements there mean precisely squat here, an NHL team will probably never pay him anything close to what he’s making in Russia to come over and try his hand again. Even if he did come back, he knows he’s not an elite NHL player and he has to see that he probably doesn’t have any way of playing himself into being perceived as one.

    I mean…why take a pay cut to move to a foreign country, all so you can play in obscurity and be remembered as “that guy who used to play for Pittsburgh…he looked like he was 12 and wore number ninety-something…”?

  40. habs_win_cup_2007 says:

    when i wrote this, this morning I didnt know that they had signed Carter. He should do good in Columbus, and this should open up the possibility of getting some prospects, since he can fill in zherdevs place, but they do need to sign him long term though

  41. OldGoalie says:

    The NHLPA says his ’06-’07 salary is $1.05 million.

  42. wingedim says:

    I’m seeing Klesla’s name alot in these rumors. That’s interesting as he is really starting to develop himself into the player Columbus hopes he would.

    Yes, he’s injury prone, but, I don’t think MacLean would deal him at this point seeing as he just just starting to come into his own as an offensive D-man. If he was dealt then I think you’d be looking at a similar situation the Leafs did when they traded Kenny Jonsson to the Isles to bring back Wendel Clark. A player who was just coming into his own, who becomes the player you were just starting to see and become the anchor for their D.

    I think the only way you’d see that happen is if they BOTH went to the East therefore the trade wouldn’t bite him in the ass by having to face them numerous times a year.

  43. kamullia says:

    Comparing Malone and Zherdev is such a difficult proposition. Although their numbers are similar, the supporting casts, conditions, abilities, and type of play are all different between the two. But I do understand your views so far as output. I am of the feeling that this year should be the one to make a difference in Malone’s career. If he is able to secure with improved play a position in one of the top two lines, then I would lean to your recommendations of keeping him (although his price tag will surely change afterwards). If however he is still playing in the third line this year once again (without the Penguins acquiring a player that pushes him there) I would have to consider him as a commodity that would help secure a much needed true sniper for the Penguins (whoever that may be).

    The bottom line that I have to completely agree with you is that if bringing Zherdev is done via picks and lesser non-essential players, then by all means. But of course, I am sure that another 28 teams have that same feeling for a player like Zherdev. What those lesser assets are considered is open to debate, but the point should be moot because if the Penguins do subscribe to that view, at least one team is bound to offer more than just non-lesser players and those offers will be the ones that MacLean will consider. And all in all, if Zherdev’s character is even slightly dubious, that is a good thing for the Penguins.

  44. kamullia says:

    Frankly I think we all feel (or call it a hunch) that with Malkin and/or Crosby as linemates, Zherdev should produce much more than just “decent numbers”. In the end, the kid has shown that he can be explosive and his skills are good enough that the Pens could produce a line to be the envy of the league. If he was just going to put up decent numbers, he would not be worth trading for. There is plenty of people that can put up decent numbers with the premier centers the Penguins have now, and at a much lesser price.

  45. kamullia says:

    I do not think it is such a lopsided deal. What I have seen of Letang is basically a pretty good forward prospect who can play defense. Being a defenseman, you could not tell the way he handles the puck, shoots, skates and his flare. This kid is so young and has yet to develop, but what he has shown thus far is that he could be a true blue-chip defenseman. From this present camp, the future of this kid needs to be looked at through a pair of wayfarers and 10 bland x-ray films. Whereas Klesla’s extremely promising future has dimmed somewhat now from the a couple of years ago.

    I would gladly put Armstrong in that package, but I sure would be reluctant to put Letang. After this year’s camp, I would rather trade Talbot and Stone than Letang. I would almost rather give Goligoski than Letang. But of course, you can not expect to trade something for nothing. If the trade did happen, I would be worried that it would turn into another “Penguins trade Naslund” story.

  46. kamullia says:

    I forgot to include the info on Klesla:

    Cap hit – As far as the cap goes, Klesla accounts for $1.65M/year against the cap.

    Salary – Klesla is signed up to and including the 2009/2010 season on a back-loaded contract. His payments and bonuses are supposed to be as follows: 06/07-$1.05M, 07/08-$1.45M, 08/09-$1.85M, 09/10-$2.25M

  47. CrosbyMalkin66 says:

    How much credibility does this have?? Im interested cause i think that would be an amazing trade!! for both teams. Look out for Letang he is being projected as a high first rounder if he re enters the draft this year.

  48. tancred says:

    I thought the Wild acquired Weinhandl from the Islanders last year?

  49. kamullia says:

    Letang will never re-enter the draft. He is too good for the Penguins to let that happen. At worst, they would trade his rights. He is extremely young, but he is that good already, therefore the real decision concerning him will be if to send him back to Val d’Or and sign him before the off-season, or if to sign him now and send him to WBS.

    Because of his age, not his play, I would expect for him to go back to the QMJHL for now, but it would not surprise me one bit to see him in WBS’ Clear Day roster.

  50. AHLoldie says:

    You hit the nail on the head. From what I was able to wrangle from a few sources, Morozov made 3 Mil last year and will make the same this year. HE WON’T TAKE A PAY CUT TO COME OVER HERE. Malkin was due to make 3 Mil and TOOK A PAY CUT TO COME HERE. Malkin wanted to play with the best. Morozov wanted the money.

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