Zherdev's demands too high? Or just not happy in Columbus?

I just read that Zherdev may play in Russia next year (on TSN’s site) and I started thinking about his real intentions. Is this about money or the market? He is russian and some people say they are only after the money, but he does have some great talent. He is still going to play hockey so it’s not like he is just holding out and practicing. So, I think that maybe he is not happy in the Columbus market and might be seeking out somehow. By holding out with a contract dispute rather than asking for a trade (which would seem REALLY selfish from a extremely young player who isn’t the likes of Crosby or Alex the Great).

What do all you great hockey minds think? 😉


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  1. wingerxxx says:

    I don’t know what is going through Doug MacLean’s head. I think he is the guy who was in the charge of the Team USA roster and did an excellent job of screwing it up so badly, that any hockey fan with an ounce of knowledge, could have told you that the Americans were no threat to win a medal.

    I can’t imagine that he didn’t have to foresight to see what was coming with Zherdev. Not when he was handing out contracts to Nash, Malhotra, Hainsey, Klesla, and Jody Shelley, of all players. Zherdev is an incredibly important piece of the puzzle for this franchise, and he has got to get him back in Columbus. I think this is simply a hard stance on money, on Zherdev’s part.

  2. avsrule24 says:

    Doug Maclean needs to sign this guy. Columbus is going to be really good in a few years, maybe even next year.

    They need to sign this guy, lock him up long term.

  3. muckies says:

    Trade him. If he doesn’t want ot be there, make an example out if him. make him sit until you get exactly what yo want in a deal. Don’t force it, wait for a team that needs to make some changes and is looking for some young talent to build with, and gte rid of the guy. If it’s all about the money, you don’t want him on the team.

    Players like Havlat and Carter that just chase money around aren’t people you can build around. They’ll only sacrifice a little for the team and than want to look around every off season for a better deal that makes them more rich or famous.

    Trade him, make him sit a year, make an example out of him……..Unless of course Maclean in trying to strong arm him and low-ball Zherdev, than he should sit and not play, because he’ll forever be Macleans biatch and the coaches wipping boy.

    ……Who knows what’s going on, when it’s all said and done, both sides will be smiling and saying they got what is best for their side, that’s the only truth in the matter.

  4. CrosbyMalkin66 says:

    I dont care what status they have… crosby or ovechkin they should not be pulling this shit. Its ridiculous.

  5. habswinthecup-again says:

    Zherdev is just a bit below Bergeron and should be paid accordingly, but he is not getting an offer even close to it so I do not blame Zherdev one bit.

    About a month ago I asked why was Bergeron not being signed because any GM in the league would love to lock him into a longterm contract and it just seemed that it was not getting done, eventually it got done. Hopefully Zherdev gets the contract that he deserves (4yrs.-18 million ?), so that McLean (who is a good GM) does not go down in history as a complete bonehead.

  6. habswinthecup-again says:

    McLean gave big contracts to everyone else, why not Zherdev who is the most talented player that Columbus has ever had? (and yes he is more talented than Nash) McLean is lowballing him and it is going to cost him a job not only in Columbus but just maybe the rest of the NHL as well.

  7. Jrugges says:

    Well some players dont get the market value, Look at Alfie in Ottawa, he could ask for close to the max, or atleast 5 or 6 mill instead he took a paycut because he wants a winning team.

    Problem with Zherdev is he isnt totally proven himself either. Sure he’s got talent and was pretty good last year. Honestly though, he’s not gonna get a 3 mill a year contract. Heck, Zetterberg doesnt even get that and he’s argueably the best player on the redwings team.

  8. muckies says:

    I agree, every Gm has a player they pick on to make an example out of, in Montreal it’s Ribiero and it used to be Theo. In columbus it;s obviously Zherdev, if that’s the case, he should get out of there, it’ll only do him good. If MacLean isn’t treating hims fairly because he wants him to play for a discount, Zherdev would look good in Ottawa I think, maybe even Montreal for Ribiero, Aebisher and Souray.

  9. goalieman32 says:

    what i hears is that he is holding out for a slightly higher contract and a longer term, around what bergeron had but for about 3 mill a year or so. why columbus isnt jumping at the opportunity is beyond be. maybe they dont think that he is worth that much and want to give him a smaller deal until he proves himself.the reason i think that zherdev may play in russia is that he still wants to play. he wants the contract he deserves and doesnt want to sit to get it. this way, if it takes a while to get a deal done, he can still play and keep on the ice. his russian contract does have an escape clause in it.

    thats my 2 cents on the matter

  10. Kraut182 says:

    The Team USA GM was Don “The False Guarantee” Waddel … but I wouldn’t blame him for the US’s poor showing. They just didn’t have the available talent, at this time, to be that great.

  11. J_Retz says:

    Ok, let me set the record straight. First off, the Thrasher’s GM Waddel was in charge of team USA. Maclean refused to offer Zherdev longer than a 2 year contract and told him to “prove yourself.” Zherdev was finally agreeing on a 2 year contract, but Maclean would only offer him about the same ammount that Nathan Horton was getting from his contract. Totally fair. Nicky has been inconsistent and vapor on the ice at times. He has extroadinary skills, but the jackets want him to hone those skills before they get locked up in him for a long term. This is awesome thinking given the new salary cap restrictions. Terrific job on standing your ground Doug Maclean! Wish I could say the same for other GMs.

  12. wingerxxx says:

    Gotcha. I get them all mixed up. Leetch should have been on that team.

  13. Gretzkin says:

    I just think it’s (not) funny that the Jackets worked so hard to get him out of Russia and into the NHL where he wanted to be, and then he turns around and threatens to run right back. Kind of a slap in the Blue Jackets face if you asked me.

    I’m not against a player and agent playing hard ball to get the maximum value of a contract, but I think in this case, Zherdev is pushing it a little bit.

  14. pratt25 says:

    Doug is Canadian….he’s from Summerside, Prince Edward Island…

  15. kamullia says:

    This has to be more than just money. MacLean was willing to spend for other players, and now he stands his ground on Zherdev.

    Originally the offer from MacLean of 1/$1.25M was certainly low, but the last offer of 2/$3.8M seems fair. However, I can understand how Zherdev’s agent has probably told him to to hold off after MacLean is willing to carry some overpaid players in Modin, Berard, Foote, and especially Fedorov.

    Zherdev ranked in CBJ as 2nd in total points (tied w/ Nash), 2nd in Goals, 3rd in assists, 4th in PPG, and only Vyborny had the combination of playing more games and having more points than Zherdev.

    I have heard rumors that Zherdev is not as dedicated and that he regularly takes some shifts off. That is typically a sign of a player who has issues with management, and this could very well be why the reaction of both sides. This possibly being nothing more than a battle of wills between MacLean and Zherdev both unhappy with the other’s way of handling things

    Normally, GM’s have the upper hand in those situations, but Zherdev might not mind spending the season in Russia since my understanding is that Voskresensk is close to Moscow and then it is just a short airplane hop to the Ukraine, where Zherdev was born. Even worse if he prefers Moscow.

    In the end, unless Zherdev’s money request is absolutely astronomical, I see MacLean bending the most and coming to an agreement before the season starts. Otherwise they would be losing Zherdev with absolutely no return since he would become a UFA at the end of the season.

    If things get really bad, I foresee MacLean agreeing to overpay Zherdev and then having him traded so that it is not a total loss for the club.

  16. wingerxxx says:

    yep, mistake noted.

  17. SmileZ says:

    See I also hate hold outs, but its pretty low of the GM to toss money at the lesser skilled players on the team and then give a franchise guy a low offer. I think he may be traded if not now then at the deadline if he ends up signing a one year deal.

  18. CaptainInsano says:

    I have just heard from TWO reliable sources that Columbus is in talks with both the Caps and Devils about a possible Zherdev trade.


    To WSH:

    Nikolai Zherdev, conditional pick

    To CBJ:

    Alexander Semin, Eric Fehr, conditional pick


    To NJD:

    Nikolai Zherdev, Alexandre Picard, conditional pick

    To CBJ:

    Scott Gomez, Travis Zajac, Alexander Mogilny (approximately half of Mogilny’s salary will be eaten by the Devils), conditional pick


    I can’t divulge my sources, but the above offers ARE on the table.

  19. Garny says:

    Theo was only ripped on after one season, Ribeiro was ribbed for a couple seasons before. He is only ripped for his small stature and inconsistent play, he isn’t a goal scorer like people peg him to be he is a playmaker and a very good one at that, he would be better if he put on more weight thou i think. And ye i think Zherdev is a whipping boy in Columbus. Maclean is trying to get a deal out of this guy whe he should be paying full price because he is something special.

  20. Garny says:

    i like New jerseys better for Columbus

  21. goleafsgo16 says:

    rumor has it, that columbus is in talks with the leafs, for a trade something like this:

    Stajan, Suglobov,Tellqvist, pick



    or possibily

    Stajan, Defence prospect, tellqvist, pick.

    I think we should make a trade like this:




    and then we could have a top line of Steen/Sundin/Zherdev, this line would one of the best goal scoringlines in the league.

  22. ThomasHawks says:

    Your thing dosent work.What does Washinton ending up with?

  23. LeafsRule87 says:

    That’s retarted! Why would you put White in that trade. The Leafs would be giving up too much in all of these trades. I would send Stajan, Coliacovo, and a pick. Zherdev is good, but he’s not a superstar, you can’t give up a decent center who is improving (Stajan), a good prospect (Suglobov), and the best goalie on the Swedish national team (players though Tellqvist played better than Lundqvist in the Swedish camp), and then put some icing on the cake with a draft pick. Look at the other trades from Washington and New Jersey. C’mon White is going to be the best defenceman from Toronto’s prospects, why would you give him up.

  24. goleafsgo16 says:

    I didn’t include a draft pick in my version, but I guess that would be giving up alot. Maybe something like

    Stajan,Harrison,Tellqvist, 2nd rounder, the reason I think we should include Tellqvist is to free up space so that we could sign Zherdev for a 1 year 2 million dollar deal, so we won’t have any trouble like columbus is having.

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