Zholtok and Bombardir to Nashville

Tsn.ca is reporting that the Nashville Predators have added centre Sergei Zholtok and defenceman Brad Bombardir from the Minnesota Wild. In exchange, the Wild receive a third and a fourth round pick in this years NHL Entry Draft.

4 Responses to Zholtok and Bombardir to Nashville

  1. mojo19 says:

    Good thinking, bring in some depth players. Why doesn’t Calgary make a move like this already? If anyone is going to be the Darkhorse coming out of the West, its Nashville.

  2. distance7 says:

    I like the addition of Zholtok, but I don’t think Poile is done making moves. When I think of available defensemen that are big and can manage their own zone well, Brad Bombardir isn’t the first that comes to mind as you would think. Lyle Odelein’s name has popped up, but we’ll see. I didn’t see any deal being made, and this one was for nothing really. It was Buffalo’s third round pick and Nashville’s fourth, so they basically gave up a pick for two players.

  3. baltic_thunder says:

    Is this brilliant or what? What a steal! This Nashville organisation is on the ball. Bombardir is one of the best under-rated defensemen in the game. And as for Zholtok, this Latvian is going to pay major dividends to his new employer in post-season play. And all this for 3rd and 4th round picks. The other managers in the in League should be ashamed. Bravo Nashville.

  4. Killa_Bs says:

    I agree with you about Bombardir. Solid d-man who has been overlooked for a while. Does a great job without being flashy. Not all players have to be flashy to contribute to their team.

    It will be interesting to watch Nashville.

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