Zubrus Inks 6-Year Deal with Devils

Top story of the day: The New Jersey Devils have signed centre Dainius Zubrus to a 6-year contract worth $3.4M a season.

Also, the Devils have signed former Ranger defenseman Karel Rachunek to a one year deal, $1.5M, accroding to RDS.http://tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=212635&hubname=

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  1. Pock_53 says:

    Good lord… players actually getting what their worth!!!   what the cap situation is jersey?  I expect to see Parise get a long term deal done very shortly next.  Zubrus adds some much needed size, and Rach cant hurt that defense.  Still need offensive defensemen to move the puck.  There downfall in the playoffs last year was an inability to move the puck quickly out of their own zone.  But this is a move in the right direction 🙂

  2. MogilnyFan1990 says:

    hmm.. similar contract to jason blake right?  blake is getting 20 mil/5years while zubrus gets 20.4 mil/ 6 years i think?   I don't know which signing i like better..

    last years stats:

    +/- (-19)
    Pim: 62
    PP: 10


    GP: 82
    G: 40
    A: 29
    P: 69
    +/- 1
    PIM: 34
    PP: 14
    GW: 7
    Shots: 305

    Blake's stats look a bit nicer, no?  the points look equal,  but the +/- and shots really stand out.  I guess since the Leafs couldn't pay 7/mil a year to Gomez, they got the next best while cheap thing?

  3. tancred says:

    I like the signing, but NJ needs more.  Call me crazy, but I almost think the Devils should try and sign Jason Allison.  He's slow, apparently, but he could just be put with some speedy wingers.  

    Of course, NJ probably needs to sign another defenseman.  Vaananen and Miller could fit the bill.  

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