Amonte Could Be Dealt, Back to The Big Apple?

An addition to the Ray Slover “mailbag” of The Sporting News is a rumor of Blackhawks star RW Tony Amonte getting traded, possibly the New York Rangers. Where does this lead Chicago to? It leads to horrible years in Chicago for the next decade. Amonte has been one of the NHL’s top scorers in the league by keeping his steady performance, scoring the 30 goals range a season. Why would the Hawks trade Amonte? Because they think that Amonte’s value is not worth the salary he requests. In my opinion, GM Smith has done a terrible job with the Hawks, they simply cannot afford to lose a 30 goal scorer who is still in his 20’s.

Where could Amonte end up? Obviously, any source would choose the Rangers because of Amonte being a former Ranger. That is a possibility that Sather might want a player like Amonte, to put more depth on the team and on the wings. How much is Amonte worth? Well, if I were GM Smith I would request a top RW as well, so possibly Dvorak, but Sather will not trade Dvorak. What would the Hawks need, defense or offense? If the Hawks want young defensemen, then Sather can make the trade simple. If offense, the trade would be hard to accomplish. Sather could send Mike York, Mottau, a prospect, and a pick. The question is, would he? Maybe he would, but Sather wants to observe the team he has built.

What other team could be interested in Amonte? The Blues and the Kings. Blues would not mind adding more depth on the team, and the Kings would desperately need a winger like Amonte.

This rumor has just begun, just like the three team trade of the Rangers, Blues, and the Red Wings. There needs to be more investigation on this rumor. If anyone sees an update on this rumor, please post it on this article. Thank you.

Micki Peroni

p.s. Stay allert on a General Managers Review Article Coming Soon.