Best android slot games to play

Slots are one of the biggest staples in casino history. When it comes to casinos, what usually comes to mind is a big luxurious hall filled with slot machines shining in bright lights – visit Mr Luck now. People from all over the world have loved slots for decades and now you have the opportunity to play comfortably on your mobile! You can find information on some of the best Android slot games available in this article. Note: none of the apps presented pay out money.

Slots Pharaoh’s Way Online Casino & Slot Machine

This game is amongst the top rated on Google Play Store. The Egyptian theme plays very smoothly together with immaculate graphics and sound design. According to the creators, these Android slots play “just like a dream”. We highly recommend you have a look and Pharaoh’s Way, if you do you might expect: gorgeous game design, smooth mechanics, multiple game features and 20 different slot games. You will find games with 5 reels, 3 reels, 25 win lines, 50 win lines and many more. 

Citizen Jackpot Casino

This is another one of the gems not so hidden – Citizen Jackpot Casino is well known, tried and tested. It has over 30 casino slots, all premium Vegas style games that are offering heaps of fun. You might expect to see lots of beloved characters as well as new ones. Plenty of jackpots to be won and a lot of features readily available such as Respins, Free Spins, Dragon Link and more.

You can forget about coin shortage as Citizen Jackpot Casino gives you 5’000’000 free coins every hour! Each game has it’s own theme, design and characters which guarantees for a fun ride. This is another title that we would recommend as well as nearly 3000 people, who have highly reviewed the game on Google Play store. 

Casino Joy Slots Myth

This is another one of well reviewed and above average slots games for Android. The game has everything you might expect in a decent slots game for Android – big jackpots, massive wins, large amounts of coins awarded to you to play with right from the beginning. The game includes many of the popular features like free spins, offline play, multipliers and so on. You are in for a treat because according to the game developers the graphics were hand painted and also the sound engineering is second to none. It boasts well over 17K players and great reviews.

Cash Hoard Slots!

This slots game for Android has just been updated to it’s latest version in January 2021. After fixing a lot of technical issues, the developers Fantacy XClub deliver this title which shapes up to be a decent contender. You can expect all the usual like huge wins, big jackpots and lots of features. The game has nice mechanics and lots of different versions of slots. Cash Hoard Slots! should soon fortify it’s position at the top, for it is one of the best things this January!

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