Are The Canadians Talking To Hossa's Agent???

There has been reports that the canadians are talking to hossa’s agent on a deal. The ATLANTA TRASHERS so they say has given permission to gainy to speak to his agent…. Well i think this is a good thing for both sides especially ATLANTA unlike gainy will not let an ufa hossa walk for nothing especially when there not sure even to make the playoffs.

Atlanta is seeking dman and a rw if hossa is traded and a prospect and a 1st rounder very steep but why not do it ryder is a goner anyways, dandenault doesnt want to be in the press box, 1st rounder we have enough depth to skip one 1st rounder and these 2players could help atlanta make the playoffs

People that say that montreal is dealing garbage for greatness pls learn your hockey a player thats having a ruff year for a team with depth thats a 30 goal scorer isnt garbage and dandenault has won stanly so vet wit speed isnt garbage at all he plays Dea AND Off , a 1st rounder and maybe a prospect like d.milroy that won’t get a chance to play in montreal and if montreal is still looking for a fighter they have boulton

let me know what you people think but i dont think there’s another team that can match what the canadians could offer we could offer help for atlanta to make the playoffs now and in the future… try and match an offer like that from montreal with other teams…..A proven 30 goal scorer RW, A dman that is a vet with speed, A 1st rounder and A prospect for hossa and maybe boulton
THEN OFFER HOSSA A 3 to 6 year deal worth 7.7 to 8.5 million per year