Are the Rangers really playoff bound

Well, with the season halfway over, some more accurate predictions can be made as to who is gonna make the playoffs and who once again will just have to wait another year.Well the Rangers are in the best spot as far as playoffs are concerned that they have been in, in quite some time. At first it was who was this team? Now the question is will they be able to hold up and finally after years and years of drought make the playoffs?

The answer is yes. At first it was all about Jagr and whether or not he could carry the team. But Jagr has since slowed down considerably, still a threat, but not what he was at the start. Since then others have picked up the play considerably. Mainly Petr Prucha, and all though there numbers dont reflect there effort, Jed Ortmeyer Fedor Tyutin, and Domenic Moore. And not to forget the absolutly mind blowing goaltending of Henrik Lundqvist.

These are the guys who are keeping the Rangers in the hunt for their first playoff spot in YEARS. Currently 10 points ahead of the 9th place The Tampa Bay Lightning, the Rangers have what it takes. So yes they are playoff bound and with this team hopefully will be incontention for many years to come. No more big bloated salaries with underacheiving players. (ehem Islander fans Alexei Yashin ehem). No more Petr Nedved or Alexei Kovalev( thank god). Good bye Brian Leetch, Greg Devries, and Eric Lindros, and hello the to the new big apple, the playoff bound big apple.