Belfour for Peca???

This is pure speculation, so don’t get mad at this, but could Belfour be headed to Edmonton for Mike Peca?There are rumors of the Oilers trading Peca (Bruce Garrioch), and of the Oilers wanting Belfour. Apparently Belfour would be willing to waive his no trade clause if the new team is willing to exersize his option. According to “Insider” at, who has called some of these rumors before the media, the Oilers would be ok with exersizing his option.

Don Cherry said last night that what the Leafs need is the kind of gritty 3rd and 4th line guys. They have a fourth line like that, Wilm, Kilger, and Domi, but a good third line two-way forward like Peca would be great for Toronto, not to mention the salaries of the two players are pretty even. Peca is a free agent this summer, which may make the Oilers more inclined to trade him, after giving up something that ended up really good in exchange for Peca (Mike York) the Oilers would prolly like to get something.

After this, the Maple Leafs would apparently want Curtis Joseph. So the two trades would apparently look like this, with the latter of the two being speculation on my party.

To Toronto: Shane Doan, Curtis Joseph

To Phoenix: Mariusz Czerkawski, Jason Allison, Nik Antropov, Andy Wozniewski, 2nd Rounder.

The Leafs prolly won’t wanna trade Harrison right now after seeing last night.

To Toronto: Mike Peca, Igor Ulanov

To Edmonton: Ed Belfour, 3rd Rounder

I know this Leaves Toronto out a few picks, but round 2 and 3 don’t ussually produce much for him. The Leafs have had sucess in the first round (Rask, Steen) and some decent luck in later rounds (Kaberle, Pogge) so right now rounds 2 and 3 don’t matter. The defenseman Igor Ulanov, the Oilers apparently wanna dump, and the Leafs could use a defenseman with their injury problems.

I’m not familiar with the Yotes and the Oilers lines and what not, so I’m only going to do the Leafs lines, maybe Janetty and a Coyotes fan could show what their teams lines might look like.












Joseph as a Leaf always made it at least to the second round, two losses to New Jersey in the 2nd round, a loss to the Canes in the 3rd round, and another 3rd round exit to Buffalo, the Leafs will prolly end up in 7th or 8th, so they’ll prolly face one of the teams he’s never lost to, Philadelphia, or Ottawa. With an outside shot of Carolina, who hell, he can prolly beat.

So any thoughts on this speculation? I really hate Doan, and would prefer Allison, but if it means getting CuJo I’m DEFINATELY on board.