Belfour to the Oilers?

There are rumblings around the Web that the Toronto Maple Leafs are talking trade with the Edmonton Oilers regarding goaltender Ed Belfour.

Belfour in the first period of last nights game against Buffalo looked noticeably distraught and angry after the Buffalo Sabres scored their first goal of the game off the skate of Jason Allison, who was stationary in Belfour’s crease. Belfour proceeded to smash his stick against the post and gave Allison a noticeable stare of disgust. Belfour went on to continue to play the game rattled and gave up 3 more goals with an intense odour on them capped by a goal by Thomas Vanek.

Pat Quinn then yanked Eddie from the game and inserted Mikael Tellqvist, for what seems to have been the first time in a very long time. The attitude of Belfour has been called into question as of late as his frustration increases with the Leafs incapability to solidify a win or keep the puck out of the net. The Oilers picked up 2 defensemen the other day in Spacek and Tarnstrom, leading to speculation that a deal for a goaltender is imminent. Ron Lowe has never been adamant to add payroll to the roster and that is exactly what he did the other day with the 2 defensive additions. The Leafs have a noticeable need for defensemen as they continue to go down to the injury bug and the team continues to struggle.

It is obvious the Leaf squad needs a dose of speed added to the lineup as well as defensive capable defensemen, the Oilers and Leafs make great trading partners in the making. Possible players that could be going the other way to the Leafs include, Marty Reasoner, JC Bergeron, Steve Staios, Radek Dvorak and the afforentioned Jaroslav Spacek and Dick Tarnstrom. Could this be the end of Belfour in Toronto? Leafs are strong in net for the future in Tellqvist, Pogge and Rask, but to improve, the Leafs need a major facelift.