The Biggest NHL Trade Rumors You Can Hear Today

lot of things are happening around the National Hockey League trading. Let us see some of the latest gossips that are trending on the internet for a while. Always there will be rumors going around the pay scale of the hockey players especially when it comes to the top defensemen in the team.

In general, like the goal keeper for the soccer game, the top defensemen are always on demand for a good hockey team who plays a vital and increases the winning probability to a great level.  If you are into betting with Comeon voucher code 2019, we are sure you already know about it all.

Hike or No Hike

So, which of the players are looking to get a hike? Let us take a look.


  • Jake Muzzin, one of the brilliant players in the Los Angeles National Hockey team is also known to be one of the top four defensemen. In early week of this month, Jan 2019, it is said that Muzzin is pitching in for few more bucks for his sweat. Afterall, the best players deserve it in the first place. Muzzin is known as the Los Angeles Kings defensemen and thus no wonder his demands are no surprise accordingly to Dreger.
  • However, as of now Muzzin is making a good fortune of a whooping salary of 4 million dollars consecutively for two seasons following this season and the upcoming season. But, whether the National Hockey committee will yield to the demand of this golden player is a wait and watch game.

Pittsburgh Penguins

  • No National Hockey League is complete without the active involvement of the general manager of Pittsburgh Penguins, Jim Rutherford. He has earned respect and high reputation over the years for various trading and wheeling of his hockey team nationwide. Thus, with the National Hockey League trading deadline is nearing which commences on Feb 25th, expectations among the Hockey committee and other members are up high in the air where they expect Jim Rutherford to move forward in some crucial dealings in forming a strong team.


  • Because in the middle of 2017-2018, Rutherford added a rock solid to his Pittsburgh hockey team by including Derick Brassard, Riley Sheahan and Jamie Oleksiak who are well reputed and established players in the National Hockey team.


Brassard is gaining recognition from Blue Jackets and Stars

  • Two teams are eyeing on the hockey superstar and . According to the Fox report, it states that the Blue Jackets from the Columbus team and the Penguins team from the Pittsburgh are interested in closing a deal with Derick. However, it can be noted that Derick played six seasons with Blue Jackets earlier and thus the Columbus team knows the talent and value of this reputed hockey player.
  • Brassard is well versed player to play on the No.2 center position and give a great winning possibility to any team that he plays.

Which of these rumours do you think can turn out to be true? Let us know in the comments below.

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