Biron on the move FINALLY???

The Edmonton Sun reports:

Suddenly, the Sabres are listening to offers for G Martin Biron. It’s believed the asking price is high: a player, prospect and first-round pick. Sources say the Bolts have made a pitch because they haven’t had strong goaltending since Nikolai Khabibulin left. The Sabres may also be ready to move RW Ales Kotalik

Seems a little high of a price, but it would be nice to see Biron play some games finally. Buffalo would be stupid not to trade Biron, who is an UFA, an will not re-sign.

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  1. oilers_rock says:

    Thats way to high of a price for a guy whos not even a starter

  2. adambuffalo says:

    Do you have a link?

  3. thegoalie1976 says:

    I agree.
    Last year Roli UFA only went for (1) first round pick. Granted Biron UFA is much younger, but Roli had a all-star appearance, as well as some playoff success to go with his age.
    I have always thought Biron was a good goalie, but that price is way too high for a guy with no contract.

  4. thegoalie1976 says:

    A more fair trade would be

    To Buffalo: Denis or Holmqvist, and 1st round pick
    To Tampa: Biron

  5. Saku_Koivu11 says:

    I love Biron and he would be a great starter in Tampa

  6. senators101 says:

    I think this is the result of their injuries.  Although Connoly started skating, the return date is unknown and he can't be relied on to come back, especially cuz its a concussion.  And now Gaustad is done for the season, so they need some fillers.

  7. DoubleDown says:

    yeah way too much for biron im sure the sabres arent asking that. biron hasnt proven he can start in the NHL, hes not going to fetch a forsberg-like return

  8. housenuts says:

    Colorado needs serious goaltending help too. Theodore and Budaj will not win them many games.

    I could see them making a move for Biron.
    Maybe someone like Andrew Brunette or Arnason could go Buffalo's way. Buffalo definitely isn't getting a player, a prospect, and a pick for Biron. I'd say they'd just get one of those things.

  9. SabresFan220 says:

    I don't know, I think Biron's value sky rocketed last season. Most teams gave him most of the credit for his 13 wins in 13 starts after Miller broke his thumb. He's the best backup in the NHL, also the highest priced one. All of you who are bashing him, there are only about 10 teams that he wouldn't be the starting goalie for based on talent alone. I don't think that Biron would fetch a player, prospect, and #1 pick, but I do think Darcy could get 2 out of the 3 from someone if they wanted him badly enough. The trouble is there aren't that many playoff bound teams in need of a solid #1 goaltender like Biron. Colorado could use him, but no one will take Theodore's salary off their hands. All the teams that really badly need goaltending are out of the playoff race at this point for that reason. I wouldn't be opposed to trading Biron to get a player that will help the Sabres, and then snagging Mike Dunham from the Isles for a pick. If Biron does get moved they will need to get another goaltender and he would have to be a guy they could trust in the playoffs if they needed him.

  10. Archion113 says:

    To Buffalo:


    To Philly:


  11. PSU_Penguin says:

    Isn't Buffalo near the cap? And doesn't Esche make more than Biron? Or am I just misinformed?

  12. peake19 says:

    This is what buffalo needs to go deep in the playoffs

    Biron (Can supply Budaj with healthy competition)
    Drury (UFA at the end of the year)

    Theodore (Strong backup, proven playoff performer for cup run)
    May (they need a tough guy with skill, peters isnt doing it anymore)
    Turgeon ( I heard he wanted to retire where he started)

  13. PastParticiple says:

    You are Kidding right ??

    Being a Habs fan I would love this trade !!!  Buffalo is getting owned on this one.

    You don't need backup in playoff, you win or lose with your starter, May not a good scorer, Turgeon maybe for a last run, but there's no way Buffalo wants Theodore.  This guy is done, finished, 5.5m per year, Colorado his stuck with him !!!  Strong BackUP … proven playoff performer ??  I don't understand this one lol … explain it to me because it makes no sens.

  14. moreau1123 says:

    I beg to differ and would have to say that Chris Mason is the best backup in the NHL no questions asked.

  15. adambuffalo says:

    LOL, probably the worst proposal I have ever seen.

  16. Coleman says:

    Biron won't be an Av anytime soon. That's as likely as finding someone to pick up Theodore's contract….

  17. Coleman says:

    I think esche only makes about a mil a year. I'd love to see Biron as a Flyer, but I can't see this trade happening

  18. EddieAVS says:

    COLORADO is in a desperate situation at this point. theyve allowed 13 goals in the past two games and cant seem to get anything going. they are slowly being taken out of the playoff picture. at this point, no one will take on theo's contract especially for the type of play hes been putting up. but they do have the option to buy out his contract at the end of the season which could save them about 1.8 million. now i dont see biron signing for that cheap, but i would think it would create more stability in goal for colorado. Theyll be in great shape with the salary cap for next year, having turgeon and brisebois as well as sakic and blakes bonuses. all four combine for a little 8 million.add an increase in cap space to 48 million and the avs have some wiggle room. but if thats the asking price, its too high. the avs cant afford to give up any of their prospects other than mclean, and a first round pick, which may be top 15. they may be better off just suffering for another year with theos contract, develop the younger guys, and become a threat in the 2009 season

  19. rangers914 says:

    are you serious

    i could see

    Buff-weekes and maybe a conditional pick depending on if biron resigns

  20. mtlman2005 says:

    wow i completely agree! With that trade I hope we fall against them in the playoff… Just the fact of losing drury is going to hurt them badly, and then they get Theo!! Even as a backup he will make the starter worse…
    Although, it would be funny seeing theo on the other side in the playoff vs the Habs!

  21. SabresFan220 says:

    Where do I begin, which proposal is actually worse? Losing Drury is as stupid as Boston trading Joe Thornton for a 3rd line center, mediocur 2nd line winger, and 2nd pairing defenseman. The Sabres have a goaltender named Ryan Miller, why the hell would Jose Theodore and his $6 million contract be on their radar? That said I like getting Brad May, maybe Turgeon has a playoff run left in him too, but not for Drury, that's insane.

    Kevin Weekes is a god awful goaltender not worth what the Rangers are paying him, a conditional pick included isn't good enough for Biron regardless of whether or not he'd sign with the Rangers next season. Why should the Sabres give up the better goalie for a crappy one that makes almost as much money? I'd rather go trade for Mike Dunham in a separate deal from the Isles. If Biron gets traded it would be for a player that will help the Sabres win the Cup, and another backup would be acquired either in the same deal or a different one.

  22. hull says:

    I can see where you're going with this and almost everything makes sense to me. The only question would be whether the addition of Drury is enough to get Colorado into the playoffs or does he just end being a rental player and taking off at seasons end. With the previous history between Colorado and Drury they could probably work something out to keep him around. On the Buffalo side this gives them the veteran leadership and grit to survive a long playoff series and they lose some of the dressing room tension over the looming decision of Drury or Briere. This would tighten the team up and and give them a legitmate shot at Lord Stanley's Cup.

  23. adambuffalo says:

    The only way Colorado would get Biron and Drury is if Buffalo got Hedjuk, Liles and Budaj in return.  Heck Buffalo could throw in Kalinin and the Avs would still be getting a deal.

  24. kevinhill says:

    I would expect to see Biron get moved to a team in the west, or a no contender in the east. In the west I see Phoenix and the Kings needing to address some goaltending issues and with the playoffs getting out of reach for both of these teams i see them as sellers.  Phoenix maybe sending Morris or Nagy, and a draft pick or Prospect.  As for the Kings, Garon and Sopel.
    If to the East Florida could ship Auld, Weiss and Salie for Biron and Drury

  25. MitchMan8579 says:

    Dude, R U Insane?  The Sabres r actually in a Cup Race, and there is absolutely no way, they would give up their Captain and Leading Scorer.  They r going 2 try 2 retain him at the end of the year.  And secondly, y would we want Theodore, May and Turgeon in return.  I wouldn't even trade Biron 4 that, if they salaries matched up.

  26. habs_win_cup_2007 says:

    WOW, that is so much for Biron. Let me ask this question, would you trade a player, a prosepct, and a first rounder for Huet?. I know he has stunk as of late, but most of that is the teams inept ability to not allow like 100 shots a game. I wouldnt even trade that for huet, thats crazy becasue huet is miles ahead of marty biron!!!

  27. chef93 says:

    Yeah Archion Buffalo is going to trade a very good goalie in Biron and a solid winger in Kotalik for a piece of garbage goalie in Esche and a never amounted to anything prospect in Richards……Get off the glue, every comment you post makes everyone just alittle dumber!

  28. SabresFan220 says:

    Florida has no business getting Drury since they won't make the playoffs, and Buffalo will not trade him. Personally, if Biron were going to Florida I'd want Nathan Horton and Salei, I'd be happy with that. Of course I doubt the Panthers would give that much for Biron alone.

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