Blackhawks Fans UNITE

Alright Hawks fans, enough is enough. It is time for us to stand up to the horrid management that our beloved Hawks are run by.

As a reminder here is a snapshot of the past 10 years:

Eric Lindros trade is nixed

Steve Larmer is traded

Dominik Hasek is traded

Mike Keenen is canned

Bernie Nicholls is not resigned

Jeremy Roenick is traded

Ed Belfour is traded

Kieth Carney is traded

Chris Chelios is traded

and now Tony Amonte will be traded

With all of the talent we gave up, we should really have some great young players by now….oh wait, we STILL SUCK.

So my message is this, DO NOT GO TO ANY GAMES THIS YEAR. I know it will be hard, but a message needs to be sent. Bill Wirtz only looks at the bottom line, this is where we must hit him.

Now I don’t want to get any emails from any of you who say we should support the Hawks b/c they are our team. You cannot understand our frustration.

What do you think??