Blues Switching Things Up…?

While listening to the radio on a business trip in St. Louis today, I heard an interesting trade rumor.

The host reported talks between STL, MTL and OTT in a three-way trade of struggling players.

To Montreal: Dean McAmmond
To St. Louis: Mike Johnson
To Ottawa: Radek Dvorak

They all have potential and may just need a change of scenery, but they’ll all just most likely continue to go unnoticed.

6 Responses to Blues Switching Things Up…?

  1. saku_rulz says:

    3 words..:
    1: HA
    2: HA
    what kind of ****is that?are you a sens fan? hehehehehe…..yah right!struggling?do you watch games? johnson is the best of these 3 players…not potentially….but his performances are too good for mtl to trade him!don't check his stats….it' not his role!hes one of the main reasons wy mtl is n.3 in league in PK and containing the best players from other teams! when i saw the first part, i thought it would be samsonov but johnson?HAHAHAHAHAa yah right!

  2. Komic-J says:

    LoL ! 🙂

    No-way are the Habs trading Mike Johnson. Actually, I think he's the upcoming UFA here in Montreal who has the best chance to sign a new deal before the end of the season.

  3. Uncleben says:

    Don't look at me, man. I heard that on the radio.
    Besides, I didn't say it was a good trade, I said it was interesting. MTL would be getting the worst deal here and it would make more sense to throw in Sams or draft picks at least.
    But I heard what I heard and reported it, calm down.

    P.S. I absolutley hat the Sens, don't say that again.

  4. Senatorsfan78 says:

    Hey everyone I think that the Ottawa Senators should not trade Dean Mcammond away or trade for Radek Dovorak I think thay should trade someone else but I am not to sure and I think that they should trade for both Keith Tkachuk, Eric Brewer.

  5. gocaptainK13 says:

    This is just plain and stupid. There is no reason for Montreal to trade Johnson off. He has been great this year, especially considering we only traded a fourth round pick for him. Not too mention I don't think Montreal woould make any trades involving players that play as big of a role as Johnson does until Gainey gets back.

  6. andrewbishop2007 says:

    Yeah why would Montreal trade Johnson who has done good for them this year and end up with a guy who can't really play at the level he needs to anymore. McCamond yes is good but he is not as good as Mike Johnson.

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