Bryzgalov would ‘actively consider’ signing with Edmonton Oilers, his agent says

This just in, player agent Ritch Winter telling Bob Stauffer of Oilers Now that his client Ilya Bryzgalov might well consider signing with the Edmonton Oilers now that he’s been bought out by the Philadelphia Flyers, a team that Winter said doesn’t know how to support its goalies.

Would Bryzgalov really like Edmonton, Stauffer asked?

“He would really, really hate the weather,” Winter said. “And he and I are very, very much on the same page there. But it’s one of the teams that he and I talked about. He likes the energy here. He likes the fact, you know, he’s never played in a hockey city. He’s got a good relationship with the media. As all of you know, he’s a fun interview. He’s a great guy. He’s got a great personality. Lots of energy.

“So Edmonton is definitely a place, if they’re interested, Craig MacTavish contacts me on July 3 when we can start having these communications, Ilya will actively consider Edmonton. And, quite frankly, I’d love him to be here because it would really, really, really buoy up the sports media and the sports environment….He’s just a lot of fun.

“Edmonton would be a hockey decision he’d be very much interested in. It depends what they think of him.”