Buffalo News Free Agent Speculation

The Buffalo News continues speculation with regard to Drury and Briere.

They indicate that the Sabres are saying nothing in regard to Drury or Briere’s pending free agency however they do suggest possible teams (mainly a repeat of past articles) that are said to have supreme interest.

They suggest that the Colorado Avalanche will make a significant run at Drury who won rookie of the year as a member of the Avalanche several years ago and indicate that Colorado may have the money to be able to bring him back.

Buffalo News does also mention the San Jose Sharks who are said to be gearing up for a significant offer to Drury.

Philly is suggested as the team that may make a run at Briere. HTR believes that Gomez would be the better fit with the Flyers because of his excellent two way play but Briere may be an excellent back up plan.

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