Can the Montreal Canadiens become cup contenders with the right moves?

The Montreal Canadians have surprised everyone this year and are likely to continue to do so. Still they are not considered cup contenders and the only way they could be is to pickup a couple key players and fill some holes at the same time. The problem is that they are often out-classed when playing the teams with franchise players like Jarg and Spezza but that could change with a couple serious moves.
This team needs a center and a winger, for a center the trade they need to make is Ryder, Dandeneault and Smolinsky to the New York Islanders for Mike Comrie. Why? Comrie is a great center and would be fabulous on the second or third lines. Ryder is from New York and would probably like to play there. Ryder and Comrie are both to be UFA’s so that balances out and so do their salaries as they are roughly even. Adding Smolinsky, another UFA is cheap and useful in the NYI’s quest to make the playoffs and adding Dandeneault helps make the trade happen. For a right-winger, Montreal needs to trade their 1st round pick & two prospects for JP, Dumont. Montreal has an abundance of prospects and can use them best by trading some of them. The first round pick is the cost of getting what you need. JP Dumont would be an excellent winger and a French Canadian as well.

The team should look like

A Kostitsyn T Plekanek A Kovalev
C Higgins S Koivu JP Dumont
S Kostitsyn M Comrie T Kostopoulos
S Begin M Lapierre G Latendresse

M Komisarek A Markov
M Streit R Hamerlik
F Bouillon J Gorges / R O”Byrne
C Huet
J Halak