Canes shopping assistant captain Adams?

Bucky Gleason of Buffalo News is speculating that Kevyn Adams may be on his way out of Carolina, after a recent fight with a team mate during practice, and reduced ice time.32 year old Adams had a career high 15 goals last season, but is off to a slow start with just 2 goals in his first 20 games this year. Although, he’s not exactly known for his offense, but rather, a penalty killing, tough defensive grinding forward, he could be valuable to a number of teams seeking depth down the middle.

Adding to the speculation of Adams being traded is his UFA status at the end of this season.

5 Responses to Canes shopping assistant captain Adams?

  1. SabresFan220 says:

    Well I dunno about a trade this year, but it wouldn't shock me. Watch him sign with Buffalo for league minimum in the offseason to be closer to home. He'll replace Andrew Peters except he is more like another Adam Mair.

  2. neely4778 says:

    Who was the teammate that he fought? 

  3. peanut_butter_shelf says:

    Bret Hedican who they can't shop b/c of depth at D

  4. Rickler says:

    Adams will likely be dealt later than sooner, im thinking at the trade deadline to a western conference playoff contender. His value as a grinder, penalty killer and energy player will attract a lot of teams. Being a UFA next season means there is little risk. (not taking on salary)

  5. FlamingHomer says:

    If he can kill penalties, ship him out here to Calgary. This type of trade would make more sense than Iginla for Gagne or Regher for Morrison that has come up. With Stephane Yelle being injured the sooner the better.

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