Cheveldayoff says Jets can be both buyers and sellers

There has been plenty of talk about the Jets possibly moving a defenceman, but that situation might be impacted by the fact Grant Clitsome left the contest with an apparent eye injury.

“Deadlines are funny times, because you don’t know what other teams’ pressures are and what other teams objectives are. So you have to be open to explore different things,” said Cheveldayoff. “The good thing is that as an ownership group, we have owners that are committed. If the right deal does come up, I can do the things I need to do.”

The Jets are in a good position, since they have a few extra draft picks at their disposal and the cap room to add contracts, if necessary.

However, they have several prominent free agents of their own to lock up as well.

So while the flexibility is nice, you have to keep the bigger picture in mind.

“You don’t use either lightly because they have long-term ramifications,” said Cheveldayoff. “You have to be prepared. You can’t overspend for today and pay for it tomorrow.

“When you do have to pay for it tomorrow, the price is very steep. If you pay a lot of picks to get a lot of players, it might help you now, but you’re in a situation down the line (when) the prospect pool is pretty thin.”

Cheveldayoff said he doesn’t have a set policy when it comes to negotiating contract extensions with players who will either be restricted or unrestricted free agents after the season.

“We’re prepared to do whatever we want to do at whatever time,” said Cheveldayoff. “If it’s extensions, and we choose to do them, then we choose to do them. If we choose to wit until the end of the year, we choose to wait. There’s no policy in my mind.”