Could the Avs consider trading Sakic???

The Mercury News raises some interesting speculation regarding Joe Sakic. If the Avalanche continue to slip further and further behind the 8th place team and feel that they are not going to be able to make the playoffs, do they have to consider trading Sakic who will become unrestricted at the seasons end.

Stranger things have happened to an NHL player but Sakic has been a career player for that organization and HTR feels that he will retire as an Avalanche player. As a side note it is well speculated that Vancouver would be very interested in Sakic because of his roots to the Vancouver area. Although they may be interested the likelihood of Colorado trading Sakic to the Canucks is very, very remote, but again stranger things have happened.

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  1. ranger_fan says:

    Yeah Larry Brooks did make a note of this and thought the Rangers would be highly interested.

    It seems the Dolan family has backed off, and no longer is trying to manage this team for themselves, BUT why back in 97 they went out of there way to try and get Sakic, and I wouldn't be surprised if Sakic is availible that NY wouldn't overpay to get him. That said they need to start winning again and be sure they can even compete. After last night – It would take more than Sakic to get this team into the playoffs.

    However I truly believe Sakic won't go anywhere

  2. Canuckrock says:

    It's tempting and with Sakic on the block, he would automatically become the top trade bait out there now.  It's been brought up time and time again about Vancouver's lack of prospect depth and strong opponents this year in Nashville, Anaheim and San Jose, it's going to be a tough playoffs.  I don't see anything happening, and I really nothing comes of it.  They'll look back and say that it's the best non move ever. 

  3. Uncleben says:

    If he is traded, he will just end up re-signing with the Avs in the off season for sure

  4. robsstks says:

    sakic won't go. he's not the kind of guy who's gonna bail on his team when they're down and out, especially when he means so much to the club

  5. peake19 says:

    Joe Sakic will retire in Colorado.
    That is all there is to it!!

  6. Hoondog2 says:

    If the Avalanche trades Sakic without him wanting to go (which he would never do) then they should be cursed with no cups for 100 years.

  7. wingerxxx says:

    No way.  Unless he approves it, which I doubt. 

  8. zane says:

    gggrrr stop with the sakic talk …hes a with them until the end ……
    hes not a sell out like other

  9. BlueNBurgundy1933 says:

    i'm a die hard Sakic fan and an Avs fan, they kind of go together. While Sakic would be an excellent addition to any team trying to put them selves over the top, he's not going to be traded. He is only a UFA because he and the Avs have a policy in which he'd sign a one year deal in case  his play drops off or he gets hurt, expect him to re-sign and retire in the blue and burgundy folks.

  10. Foppa12 says:

    Like they are for offering both Foote (the true captain of those teams) and Forsberg $1.5 million each?

    -That's the real insult.  The way Pierre Lacroix jumped on The Fan radio after Forsberg and Foote left (after his guarantee both wouldn't leave), and tried to sweet talk his way into Avs fans hearts.  And this new GM, Mini Pierre is no better.  The Avs had better get used to it.  When your best player is John Michael Liles (who is a great player)…well, your best player is John Michael Liles.

  11. Superman4452 says:

    From what I've heard the rangers would take Theodore and sakic, then demote Theodore to the ahl and just pay him the money. This might make colorado consider trading sakic. Still doubtful. But maybe

  12. TheDonkey says:

    The same was about Ray Bourque.

  13. EddieAVS says:

    bourque left for a cup that he never got. he asked to be traded to a contender. no where close to the same situation

  14. Raaper says:

    Hey dude what the hell are you trying to say? This post is about Joe being traded has nothing to do with what you are trying to say. Joe will not be traded and he will not want to be he bleeds burgandy and blue not like Foppa who left for the money. Peter you will not win a cup with Nashville music twangers either

  15. Raaper says:

    This is absolutley a joke what a waste of a post. Will NEVER happen

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