Do we need to re-sign Huet?

I truly believed (hoped) that Price would step up and gradually become the number 1 goalie as the season progressed. Maybe it was just over excitement based on his ’06/’07 perfromance, however it has become apparent that although a potential superstar, the kid needs more time to develop, mature and gain valaubale pro experience. In the meantime we’re now faced with a huge dilema….do we need to re-sign Huet? and at what price? I will not be surprised if he commands somewhere between
4-5m a year…there are several teams out there who will most certainly make a pitch for Huet. What about Halak? he’s already made it clear that he wants to be a starter, if not in MTL then somewhere else……he has the potential to be somewhere in the Tomas Vokoun mold. At the beginning of the year, goaltending was no doubt our deepest and most set position for years to come…today, it’s very unclear.