Domi ain't going nowhere.

There are five players I’ve heard the Leafs would like. Leetch, Malone, Recchi, and one of CuJo or Nabakov. I’m gonna focus on the Malone/Recchi-Domi/Czerkawski rumor.The rumor is false. The Leafs may want Rex and Malone, and the Pens may want Chow, but Domi won’t be leaving.

Apparently Tie Domi’s wife is apparently real tight with Larry Tanenbaums wife (wow… she’s old enough to be friends with that guys wife!). Any ways, that apparently means that misses Tanenbaum won’t let Larry let JFJ make a trade involving Domi.

I’m very thankful for Mrs Domi and Mrs Tannenbaum. Tie Domi is my favorite player, and I’d hate to see the Leafs trade him.