Doug Weight, Olaf Kolzig, Glen Murray, Scott Gomez, Ted Nolan and other Rumors

Are the Blues looking to deal Doug Weight? Is Ted Nolan going to get the Coaching job with the Devils? What is happening with Olaf Kolzig? Are the Devils finally ready to make a deal? And are the Bruins looking to make another blockbuster? Find out inside.

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The Blues have been having a disasterous season in St. Louis , infact the worst season in franchise history. Their poor season can be directly linked to the off-season trade in which they traded Chris Pronger to the Oilers and the departure of Pavol Dmitra. Without these star players the Blues “other” star players have failed to step up to capture the emotion of the new NHL. Although Doug Weight has a no trade clause in his contract it is widely speculated that he is willing to waive it if he is moved to a team that is playoff bound. Two team that have seriously inquired into the availability of Weight include the Vancouver Canucks and the Edmonton Oilers. It is thought that Weight would “fit like a glove” back into the Oilers system and the recent trade dealings that have gone on between these two teams it would appear that they are legitimate contender to re-acquire Weight. Both of these teams have the Salary cap room to absorb his contract.

Ted Nolan, former Jack Adams, Coach of the year winner with the Buffalo Sabres is rumored to have inquired about the head coaching job in New Jersey . Although he is an excellernt coach it is doubted that he will land the job because of the availability of other coaches such as Paul Maurice. Look for Maurice to land the job and for Nolan to remain out of the NHL once again. It could be said that the reasons for his exclusion from NHL jobs is more than mysterious.

Speaking of the Devils, one of their speedy players, Scott Gomez, has been rumored to be on his way to the Phoenix Coyotes. According to the Arizona Republic , one of the reasons that the Coyotes are high on him is because of his partial Mexican Decent. I would not personally believe that the Devils are actively shopping Gomez, even though they have to move a player in the near future to free up cap space. The name most rumored to be on his way out of town remain s Alexander Mogilny despite his strong play of late.

As time inches closer to the trade deadline, the Washington Capitals may seriously look to deal Olaf Kolzig. One of the most important factors in waiting until later in the season is because as the season progresses any other prospective suitor will have to pay less of his contract for cap reasons. The team that presently has their target on Kolzig is the Vancouver Canucks who have spent too many years building a contending team to go into the playoffs with Alex Auld, despite his strong play at times. Washington will expect a player in return for Kolzig, expect it to be Ruutu and a second round pick in 2006.

Unrestricted free agent, Owen Nolan, is inching closer to a return to the NHL after recuperating from past injuries. Although Leaf fans get excited about possible signings it is all but assured that he will not return to the Leafs because of the recent history of conflict. It is rumored that the Ottawa Senators, Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers are very interested. Expect him to stay back East and sign with the Leafs arch enemies, the Senators.

Finally, the Boston Buins are far from finished dealing. Both Glen Murray and Sergei Samsonov are on the trading block The Flyers have had some interest in Murray who may be able to act as a possible replacement for injured Keith Premeau in the scoring department. Samsonov on the other hand is being sought after by the Los Angeles Kings. The Kings feel that they could inject some additional speed into their lineup, especially if they could pair him with Valeri Bure when he returns from injury.

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Update to this article:

A Montreal Canadiens scout has been seen to an Avalanche game for a second game in a row.

The rumors of a trade including goaltender José Théodore has coming back. The Avs is currently searching a perfect fit in the net. Luongo, Kolzig, Theodore and Brodeur has been mentioned in past rumors.

Montreal is searching for firepower in the offence, Hejduk, Tanguay are the man that they want. Laperrière could be a fit in the trade.

According to me, Théodore will not be trade. But, a trade between the two teams could happen. Milan Hejduk is probably on the market and the Avs could possibly trade him to drop down their payroll. With 10 goals and 16 passes Hejduk is not the man that he was with Petr Forsberg. With a contract of 3.7M … expect him to go.

Expect to see a trade of the kind …

Hejduk for Perezhogin


Alex Tanguay for Perezhogin and 1st round pick

if José is trade (it won’t happen) the trade will be probably like that

Theodore + Plekanec


Tanguay + Aebisher + 3rd round pick

Don’t expect to see Rob Blake or Joe Sakic to be trade!

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